The Best Towable Boat Tubes for Summer Fun on the Water

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With summer on the horizon, it’s OK to start dreaming of taking in the simpler things in life, like days out on the water. With this in mind, one way to make the most of time out on the wet stuff is with one of the best towable boat tubes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the ocean or a lake, these inflatable toys are easy to install and deliver hours of fun for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what towable boat tubes are, imagine an inflatable sled tethered to the back of a boat being driven around with people hanging on and you’ll be somewhere close. Unsurprisingly, this recipe of high speeds, uncontrollable bouncing and hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping action usually results in some home video-worthy hilarity. And while we’re sure you can’t fail to have fun, it’s also important to remember that with great boating power comes great responsibility.

How To Stay Safe During Towable Boat Tube Rides

The best and worst thing about the best towable boat tubes is that they offer a thrilling ride. We know that it may seem like harmless fun but it is easy to become disoriented if you happen to get thrown from the tube during a seemingly innocuous ride. This is why safety should always come first. In other words, no amateur stunts and always expect the best but prepare for the worst. Here are some key things to consider before heading out for your day of fun in the sun.

  • Life Jackets – This one is simple. Always wear a life jacket. This isn’t about questioning anyone’s ability to swim. It’s about ensuring you remain visible on the surface if an accident does occur. It’s also important to make sure life jackets fit riders correctly.
  • Weather Conditions – If you’re heading out onto changeable water, ensure you’ve checked for any weather warnings and the forecasts for the time you’re going to be out there.
  • Boat Speed – Choose an appropriate boat speed for the inflatable you’re towing and the riders riding. Different towables are rated to different speeds so be sure to check the product manual. Always err on the side of caution if you’re unsure.
  • Sunscreen – If you’re going to be out on the water for hours at a time in direct sun, save your skin by applying some reef-safe sunscreen. Not only does this stop you from having to endure the pain of red or sunburned skin, but it also helps protect you from skin cancer and premature aging.

Below you’ll find our top 18 picks for the best towable boat tubes available online. We’ve included tubes for one or more riders, tubes for anyone on a budget and tubes for adrenaline junkies. In short, we’ve included something for everyone. Read on to find the right one to make the most of your summer get-togethers out on the water.


1. MaxKare Towable Tube


This popular towable boat tube features a heavy-duty nylon cover around a 30-gauge RF welded PVC bladder, resulting in an inflatable that is built to last. Given its five-star rating from more than 95% of Walmart customers who have used it, you can be sure you’re going to enjoy its 62-inch wingspan, which is large enough to accommodate either one or two riders. Additionally, this waterproof and quick-drying tube includes a safety valve that prevents air leakage, sports reinforced handles to improve grip and durability and can be inflated and deflated in as little as five minutes.

towable boat tubes maxkare towable tube

Buy: MaxKare Towable Tube $309.99


2. WOW World of Watersports Super Bubba Deck Tube


The WOW World of Watersports Super Bubba Deck Tube is ideal for people wanting to ride in a duo. The towable’s design can accommodate two riders in either a sitting or kneeling orientation and can be pulled from either the front or the back, offering users a variety of possibilities for hours of fun. The padded backrest, numerous handles and quick-connect link ensure riders also enjoy a comfortable, secure and convenient experience. Furthermore, when not being towed, this couch-style towable is a relaxing place to chill out on the water.

towable boat tubes wow world of watersports super bubba

Buy: WOW World of Watersports Super Bubba Deck Tube $499.99


3. Airhead BLAST Towable Water Skiing Tube


With a design resembling three doughnuts arranged in a line, the Airhead BLAST Towable Water Skiing Tube offers up to three riders a unique experience on the water. The tube includes Kwik-connect tow points on both its front and one side, allowing you to choose between two orientations. For rider comfort, you’ll also find 12 neoprene knuckle guard handles, while a deep hole for each rider further aids in-ride security. In addition, this tube, which sports an eye-catching, tropical-inspired look, can be used for chilling out in pools, on lakes or at the beach.

