The Best Easy Mexico Themed Party Ideas For The Perfect Fiesta

Selection of Mexico themed party ideas for a fun, relaxed and festive party. A Mexican themed party will delight young and old with it’s vibrant decor, delicious food and fun music.

Use these party ideas to create a party that everyone will remember.

Selection of Mexico themed party ideas for a fun, relaxed and festive party. A Mexican themed party will delight young and old with it's vibrant decor, delicious food and fun music. Use these party ideas to create a party that everyone will remember.

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How To Host A Mexican Themed Party

Creating a fiesta vibe is easier than you think when you use these Mexico themed party ideas.

Whether you are holding a birthday party, or another celebration, a Mexican party will provide a whole lot of fun for guests of all ages.

You will need a good mix of punchy decorations, fantastic food, tasty cocktails and festive music to keep the party going.

Mexican Themed Party

Read on for all the simple Mexico themed party ideas that will help you plan the ultimate fiesta. Look out for tips including:

  • Vibrant party decorations
  • Amazing food
  • Fun music

All the party essentials are broken down to ensure that you can plan a stress free party, with your Mexican vision coming to life.

Best Mexican Party Decorations

The party decor literally sets the tone for the entire evening, and the only word that springs to mind when decorating for a Mexico themed party is FUN.

A great way to decorate for this party is to stick to as many vibrant colors as possible.

The brighter the better!

You want to fill the party space with color, texture and culture.

With so many bright colors, guests will immediately sense that they are in for a lot of fun. Try and use as many different colors as you can to really make everything as bold and as bright as possible.

Putting colors together may feel overwhelming. You certainly don’t want to go overboard.

That saying “less is more” is there for a reason.

A Mexican themed party definitely needs “more”, but try and stick to just 6 colors in your planning.

This will ensure that every color has it’s place, but there is also enough variety for the fiesta look that you are trying to achieve.

Mexican party decoration

Some great colors to include in your decorating are:

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Turquoise
  • Fuchsia
  • Red

Once you have decided which colors to use in your decor, you can think about the type of decoration to include.

Mexican Flag:

An easy decoration idea is to display a Mexican flag somewhere.

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, this may or may not appeal, but it is simple to organise and it is a great way to set the scene of the party.

If you would like to use one, but not with the main party decor, it could also be used at the entrance as a simple greeting to the party.

Blankets and Sombreros:

Using a few classic items will easily set the scene for your party. Have some Mexican blankets and Sombreros scattered around as an easy way to capture the Mexican spirit.

Guests can also use them during the party, which makes them practical as well as a great party decor.

Sombrero and cloth

Cactus Balloons:

Whilst having lots of bright colored balloons around, it would be so much fun to have some cactus balloons too.

And the great thing is that they are super easy to make!


Decorating with lots of bright colored flowers would look amazing. Look around your local market for some great deals.

When setting up the flowers, consider how they will be displayed. There are several items that you can use that will keep in with the theme including:

  • Clay and ceramic pots
  • Woven baskets
  • Succulents and cacti
  • Mexican food cans
Bright flowers

Many Mexican celebrations also create beautiful tissue paper flowers. These flowers are hung together to decorate ceilings and doorways, and can also be used in buntings.

String Lights:

Hang as many string lights around the party area as possible.

Whilst you can get a lot of fancy Mexican themed lights, string lights are great on the budget and they look incredibly effective too.

Another great idea is to include string lights into empty beer bottles. This looks incredibly effective.

Battery operated lights are perfect to achieve this look.

Lights over a party table

Paper Fans, Lanterns And Streamers:

Mexican party decoration calls for decorations hanging up high!

Some great ways to achieve this is to use paper fans and lanterns. Collect them in varying colors and sizes to decorate the ceiling and provide that instant pop of color.

Walls can easily be decorated with streamers.

Paper Picado:

For a true traditional Mexican craft, try your hand at creating some paper picado.

These are colorful decorations that are cheap and easy to make, and will brighten up any space.

Paper Picado Mexican decorations

Party Backdrop:

Parties often have a focal point and this can easily be created with a party backdrop.

This is often placed behind the food or dessert table for maximum effect. Backdrops can easily be created with either tissue paper, linen or plastic tablecloths.

Ensure that the party backdrops have all your chosen colors included. An array of flowers around the edge of the backdrop would look incredibly effective.

A second backdrop can also however be created and then used as a photo booth backdrop.

Ensure that there are numerous props handy that guests can utilise for their photos. This can be a selection of sombrero hats, Mexican blankets, and other printable props.

Guests will have a lot of fun taking their photos and you will be able to enjoy looking at them all when the party has finished.

You will be able to find a lot of Mexican party supplies from party stores.

It is also worth looking in dollar shops as you will often be able to find great supplies for a real bargain.

Ensure that you also ask friends and family what they have around the house that you can use to decorate with.

Mexican Food

It simply isn’t possible to have a Mexican party without serving up some amazing party food.

But before you jump into preparing the food you will need to think about what it is you want to serve.

