Spring Chick and Bunny Crafts

I have been working away over spring break and have finally taken the time to revise and update some of my older craft packs. The Spring Chick and Bunny Craft packs are great because they don’t require a lot of paper, cutting, or really anything hard! Plus they turn out super cute! I call them “simple” because they don’t require a lot of time or effort and your kids can make them easily! Find the Chick Craft HERE on TpT.


Spring Bunny Craft


Or how about using the craft with the story The Little Gray Bunny? Just change the paper color to gray and you’re in business!


Turn the bunny craft into Easter EggHunt bags easily. The pack includes all the pieces you need for the craft…and MORE! Fin the Bunny Craft HERE on TpT! I think the Spring Chick and Bunny Crafts are both cute and sweet for your classroom!


Grass Heads

I also had enough time to revise a very old pack for Grass Heads. Grow grass in your classroom and learn about plants, their needs, and more! Find the Grass Head Pack HERE on TpT!


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