Torah Craft: Shavuot Centerpiece for Kids

Make a fun torah craft and Shavuot centerpiece made from easy-to-find and recycled materials! This post contains affiliate links.


Make a fun torah craft for kids - a shavuot flower vase centerpiece! This fun shavuos project is easy and fun for toddlers and preschoolers and includes a free coloring page


Two seltzer bottles line up to form the body of a Torah, while a fun coloring page is wrapped to make a case. Fringe completes the look – and guess what? It’s a vase for your Shavuot flowers too!

M, age 6, and Y, age 4, collaborated to bring you this fun Shavuot craft that both celebrates receiving the Torah and serves as a flower vase for homemade or real flowers.



Today, you’re getting the raw and honest truth.

Usually, when I design a craft, I make it aspirational. I want to show you the potential of the craft – even if it’s a kids’ craft. I want to show you the design in its maximum sophistication, so that even your tweens might want to give it a go (or you…)


With the kids home, and needing way more stimulation than I have the capacity to provide, they went all-in on this one. M is 6.5 and not artsy in the least. Y is a little artist but he’s four. This Torah craft is something that your preschoolers can make look as pictured, and your tween can make look really fancy.

But today, you’re getting the little kids’ version all the way.



Again, normally, even if the kids are making a copy, I’d show you a more insta-ready version that I made. But today, we’re prioritizing getting dinner on the table (and by dinner I mean frozen pizza that is no longer frozen).

On the subject of prioritizing, I also may have gotten a neater look hot-gluing it together but I chose instead to use scotch tape…


Kid-friendly torah craft vs. a more sophisticated one:

There are so many variations you can make on this craft.

First of all, I used plastic seltzer bottles.  You can use prettier glass bottles. But even if you use seltzer or water bottles, you can still swap things out to polish it up.

1. The kids used brown washable paint. Instead use gold or silver paint.

2. The kids colored it in their own unique ways. Color it pretty 🙂 You can use colored pencils, artist’s markers, watercolors, or even simply color it nicely with regular markers or crayons. Or wrap it with velvet fabric instead.

3. The kids cut fringe in yellow construction paper. Use gold paper, or glue on fringe trimming.


The idea is: this is a cute Shavuot centerpiece, and in our case totally kid-made, with minimal help. But if you want it to be prettier, it’s easy to make it that way.

And sometimes it’s more important to do a little bit to infuse the spirit of the holiday in our kids, rather than have a picture-perfect table.



When you’re done crafting, fill your vase with flowers – fresh, fake, or homemade! I used the flowers I made here. We will hopefully make some flowers at home later on, but meanwhile if you want some ideas, you can try my paper flower templates, or these felt flowers.


Want to make this torah craft for Simchat torah?

Just add caps to the bottles and leave out the flowers. Your toddler or preschooler can dance with the “torah” – or play with it at home.


What you need for this Torah craft:


How to make a Torah flower vase craft for kids:

1. Get into pajamas and forget to cover table (optional)

Paint bottles.


2. Separate the front and the back of the template. You may need to trim a little off the top section if you selected “fit to page” when you printed – just make sure the front and back are the same height and trim as needed.


3. Color the Torah case papers. You can have fun with this step if you want – use watercolors or other paints, paint sticks, glitter glue – whatever you want. Or just stick to crayons and markers.


4. Tape your sheets side by side. The template I made is just the right size for two 1 liter seltzer bottles, so leave as little overlap as possible.


5. Tape your Torah cover around your two bottles.


6. Cut strips of construction paper and cut fringe into it.



7. Tape the fringe around the top and bottom edges of your case.



Your Torah craft is ready to fill with flowers and display!

Which Shavuot crafts are you making this year? Do you have any variations on this project to share? Comment below!




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