towable boat tubes airhead blast inflatable open

Buy: Airhead BLAST Towable Water Skiing Tube $349.99


4. WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Tube


With its wide and tapered base, this WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Tube is the ideal way for three people to take on some wild wake action together. The popular towable boat tube, which also comes in models to accommodate one or two people, can take up to 510 pounds and features six double webbing foam handles to help maximize comfort and help riders remain in place during their journey. For easier and reliable towing, the tube includes a double reinforced tow rope eyelet, while its heavy-duty, 40-gauge PVC bladder and speed valve provide greater durability and allow for fast inflation and rapid deflation.

wow watersports thriller deck tube

Buy: WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Tube $349.99 (orig. $379.99) 8% OFF


5. Island Hopper Elite Class Banana Boat


This Island Hopper Elite Class Banana Boat is a commercial-standard boat tube with a capacity for up to six riders, weighing up to 1200 pounds. The high-quality, 19-feet inflatable is made from heavy-duty, UV-resistant reinforced PVC for greater durability. The welded seams further add to the boat’s longevity while its stainless steel pull rings, tow harness with steel toggles add to the rider experience. Additionally, it comes supplied with a nylon storage bag, foot pump and operation instructions to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy a day on the water.

towable boat tubes island hopper

Buy: Island Hopper Elite Class Banana Boat $1,299.99


6. Airhead Mach 3 Waterskiing Towable Tube


This towable boat tube is designed with comfort and security in mind. The inflatable has space for up to three riders, weighing a maximum of 510 pounds. Each rider gets their own cockpit to sit in for a cozier ride with the support from the high backrest riser. The tube’s cover is made from nylon while its internal PVC bladder and valve allow for speedy inflation and deflation. Plus, it features double webbing foam handles with neoprene knuckle guards and a molded tow connector.

towable boat tubes airhead mach 3

Buy: Airhead Mach 3 Waterskiing Towable Tube $354.42


7. Wow Watersports XO Extreme Inflatable Towable Tube


Thanks to its unique, fully covered design, the Wow Watersports XO Extreme Inflatable Towable Tube delivers less drag and a faster ride. The inflatable features a heavy-gauge PVC bladder which is surrounded by a tough shell cover with zippered seal. It also includes double webbing foam handles and knuckle guards to increase rider comfort. The oval-shaped tube has space for up to three riders weighing a maximum of 510 pounds. Furthermore, it’s supplied with a one-year limited warranty and can easily be used for relaxing on if high-speed pursuits aren’t for you.

towable boat tubes wow watersports xo extreme

Buy: Wow Watersports XO Extreme Inflatable Towable Tube $429.99


8. Airhead Renegade Towable Tubing Kit


If you don’t already own a tow rope and pump, you may want to consider investing in this Airhead Renegade Towable Tubing Kit. In addition to these handy essentials, the tube itself is worth checking out because of its three-person capacity and multiple rider orientations, including both seated and kneeling options. Plus, the color tube sports EVA foam seating pads, high backrests and several padded handles to keep riders comfortable and secure when the good times start rolling.

airhead ahre renegade big 3 person

Buy: Airhead Renegade Towable Tubing Kit $446.24


9. WOW Watersports Heavy Duty Big Ducky Tube


By including two sections to lay on and a central duck for someone to mount, this WOW Watersports Heavy Duty Big Ducky Tube can accommodate up to three riders in more than one riding position. This variation provides more opportunities for fun on the water. You’ll also find an EVA foam seat and anti-slip grip handles to help everyone remain comfortable during rides. Plus, the custom Big Ducky concept HI-VIS color design ensures onlookers won’t be missing the tube flying over the water anytime soon.

wow watersports heavy duty big ducky

Buy: WOW Watersports Heavy Duty Big Ducky Tube $461.99


10. Rave Sports Blade 54


The single rider Rave Sports blade 54 is around 48 by 16 inches when inflated. It is made with heavy-duty PVC for durability and has four nylon-covered handles with neoprene knuckle guards for greater rider comfort. You’ll also find a neoprene chafe guard for your legs which is handy because no one wants irritated legs. Furthermore, when you’re not traveling at high speeds, this ring is an ideal place to chill out, whether that’s in a pool, on a river or in the sea.

