What Kind of Beer is Blue Moon?

There are many different brands of beer as well as styles of beer. With 300,000 brands and 19,000 breweries worldwide, that information can leave anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed in trying to figure out what beer is what! There is such an in-depth variety now of brown ale, pale ale, lagers, and stouts – it can be hard to keep track of them all. Blue Moon beer, in particular, is instantly recognizable to almost everyone. This is primarily due to the signature orange slice atop every glass, and the Blue Moon logo on the bottles and cans. Although we can recognize this beer instantly, what kind of beer is a Blue Moon?

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style wheat ale that is actually American-made. Belgian-style wheat ales usually consist of malted beers with fruity and yeast flavors. Blue Moon beer, however, is not from Belgium. It has been brewed in North America since the mid-’90s.

All About Blue Moon Beer and the Blue Moon Brewing Co.

The ever famous Belgian-style wheat ale comes in a beautifully decorated glass bottle that features a blue moon, of course, and in some designs, a surrounding blue and white forest with tons of trees. (This design is usually seen on the Canadian version: Belgian Moon which debuted in 2016). The words Blue Moon are spread across over the moon background leaving an unforgettable logo imprinted on all of us.

The Blue Moon beer brand as founded by the MillerCoors Company. They operate under the name Blue Moon Brewing Co.

One of the most popular beers from Blue Moon Brewing Co. is the Blue Moon Belgian White. Blue Moon is famous for their Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, but they offer a variety of brews including pale ale, limited releases, and seasonal collections like Harvest Pumpkin Ale, or Caramel Apple Spiced Ale, that are usually offered in 12 oz bottles.

Blue Moon Brewing Co. also offers other interesting brews like Blue Moon Mango Wheat and Blue Moon Honey Wheat beer to its loyal customers. Blue Moon Brewing Co. was established in 1995 and has introduced over new 25 beers since its start. With such popularity, their beer must taste extraordinary. But what does Blue Moon beer actually taste like? You may think that it tastes like an orange, but that’s not exactly right.

What does Blue Moon Beer Taste Like?

Blue Moon Brewing Co. suggests that the Blue Moon Belgian White is, “A wheat beer brewed with Valencia orange peel for a subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma.”

With that being said, don’t expect your beer to taste like oranges or orange juice! The beer is certainly brewed with orange peel for extra aroma and flavor, but it’s not going to taste like a fresh orange. It is going to taste like beer of course, but with only a small hint of the citrus taste. Many people describe Blue Moon as being a great medium-heavy-bodied beer and suggest always adding an orange slice to the beer to enhance the flavor.

The orange slice idea came into play when Brewmaster, Keith Villa, made it his mission to pair orange slices with the beer instead of lemon or limes (which many bars were doing way back in the 90s!). It took Keith several years to get the orange slice implemented across the nation. Some may think that is uncanny, but as a brewmaster, the fate of Blue Moon Belgian White was up to him!

In 1995, before the name Blue Moon was in existence, Keith Villa developed, “Bellyside Belgian”. That was the original name of the Blue Moon beer when they first started out. By 2009 Blue Moon would become the “largest” craft beer company in the United States (Vinepair.com, 2018).

What is Blue Moon Beer Made Of?

What is Blue Moon Beer Made Of?

Blue Moon beer is a favorite among many people because of its special ingredient selection. Blue Moon beer is made with orange peel, coriander, oats, white wheat, and malted barley. While you are enjoying a night out on the town, it’s common for bartenders to serve Blue Moon beer in a large beer glass accompanied by a fresh orange slice.

Brewmasters, bartenders, and bar-goers alike suggest that adding the orange slice helps to bring out the complete flavor of the Blue Moon beer. Prior to Blue Moon beer being served at bars across the country, oranges were not commonly paired with alcoholic beverages.

Where does Blue Moon Come From?

Blue Moon beer is from North America. The MolsonCoors company is responsible for creating the Blue Moon beer that we know and love today. Since 2016, the Blue Moon Brewery has been operating in the Rino District of Denver, Colorado. Blue Moon beer has gained admiration all over the world and is even exported to Europe.

MolsonCoors Beverage Co. has ranked at No.2 on the Top 50 Overall Brewing Companies List after a 2020 analysis.

MolsonCoors is behind big-name craft beers and beverages like Old Style Pilsner, Pilsner Urquell, Arnold Palmer Spiked, Leinenkugel’s, Mickey’s, Blue Moon, and Redd’s Wicked just to name a few! According to a United States Historical Brewery Count, there are 8,884 breweries in operation which is 4,753 more since the first breweries opened hundreds of years ago. In 1873 there were only 4,131 breweries in the United States. By the year 1932, there were 0, due to the National Prohibition era which lasted from 1920-33.

What Beers Taste Like Blue Moon ?

Beers that Taste Like Blue Moon - Hoegaarden

Blue Moon is a medium to heavy-bodied white ale that has hints of fresh citrus and spice.

It is not as strong or intense as other beers. It is, according to beer drinkers, easy to drink and just as easy on the pockets as well. Some believe that since the Blue Moon beer has a fruity element and taste that it is a “girly” beer. I wouldn’t necessarily call it girly, but I like to think of it as having more of a fresh taste than a hard and concentrated beer. The citrus and crisp taste of Blue Moon has proven successful in the world of beer for well over 20 years now.

Everyone has their preferences, and if you like Blue Moon beer, chances are you will like other Belgian-style white ales too!

Shock-Top Belgian White Ale is similar to Blue Moon in the fact that it is brewed with orange peel, but it also has hints of lemon and lime peels!

With a 5.0% ABV, Allagash White, brewed in Portland, Maine is another white ale lover’s favorite.

Hoegaarden is an unfiltered Belgian White brew that is flavored with coriander and orange peel, creating a sweet & sour taste.”

Is Blue Moon an IPA or Lager?

The traditional Blue Moon beer is a Belgian-style white ale, as mentioned previously. However, Blue Moon Brewing Co. has offered IPA-style beer and Lagers. Currently, Blue Moon offers a White IPA which according to the brewing co. themselves is “paired well with, “Bold, flavorful seafood dishes, spicy Mexican food, and strong cheeses such as sharp cheddar and blue cheese.” In the past, one of the lagers that the Blue Moon Brewing Co. put on shelves was the Brewer’s Select Mexican Lager.

What is the Alcohol Content of Blue Moon?

The alcohol content of Blue Moon Beer is 5.4% which is very standard for most types of beer. The average alcohol content of beer across the United States is 5%. In some cases, Blue Moon beer may have less alcohol content depending on where you are purchasing the beer.

In Utah for example, Blue Moon beers contain about 4% alcohol content per a standard 12 oz. drink. The reason for this is due to older laws that date back to the Prohibition era. Utah also has the least amount of alcohol drinkers in the United States due to the religious beliefs of over half the people who live there. Strong drinks are simply not a big part of their culture.

Final Thoughts – What Kind of Beer is Blue Moon?

Luckily, Blue Moon Brewing Co. offers a large selection of beer, so there is something for everyone. The company is far from uncreative with its brews, bottle designs, and variety of beers.  Some of the most intriguing selections they offer are Blackberry Tart Ale, Moon Haze, Peanut Butter Ale, Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout, and Pine in the Neck (which is quite a name if you ask me!). Pine in the Neck has a “Smooth bitterness with caramel malt and citrus notes” and even features a twist of juniper berries.

If you ever find yourself in Denver, be sure to visit Blue Moon Brewing Co. During your visit you’ll be able to see their “state of the art brewery”, and their restaurant which serves over 20 rotating taps!

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