The Top 70+ Pegboards Ideas – Home Design and Storage

The once utilitarian pegboard panel is now bringing style and storage to the modern home.

Pegboard—that hole-filled wooden panel that hung over your father’s garage workbench—is enjoying a renaissance. Now liberated from its garage confines, versatile pegboard hangs on the walls of virtually any room. It’s an organizational option that’s sturdy, adaptable, and easy to rearrange on a whim.

Thanks to new accessories, pegboard storage is possible for just about any item. Wire jar holders can turn a kitchen pegboard into a spice rack. A pegboard hook might be one of the most versatile things on earth, as it can support baskets, framed photos, or shelves.

Pegboard is available in the classic brown hardboard, but you can also find metal and plastic boards in a wide range of colors and sizes. Pegboard organizer hardware now comes in metal or plastic versions, designed to hold every type of tool. Whether you need a pegboard in your kitchen, garage, or craft room, the following pegboard ideas and images are bound to inspire you.

1. Home Office and Study Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard ideas aren’t just for workshops and craft rooms. They can add stylish functionality to any home office or study space. Pegboards make use of often-wasted vertical space, and can be easily adapted to fit your personal needs.

Cool White Home Study Pegboard Ideas Stoneandco
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Craft Space Home Office Pegboard Ideas Coppergrey
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Diy Home Office Pegboard Ideas Dude.teacher
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Diy Neutral Home Office Pegboard Ideas Seniside
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Kids Room Storage Home Study Pegboard Jessica.dawn.home
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Newly Crafted Home Study Pegboard Ideas Maggiegmoran
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Organized Home Office Pegboard Ideas Pinpegandhome
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Workspace Home Office Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard shelves over your desk create attractive display options for photos and knick-knacks. Storing office supplies on these shelves frees up valuable desktop space for other tasks. If a large pegboard wall doesn’t appeal to you, frame a small piece of pegboard instead. Hang it near your desk to use as a flexible storage idea for all your miscellaneous bits and bobs.

You may wish to turn your DIY pegboard into a gallery wall, showcasing photos, inspirational signs, and houseplants. These galleries brighten up the wall space and make a small home office or study feel personal and inviting. For a modern take on classic pegboard, purchase several small pegboards and coordinating shelves. Arrange them into a collage, like puzzle pieces hung artfully together on one wall.

2. Pegboard Ideas for Entryways and Mudrooms

An entryway DIY pegboard is a perfect place to organize keys, umbrellas, jackets, and other items for going places. A framed, painted pegboard is an attractive way to tackle this small space storage issue. Your mudroom or entryway wall is probably not fully utilized without one.
Front Foyerentry Room Pegboard Ideas Ourcountryacres

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Gallery Walls Entry Room Pegboard Ideas Farmers Cottages
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Hallway Decorentry Room Pegboard Ideas Designed With Plants
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Make Shift Mudroom Pegboard Ideas Pinpegandhome
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Plywood Entry Room Pegboard Ideas Solidhorse Factory
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Depending on your pegboard configuration, you can even use it to store larger items, such as soccer balls and backpacks. Hats, purses, water bottles, and even shoes can hang from pegboard hooks, easily visible, and ready to grab on your way out.

Hang a framed mirror from a couple of pegboard hooks, perfect for quick appearance checks in the morning. And don’t forget to include a clock in this busy home zone. Center a large analog clock at the top of your board, or place a digital clock on a pegboard shelf.

3. Garage Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard is the quintessential garage organization solution. Utilizing garage pegboard ideas keeps this space from getting overwhelmed by clutter. Whatever your DIY skill level, tool storage requires a bit of wall control. Everything from rulers to tape, from scissors to power cords, can store easily on your own DIY pegboard configuration.

Affinity Tool Garage Pegboard Ideas Uncutpoplar
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Auto Repair Garage Wall Pegboard Ideas

Bicycle Tools Garage Pegboard Ideas

Bicycle Workshop Garage Pegboard Ideas

Black Wall Workshop Garage Pegboard Ideas

Diy Garage Pegboard Ideas Kandgmakeit
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Modern Wall Organizer Garage Pegboard Ideas

Screwdrivers Hand Tools Garage Pegboard Ideas

Simple Work Shop Garage Pegboard Ideas

Technician Workbench Garage Pegboard Ideas

Tool Organization Garage Pegboard Ideas
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Tools Wall Garage Pegboard Ideas

Utility Room Garage Pegboard Ideas Design.2.organize
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Workshop Garage Pegboard Ideas

Workshop Tools Garage Pegboard Ideas

Work Table Garage Pegboard Ideas

Visit your local hardware store for specialized pegboard hooks designed to hold specific items, such as drills, saws, and other hard-to-hang garage tools. Buy metal loops made for hanging up hammers and screwdrivers. Hanging bins and jars can store nuts, bolts, and screws on a pegboard.

