Super Mario Crafts for Kids and Adults

Get crafty with Mario and friends! Explore a collection of Super Mario crafts to add some Nintendo gaming flair to your home or cosplay.

Super Mario Crafts

Can you hear the Super Mario Bros theme song in your head? I’m talking about the 8-bit, 1985 original Nintendo gaming system song. I believe it goes a little something like this:

“Doo doo doo, doo doo da-da doo. [pause] Dee dee dee do do doo da-da doo.”

TELL me you can hear it! And that you remember all the fun times you had in Mushroom Kingdom. I was there right with you, my friends. I was 8 years old when the game was released.

And as you well know, Super Mario Bros has been a beloved video game franchise since that time. In fact, I’ve got a few tidbits for you that you might not know:

  • At least one Super Mario game has been released for every major Nintendo video game console.
  • The Mario series is the best-selling video game franchise of all time, with more than 826 million copies of games sold, including more than 385 million for the Super Mario games alone (Tetris is #2 and Pokemon is #3).

But the influence of our favorite Italian brothers extends beyond just gaming, as you know. There are movies, toys, and even cartoons.

AND as you might expect, there are also Super Mario crafts! And that’s what I’m going to share with you today. I’ve got over 25 fun projects for you, no matter how old you are and what part of the series you enjoy the best.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan, looking for a gift, or want quirky way to decorate your home, there are plenty of Super Mario Bros crafts to choose from. From pixelated wall art to plushies of your favorite characters, the possibilities are endless.

Take a peek at the list below and let me know your favorite ideas in the comments. If you got any great projects you’d like to share, let me know that too! Happy crafting (oh, and have fun storming Bowser’s castle).

Super Mario Crafts

Whether you're a longtime Nintendo fan or just looking for a fun way to add some gaming flair to your home, you'll love this list of Mario crafts. Power up your creativity, because it's time to get crafting with Mario and friends!


Super Mario Perler Beads (30+ Free Patterns!)

Get over 30 patterns for Mario perler beads! There are a variety of characters and symbols from Nintendo’s classic game series. These Super Mario hama beads are perfect for kids or adults!


8-Bit Wooden Block Pixel Art

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Learn how to create pixel art using wooden blocks, inspired by the 8-bit Super Mario Bros game! I love that you can do this craft for any character in the game.


Toilet Paper Roll Mario and Luigi

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Grab some toilet paper rolls and construction paper for this fun idea. Amanda even offers a free printable template to make it that much easier.


Paper Plate Flower Ups

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Do your kiddos love all things Mario Bros? Are you decorating for a party or themed bedroom? Check out these easy DIY power ups made with paper plates.


Printable Mario Treat Boxes

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Add some Mario magic to your party favors with these printable treat boxes! These are perfect for a Mario-themed party or for sending a little surprise to a gaming fan. Get creative with the colors and decorations to make them your own!


Paper Lantern Boo Ghosts

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I love that Paula perfectly captured the stubby arms and large tongues of the Mario Boo ghost! These are easy to make using paper lanterns and the printable template.


Characters Wall Decor

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Get crafting with your favorite Super Mario Bros characters! This blog post gives you free printables of the Goomba and Koopa Troopa so you can use them in your projects.


Wooden Mario Mushrooms

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Head to the wood section of the craft store to find the half balls and candle cups to make these cute mushrooms! The only other things you need are paint and glue.


Easy Mario Mushroom Origami

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Learn how to make an easy Super Mario Bros origami mushroom with this tutorial! Perfect for gamers and origami enthusiasts of all skill levels.


Popsicle Stick Mario Characters

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This video game craft is a great way to practice cutting skills! There's a printable template to cut out all the papers, and then you add them to ice cream sticks.


Super Mario Yoshi Eggs

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I'm a huge fan of the Yoshi eggs in Super Mario Kart because they pack a huge punch! You can learn how to make them for Easter or any time of year.


Mario Kart Cars Made From Boxes

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Perfect for a Mario-themed party or for imaginative playtime, these cars are a fun and creative way to upcycle cardboard boxes. Get ready to rev up your crafting game and let the races begin!


DIY Super Mario Play House

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Get ready to explore the Mushroom Kingdom with this Super Mario Bros playhouse, made using a house shaped bookshelf. Before buying one new, try FB Marketplace or the free pages around you to see what you can score!


Super Mario Bombs

Kristine used styrofoam balls and craft foam to create the cutest Bob-ombs. These aren't quite as dangerous as the real thing, luckily.


Mario Pipe Party Activity

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At the post you can get free coloring pages for Mario, Luigi, and a baby piranha plant! Learn how to make them pop out of cup "pipes." This is a fun party craft for kids of all ages.


Mario & Luigi Party Hat Tutorial

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It's really easy to find foam visors in red and green - it's also easy to turn them into Mario and Luigi hats with craft foam! Add a mustache and overalls and you have an entire costume.


Super Mario Brothers Shrinky Dink Necklace

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Natalie shows you how to take shrink plastic, print your favorite Mario characters on it, then turn them into whatever you like (keychains, magnets, jewelry).


Super Mario Bros Easter Eggs

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I can't decide which egg might be my favorite - it's definitely a toss up between the Nintendo classic controller and Toad!


Mario Kart Paper Plate Craft

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I had no idea that March 10th was Mario Day! Melissa made this with her children to represent one of their favorite games (mine too!).


Mario Board Game

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I can't explain how much I love this original Mario board game creation from Nadia! if you can't find the same plastic lids she has, you can always make wood mushrooms (#8 on this list).


Paper Fire Flower Bouquet

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In the original game, there could only be two fire flowers on screen at any given time. This craft allows you to make as many as you like!


DIY Mario Bros Star Lamp

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With a little felt and and basic star marquee lamp, you can make your own invincibility power up!


Mario Brothers Confetti Bookmarks

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If your kids love to read, this is a cute DIY bookmark idea with a built in printable.


8-Bit 1-Up Mushroom Shirt

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Natalie gives you the design to make your own level up mushroom otu of vinyl! This shirt is instantly recognizable to anyone who sees it (you can also put this design on a bag, apron, or any other fabric surface).


Mushroom Kingdom Pipe Jars

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Pipes are a crucial part of Mario and Luigi's world, taking you to special places to collect coins. Learn how to make them out of mason jars here.


How to Make Origami Shy Guys

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We're huge fans of origami, and these Shy Guys are no exception! These guys made Super Mario Bros. 2 really tough. They're an important part of the Mario family!

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