Random thoughts on a chilly falling leaf fall morning:

1. If you are local, mark your calendars for October 22 at McKinney High School. It’s time for the first Christmas craft fair of the year. Every year our local high school has a craft fair where local artisans bring their handmade candles and soap and crocheted stockings and paper mache Santas and painted ornaments and all their other wares and put them on tables.

And then?

We get to shop.

My favorite thing.

2. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about:

3. What is your favorite subscription box service? I’m thinking about giving them as Christmas presents.

4. Did you see a new season of The Amazing Race started?

5. I found the best new lipstick for fall. It’s under $6.00 with over 27,000 reviews and it CHANGES color with whatever lipstick pencil you add to it. You can see it here.

6. Westleigh is home for fall break and we are spending the best mom/daughter weekend ever.

And now?

Are you ready?

Are you set?

Here are all my favorite things I discovered this week just for us.

This beautiful arrangement.

Be still my fall decorating heart.

See the details here.

Look at this beautiful fall porch on the shed.

The chickens. The pumpkins. The garland.

See the rest of the decorating here.

Look at this pot rack.

It’s a DIY with all that beautiful copper.

See the how-to here.

And this beautiful fall candlelight tour.

There’s nothing prettier than autumn as the sun is setting.

Take the tour here.


And in random news:

This beautiful English cottage

This is such a cute idea for a table runner

These salted caramel popcorn bars

This before and after victorian house

These pumpkin carving ideas (there are a LOT)

This tour of the Real Housewives house

This before and after table

This DIY copper wreath

This beautiful farmhouse

These roasted pumpkin seeds

This gluten-free granola

These autumn dried flowers are absolutely beautiful

And did you see this? 44 new Hallmark movies are on their way

And one (technically two) more for the road

Here’s the fall living room with all that amazing orange this year.

You can see the rest of the living room here.

And you can shop the entire house here.

Happy Random Saturday To You

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