Are you serving a main meal?

Are you serving snacks?

Or are you serving a bit of both?

The answer to these questions will also link to what time of day you are having the party, whether it be over a lunch of dinner period.

It doesn’t matter what you chose, but you want your menu to be clear from the start.

There are SO many delicious easy recipes to choose from that you need to ensure that your food will flow together.

Some great food options include:

  • Nachos
  • A Taco bar. Have various meats such as shredded beef, lamb and chicken that can be loaded into the taco’s
  • Dishes including beans, tortilla’s and rice
Mexican fresh food

Ensure that whatever you serve, you have lots of hot sauce and chili peppers that guests can add according to their own taste.

Choose from this range of delicious Mexican food that would be the perfect to serve at a party.

Mexican Taco Bar:

If you are having a large crowd to your party, the easiest type of food to serve are Taco’s.

Taco’s are incredibly versatile as there are so many type’s of fillings that can be used. This will ensure that all your guests have something that they enjoy to eat.

A Taco bar is also perfect for guests to help themselves to, which means you don’t need to be concerned about serving up food to everyone.

Separate all the ingredients into different bowls to allow guests to make up their own taco’s.


Nacho’s are the prefect food for guests to snack on. They are quick and easy to prepare and again there is so much variety of flavor.

Prepare several plates of nacho’s to cater to different tastes.

Other Delicious Mexican Dishes:

Fancy something other than taco’s and nachos?

Check out these delicious Mexican dishes.

Dessert Table:

All parties need a dessert table, and there are many delicious Mexican treats that can be made.

Mexican Birthday Cake:

Looking to make a Mexican birthday cake rather than just a normal cake?

Try one of these Mexican cake recipes.

Mexican Drinks:

For an adult Mexican party, the standard “go to drink” would have to be a shot of tequila.

Other popular drinks include margaritas or Mexican beer.

Margaritas are great fun for parties and for some variation they can be mixed with fruit such as strawberries or watermelon.

For some added fun, you could also consider hiring a frozen margarita machine. That could easily end up being a focal point for your party!

Ensure that you have some margarita glasses available for guests to truly enjoy their drink.

Don’t forget to include some non alcohol drinks too!

Mexican Themed Party Games


A game that will provide a whole heap of fun is the pinata.

This is a great choice for kids, but adults will love it too.

Fill the pinata up with various candy and other small toys. Hang from a tree and let the bashing begin.

Ensure that pinata is hung in an area that allows room for swinging the sick without hitting other people.

Kids will also need to be watched carefully whilst this game is being played to ensure that there are no accidents.

Tip: Ensure that the chosen candy has wrapping on it. You don’t want a whole bunch of unwrapped candy falling to the dirty floor!

Girl hitting a pinata


Endless fun can be achieved with a simple limbo game. It is always popular at parties, and is perfect for a Mexican party.

You can either purchase a limbo kit, or simply have two people holding a pole for people to limbo under. After each lap the pole is lowered to make the game more challenging.

If anyone touches the floor they are out. It’s then a race to see who can bend and shuffle the best.

A limbo game will guarantee to cause a lot of laughs.

What To Wear To A Mexican-Themed Party

A fun way to celebrate a Mexican themed party would be to have a dress code and ask everyone to dress up in Mexican attire.

You would naturally find that some guests choose to wear an entire outfit whilst other’s choose some subtle accessories such as the sombrero or Mexican shawl.

Mexican Sombrero

Another option to keep things simple is to request all guests wear white, with a simple pop of color.

The color is created with simple accessories, which could be as simple as a bright handkerchief in a man’s shirt pocket.

Alternatively ask guests to dress completely in bright clothing to mix with the vibrant decorations.

Each dress code option will work, but make sure that all your guests are wearing the same.

Quite simply, adding a dress code will help to create the fiesta atmosphere even easier. Guests will get into the spirit of the theme.

Mexican Music

All parties require some sort of music, but this is especially important at a Mexican party. Music really helps to set the mood.

A Mexican party is all about fun and laughter, so provide the opportunity for lots of dancing and singing to take place.

If the budget allows, consider having some live music by hiring a Mariachi band.

Mariachi music will provide a truly authentic experience.

Mariachi band players are known to roam the party and mix with party guests rather than simply stand and perform. If your guests wern’t up on the dance floor before, they will be when the Mariachi band begins to play!

Ensure that you have other music to play when the band are taking a break to keep the party atmosphere going.

Spotify will have a great selection of Latino tunes that you can have lined up and ready to go.

Create a playlist so you are not trying to find music at the last minute.

A Mexican party is simply a fun one. There are literally hundreds of Mexico themed party ideas to choose from, and you can use as few or as many as you like.

For best results, it is important to stick to at least the basics of having the bright vibrant colors teamed with a few Mexican accessories such as the sombrero. Depending how much time you have will depend on how creative you become with the party preparation.

One thing is for sure. All the fun touches that you add to the party will ensure that guests will enjoy the party, and it will be one that they will be talking about for a long time to come!

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