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Book Details:

Book Title:  The Art of Traveling Strangers by Zoe Disigny
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 272 pages
Genre:  Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction 
Publisher:  Subplot Publishing 
Release date:   February 2022
Content Rating:  PG13 + M for cursing (from a side character), reference to adultery, and discussion of AIDS. 

Book Description:

It’s the 1980s, and art historian Claire Markham reels from a series of heartbreaking losses. Desperate to escape her shattered reality, she becomes an art guide in Europe for quirky stranger Viv Chancey and embarks on a life-changing journey through the art-filled cities of Milan, Venice, Ravenna, Florence, Siena, Rome, and Paris.

Once abroad, Claire tries to hide her woes by focusing on Viv’s art education, but Viv—who is not who she seems—has a different learning experience in mind. Frustrated and wanting to reimagine her life, Claire embraces the idea of reality as illusion and finds herself slipping into the tales of art and history.

When threatened with one more crushing loss, Claire must learn from the spirit of her eccentric companion and the lessons from the art they encounter to take charge of her life or lose the most precious thing in it.

The Art of Traveling Strangers is a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment inspired by the great art masterpieces of Italy and France. It’s a tale of female bonding and the amazing powers of perception. After all, reality, like art, is just an illusion.

The Art of Traveling Strangers was a wonderfully rewarding novel to read and I am delighted to have had this opportunity to review a copy. Leading character, Claire, has such an infectious enthusiasm for the historic artworks that she and Viv go to see that I frequently found myself wishing that I could follow in their footsteps, together with such a knowledgeable guide. I hadn't considered myself a Renaissance or Medieval art fan prior to reading The Art of Traveling Strangers, but now I think I just never had the right teacher!

I loved both Claire and Viv as characters to spend time with. Neither is actually particularly likeable as a person, but the complexity and depth that Disigny gives to each one made them feel convincingly authentic and I really appreciated being able to watch how each helped the other to overcome their personal demons. This novel is set in the 1980s and clever details, such as European currencies prior to the Euro and unashamed eating of foie gras, gave the story its historical credentials, however the problems that Claire and Viv struggled to overcome are just as pertinent today. Claire's toxic relationship with her husband rang especially true with me so I could completely empathise with her difficulty in breaking free.

While The Art of Traveling Strangers does explore challenging issues surrounding personal identity and the best way for each of us to be ourselves, it manages to do do in a very readable and engaging way. My own struggle while reading was to make myself stop and set the book aside from time to time. Disigny's writing so swept me up into Viv and Claire's adventure that I became deeply invested in these characters and didn't want to leave them for a moment. I highly recommend this book for fans of Italian-set novels or of art history, for readers who enjoy stories about women finding their true selves, and for road trip fans. If you have ever fancied going on an Italian art tour, The Art of Traveling Strangers could be inspirational.


Zoe Disigny holds a master’s degree in art history and has taught at the college level throughout her career. She has led numerous art tours in Europe and established a business in Paris offering art history adventures for American tourists. 

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