Summer Stitching

First a tennis update......Lovely to see more Brits winning at Queens Club on the grass courts yesterday. Although of course there aren't many top players there so we stand more chance! Good to see Andy Murray back after all the trials and tribulations of hip replacements and  injuries. He got through easily in two sets.
I still haven't watched any of the Euro football matches properly all the way through, always reading or writing at the same time, then they all shout and I find I've missed the goal! Mostly I've turned over after a while to watch something on iplayer.

 Must be a year or even more since I did any cross stitching but I had an idea to make a little sampler to fill a frame I already had to add to my art wall.

I'm making it up as I go along using ideas from two samplers I've done in the past and some ideas from other charts.

For an awful 10 minutes I thought I'd lost this cross stitch chart book in the move. Surely I'd not taken it with other craft books to the charity shop? found it at the bottom of the box of cross stitch fabric and kits....phew.... along with it's companion book of numbers.

Stitching from the bottom up is not really the way you're supposed to tackle a bit of cross stitching... ...although it could be from the top down until I stitch a house and a text.........  but it's how this one will be done so as to keep to the right size.

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