Rave Sports Blade 54, Best towable Tubes

Buy: Rave Sports Blade 54 $80.99


11. WOW Watersports 2-Person Cyclone Spinner


The WOW Watersports is listed with a sizable deep center cockpit which can accommodate up to two people. Riders are able to enjoy the ride from its unique, 360-degree tow point which can be found at its center. Towers can also choose from multiple towing points, including the traditional way from the fixed tow point at the front or the alternate option on the bottom of the tube.

WOW Watersports 2-Person Cyclone Spinner, Bests towable tubes

Buy: WOW Watersports 2-Person Cyclone Spinner $599.99


12. Sportsstuff Big Bertha 


With a name like Big Bertha, who wouldn’t want to take a ride? Inside this towable boat tube, riders will find an air-cushioned floor, foam handles, padded knuckle guards and a quick connect tow system for hauling up to four riders at a time. Additionally, there are padded handles for comfort along with a k80 PVC bladder and a double-stitched partial cover to help maintain the tube’s strength and shape during use.

Sportsstuff Big Bertha, Best towable Tubes

Buy: Sportsstuff Big Bertha $197.93


13. Airhead Slice Inflatable Double Rider Towable Tube


The Airhead Slice Inflatable Double Rider Towable Tube was designed for up to two riders at one time. It comes equipped with a Kwik-Connect tow point for an easier time when hooking it up to the water craft. It’s also made with heavy-duty PVC for greater durability and sports a low profile deck to make getting in and out of the raft especially easy.

towable boat tubes airhead slice

Buy: Airhead Slice Inflatable Double Rider Towable Tube $153.99


14. SportsStuff Inflatable Big Mable


The SportsStuff Inflatable Big Mable is an eye-catching option which is made for two. The tube’s design prioritizes comfort, sporting a backrest and air-cushioned side walls. It also features dual tow points at front and back, and multiple grab handles with knuckle guards that should help you to hang on when things get a little bit bumpy.

SportsStuff Inflatable Big Mable, Best towable tubes

Buy: SportsStuff Inflatable Big Mable $277.99


15. Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Triple Rider


Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Triple Rider is created with neoprene seat pads for up to three riders to provide security and comfort for riders. There are three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers and a heavy-gauge PVC bladder with RF welded seams which create a high-quality feel. Additionally, the bladder is covered by a double-stitched full nylon cover which gives the tube its vibrant, eye-catching appearance.

Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Triple Rider, Best towable tubes

Buy: Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Triple Rider $187.99


16. Subwing Towable Watersports Board


If an inflatable towable boat tube doesn’t appeal to you or you’d rather explore what lies under the water, consider this Subwing Towable Watersports Board instead. This smartly designed towable sports a bulletproof construction that uses an intuitive steering system to let riders move up, down, left and right in the water with ease. Up to four individual boards can be towed at one time to deliver more fun for groups. Plus, there are five vibrant colors to choose from.

towable boat tubes subwing fly

Buy: Subwing Towable Watersports Board $199.99


17. Sportsstuff Booster Ball


The Sportsstuff Booster Ball is a simple addition to your towable boat tube which can instantly deliver a range of benefits. From absorbing shock and improving fuel economy to reducing drag and lessening spray, there’s little doubt this hybrid system will improve your overall experience. The set includes a heavy-gauge, 4K booster ball with a PVC bladder and a full nylon cover and a custom tow rope which provides an overall tow length up to 60 feet. Additionally, this popular fun time add-on comes with more than 2,500 five-star ratings.

towable boat tubes sportsstuff booster ball

Buy: Sportsstuff Booster Ball $91.10 (orig. $162.99) 44% OFF


18. WOW World of Watersports Air Pump


In order to inflate your towable boat tube, it is a good idea to invest in an air pump. And Wow, which also makes a range of high-quality towable tubes, also makes an air pump specifically for inflatables, such as tubes, lounges, islands and air beds. It has a 12-feet power cord, inflation and deflation hookups and offers a 3.0 psi high-pressure pump when switched on.

WOW World of Watersports Air Pumps for Inflatables, best towable tubes Buy: WOW World of Watersports Air Pumps for Inflatables $24.99

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