Twilting with Carver

Gannon had a doctor’s appointment the other day and Kalissa asked me if I’d keep Carver.  It was only to be about 3 hours max.  I said sure but talked to Carver in advance telling him I had to get a quilt finished and he’d have to be good in the sewing room and let me do it.

So he played on his Ipad while I bound the quilt.

But then he got bored so I tried to think of something to entertain him.  He was awed that the tops lifted off of my old sewing chairs and there was a secret compartment there.

He hid all of his treasures…oh he giggled thinking he was so tricky to hide them there.

Carver is all about tools and mechanics and learning about them so when my bobbin ran out of thread I thought I’d show him how to fill a bobbin.  Oh my word, you would have thought he died and went to heaven.  Seriously, he was a bobbin filling fool.

Here he is pushing the button to make it fill.

I had no idea but….I created a monster.  He was on a mission to fill every bobbin I had.  I went and got a brand new spool of thread that blog reader Deb had sent to me.  I unwrapped it and you’d never guess….we used the ENTIRE brand new spool of thread filling my bobbins.

After we filled all of the PFaff bobbins….

We had to fill this container full.

He worked on learning the word compartment as he put all the bobbins in….

We filled even more…the cream in this ring were all filled as were the ones on the spindle.  That boy was a bobbin filling fool.

We ended up staying in the sewing room the whole time Kalissa and Gannon were gone.  It’s the first time I spent real time in the sewing room with one of the grandkids.  It made me so happy.  I want to be able to share my hobby with them.  I don’t care if they sew or don’t sew.  I just want them to learn to find pleasure in a craft or hobby whatever that might be.

Did I accomplish a lot with him there…no.  But we did have a great time…and that’s really all that counts, right?  And the tedious task of filling bobbins has never ever so fun.