The Best Men’s Rain Jackets to Keep You Dry and Stylish Under Any Circumstance

The best men’s rain jackets are a must-have. Every man needs a good raincoat or two because as useful as umbrellas are, they are the most painful thing to carry around. If it’s raining, then you’re carrying an umbrella and maybe it’s keeping you dry. If it’s not raining, then you’re dry but you’re carrying a useless umbrella. It’s a recipe for frustration and we all deserve better than being forced to buy a single-use street umbrella.

Though it’s too late to save yourself from April showers, the rain isn’t going away, and a solid raincoat will last you years and allow you to make the trek home with your pride and mood intact.

With the spring and summer season right around the corner (fingers crossed), now’s as good a time as any to pick up a proper raincoat. We’ve rounded up 13 of the most stylish, water-resistant, all-around best men’s raincoats. You’ve got more formal options to wear with a suit, options for being casual on the weekends and options for actually getting outside.

Of course, the degree of rain outside definitely warrants different jackets as well, as some of the picks on our list of the best men’s rain jackets are designed for a light drizzle, while other, rubberized versions will keep you dry in the harshest of downpours. Others still have plenty of utility even with no rain in sight. So whatever you plan to get up in the wide, wet world, whether it’s commuting to the office or hitting the trails, SPY found a raincoat for you.


1. Columbia Men’s Watertight II Waterproof, Breathable Rain Jacket


For most people for most situations, Columbia’s Watertight II Rain Jacket will get the job done. The jacket is lightweight, packable enough to easily fit into a backpack and features elastic pulls on the waist and hood so you can adjust the jacket to you. The plastic on the outside keeps the rain out and nylon keeps you comfortable on the inside, while zippered pockets keep your valuables out of the direct rain. The only downside is this jacket is quite thin, so it won’t keep you warm on its own on a cold wet day and it can soak more easily in heavy rain than heavier-duty rain jackets. But that has an upside too in that this jacket is great to layer under and perfect for those warmer, wetter days. Overall, as long as you’re not out in heavy rain for more than a few minutes, this jacket will fit the bill.

Columbia men's waterproof breathable rain jacket Buy: Columbia Men's Watertight II Waterproof, Breathable Rain Jacket $59.99

2. Levi’s Men’s Rubberized Rain Parka Jacket


If you want to guarantee that water won’t get into your jacket, a fully rubberized option might be better. Levi’s Rubberized Rain Parka Jacket is remarkably cheap for a fully rubberized jacket and it doesn’t hurt that it’s stylish as heck. While the rubber keeps the rain off the jacket, the zipper and button dual front enclosure guarantee nothing’s coming in the front. And if that all sounds like the jacket is going to just seal in the heat, it’s all good: This jacket is also machine washable for those times.

Levi's men's rubberized rain parka jacket Buy: Levi's Men's Rubberized Rain Parka Jacket $72.22

3. Marmot Men’s PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket


It feels like Marmot keeps making the same jackets year in and year out, but if it works, it works. And Marmot’s rain jacket just works. The men’s jacket is 100% nylon, but the outside features Marmot’s NanoPro coating, which keeps rain out while still letting any heat and sweat out. In all honesty, it’s quite similar to the top pick — zippered pockets, elastic waist and hood, great packability, a little too thin to stand on its own on colder days — with the added bonuses of a neck cover that is separated from the hood as well as pit zips for ventilation. But what dropped it down was the price point. This is generally a great value for a moderate rain jacket, but it tended to run a little more expensive than the top pick. If you can find this jacket for cheaper than the top pick, it’s the best rain jacket for moderate inclement weather.

Marmot Precip lightweight waterproof rain jacket


Buy: Marmot Men's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket $100.00

4. TRETORN Mens Womens Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket


Tretorn originated as a rubber production company and it carries that tradition forward by incorporating rubber into many of its products. Naturally, the company’s hooded rain jacket exists in that materials science tradition. To achieve waterproofness, Tretorn covers its rain jacket in a polyurethane coating and welds all its seams, so the only way water gets in is if you let it. Like many products in the Scandinavian tradition, the jacket is also beautifully simple, minimalist and a great style piece. It may seem a bit pricey for great value, but it boasts a waterproof rating of 8000mm, which basically means this thing will handle any rain unless you’re in a hurricane. And even then, with this jacket, you still might end up dry. (If you’re curious, learn more about waterproof ratings here.)

Tretorn waterproof hooded rain jacket


Buy: TRETORN Mens Womens Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket $105.99

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Waterproof Breathable Hooded Jacket


What could we say about Tommy Hilfiger that you don’t already know? The company makes solid, classy clothing at a price point most people can afford. At that price point though, you shouldn’t expect this jacket to be fully waterproof. The shell is 100% nylon, so it’s more water resistant than waterproof. But if you just need a basic rain jacket for short commutes and day-to-day errands, Tommy Hilfiger’s jacket will keep you dry from point A to point B without breaking the bank.

