Star Students

Have you tried 'Star of the Week' (or 'Star of the Day') in your classroom? It is a wonderful way to build a community of learners through recognition and acknowledgment of students.

In the free coloring club library today I'm sharing with you a Star Student page to accompany an overall routine in your classroom. 

Use it to discuss with your student the expectations of a 'star' in your classroom! 

If you'd like to set up a Star of the Week - or Star of the Day (I've got both included for you), routine, you may like to peek at our full printable set over in the store. 

You can cycle through your students systematically or link the routine to special award or recognition.

Included in the pack is:
  • a poster (write student name)
  • poster (fill in details about student in a getting-to-know-you style)
  • student worksheet version of poster
  • student certificate
  • 3 student bookmarks (gift or prize)
  • classroom banner (bunting) spelling 's-t-a-r of the w-e-ek'
  • coloring page
  • one page craft (make the cute star character)

An exciting way to finish school on a Friday is to reveal the new star. Have the poster on display and write the new name in! Ask students to start thinking of special things to say about the star for Monday!

if you're using the full page poster - ask the star to come before the class and go through each space with the rest of the children contributing ideas. Scribe as you go until the page is filled out and display - perhaps alongside a photo of the student, on a special place in your classroom.

After this little routine, the star of the week may get a special 10 minutes at a VIP table or similar, to color their page or bookmark. 

I hope these resources help you develop a very special weekly (or daily) routine for your learners that combines so much essential classroom-community-building goodness!