Watching these Maker Mind Meld Masterclass videos will have you ready to create

The masterclass concept is a simple one — get a foremost expert in their field to sit down and verbally walk through their area of expertise with a room full of eager young learners. It’s a sound practice...because how better to learn the true tricks of the trade than from an absolute stone-cold master of their craft?

Many tinkerers in the maker culture are in particular need of that guidance. With so many directions to take in DIY engineering and electronics, it’s easy to get lost or miss some simple, yet meaningful ideas. Last year, the 1st Maker Mind Meld Virtual Summit brought together 22 expert Makers to talk about how they turn electronics, software, wood, and plastic into entirely new creations.

If you’re interested in building and solving problems, but missed the summit, The Maker Mind Meld Masterclass is truly the next best thing.

This collection features the video presentations made by all 22 Maker Mind Meld experts, each focused on sharing their best advice and top strategies to help you become a better maker. Summit host and organizer Dr. Peter Dalmaris speaks with each expert as they explore their individual tech passions, including CSEduino, micro:bit. JSON, Internet of Things, and more.

Over more than 30 hours, you’ll go deep on everything, from electrical engineer Jon Evans talking about getting involved in open source projects, to creative technologist Gil Posnanski discussing why Making is important to humanity, to instructor Richard Park on how to teach IoT concepts.

Meanwhile, there are also several sessions that play more like how-to lessons for Making something cool of your own, including how Maker Mark Wilson created an Arduino version of the classic Flip clock or how engineer  Karsten Schulz made a computer processor with a B4 kit. 

Each of these experts break down their knowledge and creative process into actionable steps so that you can learn and adapt skills that actually work for you.

With this offer, the complete package of all 22 Maker Mind Meld Masterclass videos is now available for only $27.99, more than $450 off its regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Maker Mind Meld 22-Video Masterclass - $27.99

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