Tommy Hilfiger men's waterproof hooded jacket Buy: Tommy Hilfiger Waterproof Hooded Jacket $37.17

6. The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Waterpoof Rain Jacket


The North Face just makes great outdoor products in general and it’s rain jacket is as good as you would expect. One undervalued bonus of being a leading manufacturer of outerwear is the sheer variety you can offer while still maintaining quality. Amazon alone offers 40 different colors for this style, but the jackets all offer the same quality protection in the end. This jacket features a durable water-repellent coating to stop rain from seeping through, and adjustable cuffs and a cinch cord on the waist for a customized fit. Yup, no matter which color suits you, The North Face has got your back, and it’ll keep it dry.

The North Face men's venture waterproof rain jacket Buy: The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Waterpoof Rain Jacket $68.22

7. SaphiRose Rain Poncho Jacket


If you’ve never given the tried-and-true poncho a shot, now’s your chance. Though they won’t hold up on a seriously windy day, rain ponchos are basically a giant piece of plastic with a hood and hole for your head that can go on top of anything. Combine that with the fact that you can stuff these things in a pocket, and you can begin to see how having a cheap poncho in your backpack isn’t such a bad idea. As far as ponchos go, SaphiRose’s Rain Poncho Jacket took the basic concept and added a little extra value in the form of a front zipper, heat-sealed seams, a pocket and an adjustable hood. For $20, throw it in your car or side backpack pocket for a rainy day. It’s humble, but it just might surprise you with how much rain it keeps out.

Rain poncho jacket coat Buy: Rain Ponchi Jacket $19.99

8. Arc’teryx Zeta SL Jacket Men’s


The term high-end gets thrown around a lot when researching the best men’s rain jackets, but Arc’teryx’s Zeta SL Jacket is the real deal. Mountain climbers wear this stuff for a reason. This jacket is designed to be super light for those long outdoor treks, but the Gore-Tex keeps you windproof, waterproof and comfortable at the same time. There are more expensive rain jackets out there, including from Arc-teryx, but this is the price point where you’ll start to see diminishing returns because you don’t need a jacket much more technically sophisticated than this. If you’re looking for a reliable, durable rain jacket to get you through the next decade, Arc’teryx is among the safest bets.

Arcteryx Zeta SL rain jacket mens Buy: Arc'teryx Zeta SL Jacket Men's $299.00

9. Stutterheim Stockholm Hooded Raincoat


This is definitely an excellent option to buy to stay 100 percent dry and stylish. The rubberized outer shell means even in an absolute downpour, anything covered by this coat is still going to stay dry. Its solid color, basic design and lack of frills or extravagance make it easy to wear dressed up or down, and the mid-thigh length allows for it to be worn over a suit. Throw on this medium grey over a basic navy suit on a rainy day commute to the office with a pair of brown chukkas reserved for bad weather, or jeans, a crewneck sweatshirt and some bean boots on the weekend.

Stutterheim men's Stockholm raincoat green Buy: Stutterheim Stockholm Hooded Raincoat $295.00

10. Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Woodland Raincoat


Helly Hansen’s Workwear Men’s Woodland Raincoat is the definition of a no-frills raincoat. If you just want as much coverage as possible while spending as little as possible, this is the longest raincoat we could find that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

Helly Hansen workwear men's woodland raincoat


Buy: Helly Hansen Workwear Men's Woodland Rain Coat $75.00

11. L.L. Bean Men’s Trail Model Rain Jacket


Do you go hiking, but it’s really just for the craft beers afterward? Perhaps there’s that cute girl from Bumble who picked Mountains over Beaches, and you need to try and look the part? This option from L.L. Bean is a can’t miss if you’ve said “yes” to any of the questions above. It’s no surprise that one of the best men’s rain jackets comes from L.L. Bean, as the company makes some of the world’s best outdoor apparel, and has for a century.

This men’s rain jacket is packable, comes in colors that would help the Park Rangers find you after you take a tumble, and actually will keep you quite dry and comfortable. Wear it with chinos, alpine boots and a thermal long sleeve to hike (even if it’s just through Brooklyn), or with faded jeans and vans to the corner deli.

L.L. Bean men's trail model rain jacket

12. Suit Supply Navy Raincoat


This simple, chic navy option is a no-brainer for day-to-day office use. Early fall, early spring, great as a layer when it’s not raining, you can find plenty of uses for this well-cut option from reasonably priced brand Suit Supply. To shake things up, wear it with a sharp charcoal double-breasted suit, chocolate brown double monk straps, an ice blue shirt and purple tie on Monday, then with jeans, sharp leather sneakers, and a long sleeve knit polo on Friday.

Suit Supply Rain coat

Image Courtesy of Suit Supply


13. Barbour Classic Bedale Waxed Cotton Jacket


Barbour has been a classic prep staple for years. The classic olive coloring and the corduroy collar has been used with jeans, with suits, with business casual and to run around to the corner store. It comes along with a certain look that’s not very fashion forward, but it certainly has a classic air to it. If you find yourself frequently airing on the side of classic instead of flashy, this is the pick for you.

Barbour classic bedale wax jacket Buy: Barbour Classic Bedale Waxed Cotton Jacket $325.00

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