Heavier tools can hang from heavy-duty pegboard hooks on thick plywood pegboard. Ordinary hardboard may be too thin to support the weight of heavy power tools. You can easily transport your garage tools between projects if you make a DIY rolling double-sided pegboard wall. Watch this video to learn how:

4. Kitchen Pegboard Ideas

All the features that make pegboards useful in other rooms also make them a great idea for the kitchen. Even so, pegboard isn’t a widely used form of kitchen storage. Every kitchen pegboard idea pictured in this section will help you stay organized in the house’s most-used room. From a small pegboard backsplash to a fully-boarded wall, pegboard can revolutionize your kitchen efficiency.

Diy Plywood Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Careyjanelord
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Farm House Kitchen Pegboard Ideas
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Functional Storage Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Kelsandjay
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Minimalist Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Hetboshuisje
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Modern Loft Interior Kitchen Pegboard Ideas

New Small Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Brieny83
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Simple Functional Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Dimiko Dp
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Simple Functional Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Loftundliebe
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Space Saving Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Alexdelduca
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White Wooden Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Thehonest Eco
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Screw plastic pegboard panels inside a kitchen cabinet to hold measuring spoons, measuring cups, peelers, and other small kitchen tools. Display a coffee mug collection by installing a pegboard on an empty wall. A popular kitchen pegboard idea is to store spices on peg-supported shelves or inside wire baskets hung from pegboard hooks.

White pegboard looks clean and crisp in the kitchen and provides a blank canvas for showing off antiques or collectibles. If you’re working with limited space in your kitchen, creating more cookware storage is a worthy DIY project. Push dowels through a heavy plywood pegboard and use them to support generously-sized shelves. Arrange pots, pans, and mixing bowls atop them in colorful stacks.

For to discover other kitchen storage ideas, check here.

5. Functional Display and Storage Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard is a popular IKEA hack for maximizing organization in every household zone, inside or out. It is also a useful tool for simply displaying some of your favorite things. Framed images stand out even more when displayed within a framed pegboard.

Hanging Planter Storage Display Pegboard Ideas Terrabon
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Storage Solutions Pegboard Ideas Bricks And Mortar Developments
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White Diy Wall Decor Storage Display Pegboard Ideas Mansarda 42
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Contemporary Storage Display Pegboard Ideas Agenorgomesarq
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Craft Room Functional Display Pegboard Ideas Designandbeyond
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Modern Home Functional Display Pegboard Ideas

Musicians know that pegboards can make excellent storage options for stringed instruments. If you have a beautiful guitar collection, hang them on dramatic metal or black pegboard for an eye-catching wall display.

Pegboard is the perfect means for creating functional displays, as evidenced with garage tools. Retailers have long relied on trusty pegboard to create functional product displays. Their tips and tricks will work in the home as well.

Storing houseplants or succulents on pegboard shelves allows you to adjust shelf spacing as your plants grow. If your board is sturdy enough, and the shelves wide enough, you can store books on a pegboard wall. A pegboard wall is also an excellent structure for displaying sports trophies and medals.

6. Miscellaneous Pegboard Ideas

Make an ordinary pegboard beautiful by painting it with gloss or semi-gloss paint. These types of paint make it easier to wipe off kitchen or craft room messes. Framed pegboard adds a decorative touch that takes it from garage-boring to home décor fabulous.

Amazing Diy Misc Pegboard Ideas Aktiverafabriken
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Apartment Wall Misc Pegboard Ideas Carolinalisotarquitetura
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Black Misc Pegboard Ideas Solidhorse Factory
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Cactus Unique Toy Misc Pegboard Ideas Lovelywoodenthings
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Garage Organization Misc Pegboard Ideas
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Gym Wall Functional Display Pegboard Ideas

Home Climbing Wall Misc Pegboard Ideas Cathyoliepaquet
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Kids Climb Wall Misc Pegboard Ideas Alan Wers
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Kids Toy Misc Pegboard Ideas Lovelywoodenthings
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Organization Misc Pegboard Ideas Mycelticnest
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Payroom Decor Misc Pegboard Ideas Garnished Woodworking
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Plywood Furniture Misc Pegboard Ideas Solidhorse Factory
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Sewing Equiptment Storage Display Pegboard Ideas

Training Board Misc Pegboard Ideas Jackoolai
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Giant pegboard is a newer type of pegboard that features much larger holes and pegs than classic pegboard. Its oversized scale uses 1-inch dowels for pegs, simultaneously giving off a modern, yet rustic vibe. Because it’s sturdier than hardboard or plastic pegboard, you can use it for heavy-duty storage purposes.

Some people use giant pegboard to create rock climbing walls with hand and foot grips made from large dowels or plastic forms specially made for rock climbing practice. Pegboards can also store toys or create a vertical wall race track for Matchbox cars.

It’s easy for even a novice do-it-yourselfer to create this DIY pegboard idea from scratch. Just watch this video to make your own giant pegboard:

7. Art Room Pegboard Ideas

Art rooms need pegboard storage. Use pegboard bins, baskets, and shelves to sort your art and craft room supplies. Attach a simple binder clip to the crimped end of a paint tube and hang it on a peg, or use binder clips to display finished artwork on your pegboard.

