Week 2 – Embellishments

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Welcome to week 2 of Plan To Be Organized month. (If you missed week one scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the Week 1 box - you'll want to review my 4 Section System method before you jump in with embellishment organization.)

This week our focus is embellishments.  You can lump just about anything into this category that isn't paper, adhesives, a coloring agent (inks, markers, paint...) or a tool (dies, stamps, punches, embossing folders).  Yes, that means - brads, eyelets, stickers, beads, ribbon, washi, flowers, ...

What you'll need

I would recommend large zip-lock style bags for this part of the sorting process. You can also use shopping bags, but there is some advantage to being able to "see" through the bags after they are loaded.

Step 1 - Gather

The first step in this process is locating all of the embellishments you've spread around your crafting area.  I'm speaking specifically about individual items, not items that are currently included in a "kit" or collection. (What do do with kits and collections.)

Step 2 - Sort

Using the list you created for theme/sentiments as well as categories for holidays/season, colors, and alphabets, begin sorting your embellishments.  Try to group them by size for each category, that will make it easier to put them away after they are sorted.

Sorting embellishments

Step 3 - Choose storage tools

You know I'm biased!!! The ScrapRack system is an investment, but it is SOOOOO easy to craft when your supplies are in a ScrapRack - read a few of the ScrapRack testimonials if you would like to hear the opinions of others.  Learn more about the system - watch a short video.

Five things you should keep in mind about The ScrapRack.

  1. It makes room for itself - you'll be able to eliminate countless boxes, bins, drawers, totes, baskets - and all all the "air" space in and around them with a ScrapRack.
  2. The amount of time it takes to find what you're looking for will drop from minutes (hours - lol) to seconds if you're using The ScrapRack and the 4 Section System.
  3. It will last forever - steel construction, super durable pockets pages (but still very lightweight), and the ability to "add-on" mean this is the last organization system you'll ever need.
  4. It works with all types of crafts - card making, scrapbooking, mixed media, home decor, decoupage, stenciling,...
  5. The ScrapRack holds the most stuff, in the least amount of space, and has the best accessibility of anything in the crafting market today.

Other Embellishment Choices

Yes, we do have other embellishment choices.

The Fab File system works well for organizing embellishments, especially flat embellishment by theme and size.

Punch & Supply Packs are a good way to store washi tape, glitter glues, and other embellishments that are more 3 dimensional.

Buddy Bags are amazing for embellishment organization, as well as being lightweight, portable, see-thru, and inexpensive.

Printable Shopping Lists

Download and save or print these lists to help you plan your purchases during the Really Big SALE!


Fab Files

Punch & Supply Packs

Buddy Bags

Where you might get stuck sorting embellishments


Words and sentiments become a stumbling block because we tend to think of them as words, rather than as what the words say.  Generally words are specific - birthday wishes, family sentiments, travel & adventure...if the words you're attempting to sort don't have any attachment to a theme, sentiment or holiday - create a section in your Themes and Sentiments section that is labeled WOW - Words of Wisdom.

Organize stickers, embellishments Totally Tiffany
Organize scrapbooking supplies by color. Totally-Tiffany

Not sure about The Rainbow?

One of the biggest challenges crafters have with embellishments is abandoning the common idea that embellishments should be stored with like items - all brads together, all flowers together... If you're struggling with embracing The Rainbow - read 5 Reasons to embrace the embellishment rainbow, it will help you turn your pile of embellishments into a pot of gold.


There is no category in organization called miscellaneous.  Miscellaneous is the opposite of organization.  If you find yourself trying to create a miscellaneous category while you're sorting embellishments, it's time to take a break.  That's your brain saying, "I'm tired of making decisions."  If you want to learn more about why this happens - read Kelly McGonigal's book - The Willpower Instinct.

How to organize scrapbooking supplies by theme with Totally-Tiffany.

Would you prefer more step-by-step instruction and details?

If you'd prefer to watch a longer class and get more details?  Watch my previously recorded class - Get Organized Challenge - Embellishment Organization.  In the video, I'll take you step-by-step through the process and talk about storage options as well. You'll also find printable class handouts and additional links and information on that same page.

Thanks so much for joining me for this short 4 week Plan to be Organized series.  If you want to be sure you're getting updates about the series and the Really Big Sale! -  join our email list - sign up now.

Happy Crafting,

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