This Reader Created a Cosmetic Magnet Organizer Out of Just 3 Items

makeup organizer frame

Easy access to your makeup! 💄

It’s so simple for a makeup section to become a mess within seconds, but, thanks to this week’s Happy Friday reader, Kyra, we’re aware of the ultimate organization hack, and you’re only going to need three items!

You’ll need a picture frame of your choice, a metallic sheet (size must correspond with the frame), and magnetic tape. This can average to $20 depending on how you approach it, and the result is an aesthetically pleasing and extremely organized display of your makeup!

messy makeup station

I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to share it. If you’re looking for a way to organize makeup and get easy access at the same time, this might be the tip for you! All you need is a frame, metallic sheet, and magnetic tape. Keep your cosmetics on hand. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Hobby Lobby Photo Frames

1. Choose your frame. I found my frame on clearance on Tuesday morning. Ideally, look for something that has a hook on the back to hang it up. Mine had a ribbon already attached, so it was perfect.

metal sheet

2. Get a metal sheet (and have it cut to size if needed). Measure the interior and then buy a sheet that can hold magnets. I found mine at a local big box store, but it was too big.

I ended up taking it to a small hardware store to get it cut to size (cost a few dollars). You then carefully place the metal sheet in the frame. Be careful, as the edges of the cut sheet can be sharp.

magnet on revlon makeup palette

3. Cut and stick on your magnetic tape. I purchased my magnetic tape at Joanne’s craft store, but you can also find this type of tape online at Amazon, etc. It comes in a roll or on a flat sheet. Simply choose the makeup you want to include on your board, and peel and stick the tape on the back.

Some makeup is too heavy to place on the metallic sheet, so test it as you’re choosing. I purchased some of the makeup you see on my frame through deals I saw on Hip2Save!

cosmetic magnet organizer

Once you’re done, hang the frame on the wall. Voila! You have your makeup handy, not hiding in a drawer. No more digging through to get the items you need.

In total, materials for this project cost less than $20. You could also have the frame free standing if it has an easel back. Happy framing!

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Thank you, Kyra, for giving us this awesome hip tip! No more digging through our makeup bags to find a specific product, and I also love how cute the frame looks! We know makeup is art, but who knew it could also be bathroom decor? 😍


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