Craft Storage Art Room Pegboard Ideas Hollygraceblog
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Creative Art Room Pegboard Ideas Creationsbyjessica
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Diy Woodwork Art Room Pegboard Ideas Diyeg
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Kids Room Decor Art Room Pegboard Ideas Creativekidsplay
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Organized Art Room Pegboard Ideas Rajddecor
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Activity Table Art Room Pegboard Ideas Lifewithwynterandnova
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If your craft uses yarn, fabric, or other textiles, hang skeins of yarn directly on pegs. Baskets or bins hung from pegboard hooks provide wall storage for folded fabric and patterns. Dowels or short diagonal pegs are great for spools of thread or embroidery floss.

A wooden dowel between two hooks provides functional storage for rolls of craft paper or paper towels. A long dowel can also provide a place for multiple rolls of ribbon or tape. Create cubbyholes by hanging short lengths of PVC pipe on long metal pegs. Use them to organize your paintbrushes or pencils.

8. Workspace Pegboard Ideas

Whether your workspace is in the garage, kitchen, craft, or sewing room, pegboard helps keep you organized. Utilizing wall space for storage helps preserve your horizontal workspaces. Install a pegboard over a low bench with cubbies to create a complete storage wall.

Black Workspace Pegboard Ideas Shannonalexanderphotographyvt
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Ceramic Studio Workspace Pegboard Ideas Flint Ceramics
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Home Office Workspace Pegboard Ideas
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Sewing Workspace Pegboard Ideas Vkvcostumedesigner
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Simple Workspace Pegboard Ideas Pria.arquitetura
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Your DIY pegboard layout will vary according to the type of work you do. If you’re a photographer, you can use pegboard to store lenses, lights, tripods, and other photography gear. If you’re an artist, pegboard shelves make a great place to store spray cans and jars of paint.

9. Bathroom and Laundry Room Pegboard Ideas

The bathroom and the laundry room present two more wall zones where pegboard can be extremely helpful. Pegboard shelves, bins, and baskets keep your bathroom counters clean while storing makeup and other beauty tools within reach.

Beauty Corner Pegboard Ideas Nikaveger
Source: @nikaveger via Instagram
Closet Laundry Pegboard Ideas Thesassyfarmhouse
Source: @thesassyfarmhouse via Instagram

Attach small pegboard panels or strips to the inside of bathroom and laundry room cabinet doors. These can store cleaning tools out of sight.

Hang drying racks, shirt hangers, and even your ironing board on a laundry room pegboard. If you only have a small wall in the laundry room, a pegboard panel still helps to keep the room neat and clean.

10. Garden Pegboard Ideas

Hang a pegboard in your garden space to keep trowels, clippers, and other hand tools neatly organized. Sprinklers hang easily on basic pegboard hooks. If your pegboard wall is big enough, you can hang large tools such as a shovel or pitchfork.

Tools Functional Display Pegboard Ideas Anascalia.arq
Source: @anascalia.arq via Instagram

If you have a potting bench or table in your garden, it’s a great idea to hang a pegboard above it. Inside a garden shed is another ideal place for a DIY pegboard. Place the pegboard over your garden sink, if you have one, to make it easy to find the tools you need for repotting and other garden tasks.

11. Bedroom and Nursery Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard may never cross your mind when thinking of bedroom and baby nursery storage ideas. However, they’re just as helpful here as in the garage or other rooms. Creating a pegboard wall in a child’s bedroom is a great way to enhance toy storage. Bins can hold blocks and dolls, and you can suspend a stuffed animal hammock between two hooks.

Baby Room Storage Display Pegboard Ideas Homebody.interior
Source: @homebody.interior via Instagram

In the nursery, nail a pegboard over the changing table to hold a basket of diapers, tubes of ointment, and other baby supplies. As your baby grows, you can change the décor without creating new holes in the wall. Simply shift your pegs and hooks around to update storage and accessories.

Pegboard FAQs

My older home has an entire wall of pegboard in the garage. I bought hooks for the pegboard, but they are too big for the holes. Aren’t pegboards a standard size?

No, there are two sizes of pegboard. Small hole pegboard has 3/16-inch holes that can only fit 1/8-inch hooks. Large hole pegboard has 1/4-inch holes that can fit both 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch hooks. Be sure to measure what size you need before purchasing plastic or metal pegboard hooks or pegs.

I have the right size hooks on my pegboard, but they fall out every time I remove a tool from the wall. How can I fix this problem?

To avoid the problem of hooks falling off your pegboard wall, you must lock the hooks in place. You can find specially designed plastic clips wherever you can find pegboard organization materials. These stretch across the hook and lock into holes on either side to keep it in place.

If you cannot find locking pegboard clips, you can use a zip tie to secure each hook in place. To do so, you must have access to the back of the panel to loop the zip tie around. If you can’t access the panel back, place a ball of hot glue on each hook’s lower peg before slipping it into the hole. Later, when you want to remove the peg, give it a firm tug and it should pop off easily.

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