The Best Easy Mother’s Day Ideas She Will Actually Enjoy

Selection of mother’s day ideas that can make her day truly special. These ideas are perfect for adults and kids to enjoy which will suit every occasion.

Choose from a selection of mother’s day crafts, printable’s, celebration ideas and more.

Selection of mother's day ideas that can make her day truly special. These ideas are perfect for adults and kids to enjoy which will suit every occasion. Choose from a selection of mother's day crafts, printable's, celebration ideas and more.

Mom’s definitely deserve to be celebrated 24/7, 365 days per week. However there is one day of the year when we can all go that one step further.

Mother’s day is a day that we can REALLY celebrate mom and really show her what she means to everyone.

If you are stuck for some mother’s day ideas that will really help to make her day special, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for something to make for mom as a gift, games to play on the day or how to set up the perfect dinner table, you will find plenty of inspiration here to make the day memorable.

What Is The Best Surprise For Mother’s Day?

There are SO many things that you can do to surprise mom on mother’s day. Whether a young child or a grown adult wants to surprise their mom, there are always options.

The most important thing to remember for mother’s day is that whatever you do it must be done with love.

Some surprise mother’s day ideas include:

  • Prepare breakfast in bed (or take out for breakfast if mom doesn’t live with you)
  • Cook lunch or dinner
  • Buy flowers
  • Prepare a handmade gift full of love
  • Write down all your favorite memories of mom and give them as a gift
  • Create a pamper day (whether that is at a spa location or a relaxation setting at home)
  • Set aside the entire day to spent with her
  • TELL HER how much you love and care for her!

Scroll on to find MANY more surprise ideas that you could prepare for mom on mother’s day.

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Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

What Are Good Things To Do On Mother’s Day

Perhaps you are looking to get out of the house for mother’s day.

There are plenty of things that you can prepare for mom that will not only surprise her, but make her feel special without her having to plan or prepare the idea.

Some ideas include:

  • Prepare a picnic and find a nice spot to sit and enjoy it as a family
  • Take her out for a meal at her favorite restaurant
  • Attend a special mother’s day screening at the movies
  • Take her for a spa day and give her a pamper treatment
  • Organise for a family walk
  • Head to the beach
  • Attend a museum or art gallery
  • Head to the zoo or a wildlife park
  • If she is a thrill seeker, then an amusement park could be the perfect location for the day
  • Rent her dream car for the day and take it for a spin!
  • Plan a surprise weekend getaway. Whether that’s to a small cottage or a secluded camping spot
  • Chose the location that mom would enjoy the most
  • Go strawberry, apple, pear, cherry or fig picking (depending on season)
  • Go on a winery tour
  • Take a river or sea boat ride

Think outside the box a little bit. What would mom love to do that she wont go and organize for herself?

If you have young children present on the day, make sure that you chose something that all ages will enjoy. The last thing mom needs is to have bored children or grandchildren!

But, mom’s in general LOVE spending time with their kids. So regardless of the ages of the kids present, create a meaningful time together, that can be enjoyed by all.

Mom will be thrilled that the day has been planned for her and she will treasure the memories made on the day.

How To Pamper Mom On Mother’s Day

So mother’s day is all about making mom feel special. One way of doing that is to pamper her for the entire day.

When you think of pampering you might think only of taking her to a spa. There are however many other ways that you can pamper mom without having to spend a huge amount of money.

It is also possible to for young children to pamper mom or their grandmother.

Some pampering mother’s day ideas include:

  • Organise a pamper session at home, with a massage and foot spa
  • Before mother’s day, make some bath bombs and then run a nice relaxing bath for her at the beginning or the end of the day
  • Leave hidden messages for her around the house for her to find all day
  • Coordinate a brunch or lunch filled with her favorite food
  • Give her favorite flowers or pick a bunch from your own garden

Mother’s Day Ideas For The Whole Family

There are so many things that you can do on mother’s day that will make her feel special and the whole family will enjoy.

Simply think about what it is that mom would love to do but wont organise for herself. Is it something that the kids can be involved in too if they are going to be present?

Coordinating mother’s day doesn’t have to be hard, and you can use these ideas to create a day that mom will remember forever.

Your Turn:

Given the number of mother’s day ideas available, how are you planning to spend the day?

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