Third and Twelve


Trying to come up with a creative quilt back for the final half of Lizard Toes was difficult, given all the medical challenges we've endured the last six or seven weeks. We finally got health resolution last week, got some sleep for the first time in six weeks, then over the weekend, following a wonderful nap, I came up with an idea! I decided to use a piece of leftover sheet (which had backed a couple of other small quilts) for the smallest unfinished quarter of Lizard Toes (because that's the only quarter the sheet leftovers would fit).

I also decided to do some applique on that quarter of the quilt back, again calling upon leftovers from all the green batik projects I've finished over the years, including the green batik stripes in the already completed Lizard Toes backing.

first green batik project

I couldn't bear to do any more lizard toes, so I appliquéd hearts. The appliqué work was completed in about four hours, and the longarming was finished about four hours later. The second quarter of the quilt has quite a few skipped stitches, and I feared I'd have to take the longarm in for servicing. I watched a YouTube video that suggested trying a new box of needles if several needles have been skipping stitches. So I did. And there's not a single skipped stitch in the third quarter!!! Hallelujah!

One 12-lizard quarter left to go!

I feel as if my creativity has been electrified once again, and I can't wait to craft the final quarter quilt backing. It will be so nice to finally get this quilt on the bed!

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