Stick ‘Em Up! 6 Terrific Tape Crafts

Get stuck for an afternoon with an activity that requires one thing: tape! This handy dandy material can lead to all kinds of creative possibilities—which works out great when you need a craft that’s as simple as it is entertaining. Whether your arts and crafts drawer is stocked with duct tape, scotch tape, or colorful washi, scroll down for a few ideas that take tape to the next imaginative level.

Leaf Garland photo: Hands on as We Grow

1. Simple Leaf Garland
A festive craft and an excuse to for your little explorer to roam the great outdoors? We dig it. This idea from Hands on as We Grow is super simple (just snag your scotch tape!) and a fun way to learn more about nature. It’s adaptable, too–make a festive garland to celebrate autumn, gather up spring flowers, or just see where the wind takes you! Learn more here.

Duct Tape Beadsphoto: Clumsy Crafter

2. Duct Tape Beads
If you’re looking for a craft that will entertain everyone from Big Bro to Little Sis, the Clumsy Crafter (a.k.a. Bobbie Byrd) has you covered. As Bobbie says, this idea is “simple enough for a preschooler to make but interesting enough for elementary and middle school age kids”. That means that the whole crew will love making these sweet duct tape beads. Learn more here.

Washi Tape Dominosphoto: A Crafty LIVing

3. Washi Tape Dominoes
We have to give major props to A Crafty LIVing for this super simple craft that doubles as a learning game. How simple is it? Well, there are 2 steps and 2 supplies. The littles can help make it, and then practice number and color recognition, matching, and more! Learn more here.

Egg Maracasphoto: MADE Everyday

4. Homemade Maracas
Ready to make some noise? With leftover plastic Easter eggs, some masking tape, and just a few other around-the-house ingredients, you’ve got the makings for a musical afternoon, courtesy of MADE Everyday. In fact, it’s hard to say which part your little Mozarts will love more–crafting their own maracas or shake-shake-shaking to their own beat. Learn more here.

Watercolor Salt Paintingphoto: Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner

5. Watercolor Salt Painting
This idea from Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner is a kid-approved combo of science and art. It gets bonus points for being quick-drying (always a plus with impatient artists!) and an interesting way to learn about the way salt interacts with water. For extra artsy angles, don’t forget the key supply–painter’s tape! Learn more here.

Duct Tape Bookmarksphoto: Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

6. Duct Tape Bookmarks
Tiny bookworms rejoice! Theresa’s Mixed Nuts has just the thing to tuck into your favorite read. Made from colorful duct tape, these bookmarks are easy to whip up and practically indestructible, too. Give ’em as gifts, stick them in party bags, or just make sure they’re handy when storytime rolls around. Learn more here.

—Abigail Matsumoto