Ways to Say Happy Father’s Day Husband

Let’s join our kids and celebrate their father with these fun ways to say Happy Father’s Day Husband to their dad!

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Let’s get creative this year and celebrate Father’s Day, with FUN and creative ways to Say Happy Father’s Day. Sure, the mud pie and t-shirt with handprints are amazing, but so are these!

5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

1. Camping Gifts for Dad

Maybe it the fact that being dirty is just part of the fun, but most kids LOVE camping with their dads! Help their next camp out be amazing.

Fun camping gifts

2. Father’s Day from Bump

Hand holding coffee mug with message from baby bump
From your little bump

If you’re expecting, your husband may still feel like a deer in the headlights. Help him feel extra special with a fun gift from that moving bump!

3. Best Dad By Par

If your hubby loves golf, he’s gonna love these.

4. Cycling Gifts for Dad

Dad riding bike with son
Cycling Gifts for Dad

These are my personal favorites, because all five of our sons enjoy biking with their dad. They can’t revisit the feel of hero dirt!

Collage of super hero Printables and activities
Hero Theme to help celebrate dad!

5. Ways to Make Dad a Homeschool Lesson

  • Interview him
  • Create a Power point presentation “My Dad”
  • Oh! How about a a secret message with your own special code that he will need to break to read
  • Make a dad collage! Have dad lay down on butcher paper and trace his body. Yes, kids LOVE this one. Then color, decorate, or label with all the things dad loves!
  • Print, cut, color, and create your own keepsake craft while sharpening fine-motor skills
Collage of Father’s Day printables

There are many, many ways to let your husband know how important he is in the live of your children. Father’s Day can get overlooked because it falls right after the school year ends and all the kids scatter into doing summery things.

Take some time to pause and celebrate Father’s Day for and with your husband!

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