Top Amazon Sellers in July

OK, so I’ve seen some of my favorite bloggers (like Julie, Christina, and Taryn) share monthly round ups of top sellers on Amazon, as in what people purchased most through their links during that month.

Though I’m very conscious to not buy something just because it’s on sale or a hot item, I must admit my curiosity always has me clicking through these post. And many times? I’ve realized that there are a couple things that I do need and I feel it’s already been vetted.

I don’t push a lot of sales to Amazon (though I am going to update my storefront over the next month to have it better organized with our favorites). However my curiosity got me and I decided to go peek and see which items were purchased most through my affiliate Amazon links in July. What I saw was quite the surprise!

The funny thing about blogging is that posts from years ago can still get steady traffic, and sometimes they even have little viral moments that seem to come out of nowhere. Recently, it’s been Baby Led Weaning 8 Month Meal Ideas, 14 Fun Things to Do With Your 8 Year Old, and How to Cure a Sore Throat in Just One Day.

So the top purchases are a back and forth between items I’ve purchased recently and items from toddler posts from years ago. It was like a walk down memory lane for me. So here I am, sharing the top ten items from July and curious… do you enjoy these posts? Let me know!

TEN: Purple Paddle Wet Brush – With three thick-haired girls in this house, we swear by this paddle brush that gets tangles out of wet or dry hair with ease.

NINE: Trekking the National Parks Board Game – this one is funny because I don’t even own it, it’s just at the top of our wish list since we have so thoroughly enjoyed playing Trekking the World (which is a fabulous game to brush up on world geography and famous landmarks).

EIGHT: Compression Packing Cubes – I purchased these during Prime Day and am thrilled with them. We are a carry-on only family and I’ve dragged my feet on purchasing these forever for I don’t know why. We each have a different color now it helps us fit our clothes so much more easily into our bags!

SEVEN: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – now this one is a throwback! I used this book to teach Hailey to read and it was wonderful- short and straightforward lessons that are effective. I started it with Kaitlyn and fell off but really wish I would have stuck with it. I like the way it teaches reading and it’s where my “say it fast” magical phrase came from.

SIX: Wooden Spatulas for Cooking – another prime day purchase for me. Wooden spatulas are my favorite stove top cooking tool, so I bought two more. I like the rounded corners and the thin edge these have at the tip of the spatula.

FIVE: AquaSphere Kid Goggles – the hands down best kid goggles. We’ve had these for years and they’ve held up well, are comfortable, don’t let water leak in, and are easy for kids to use!

FOUR: Amazon Beach Towels – another Prime Day purchase that I decided to buy after hearing from you that these are soft and durable towels at a great deal. I have only had them for a couple weeks but agree- super soft and held up well to washing!

THREE: Melissa & Doug Mix ‘n Match Wooden Bear – this one made me emotional because both my girls LOVED this toy. It was gifted to us when I had Kaitlyn as a toy to keep Hailey busy when I was tending to the new baby and continued to be a huge hit for years. I highly recommend this!

TWO: Popcorn Air Popper– y’all, Halloween movie and Christmas movie season will be here before we know it and if you like popcorn as much as we do, ditch the microwave bag and get this gadget. It makes the biggest, fluffiest kernels with no oil, just hot air. The top scooper melts butter while it pops and this has quickly become one of our favorite kitchen gadgets!

ONE: Craftily Ever After– I loved seeing this one because this is such a sweet series for 5-9 year olds! The stories are cute and the pictures add a lot and at the end of each book they share a craft that is themed to the story. This has been a hit for both my kids. Check out our other Favorite Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds

This list just proves to me how random my content is… food! Travel! Kid stuff! Ok, so these kinds of round ups… like them or leave them? Also, any Amazon purchase that has rocked your world lately? Let me know in the comments!