What Moms Really Want This Mother’s Day

Okay dads and loved ones, this Mother's Day, there's no excuse. You've got nothing but time. You can create a plan and make Mother's Day special--even if the family is stuck at home. And moms, if you're reading this, you can drop some not so subtle hints or prioritize self-care on your own come Sunday, May 10--because you deserve it.

US Foods recently surveyed more than 2,000 moms across America to better understand exactly what they want from their families this Mother's Day. Turns out that despite being sheltered in place, 45 percent of moms still want to spend quality time with their families; most prefer special activities--movie and game nights, outdoor play time, picnics--over gifts. Although, for the record, this year, the most desired present is a gift card for a post-lockdown experience. 

While you can't go anywhere exciting quite yet (but yes, we'll take all the gift cards!), you can still plan an amazing day. And that starts with sleeping in--48 percent of moms surveyed say that getting some extra morning zzz's is their top priority.

So how else do moms want to spend the day at home? Here are more results and ideas!

 Breakfast in Bed (72%) 

A little pampering goes a long way. This year, moms want to sleep in and then get served something delicious in bed. Homemade French toast and handmade cards will make this holiday a cozy, plush celebration. 

Takeout or Delivery from a Restaurant (53%)

What mom  is not tired of preparing every single meal? If you've been stusck at home for the past six weeks, you've made approximately 120 meals--and that's if everyone eats the same things. (Raise your hand if you're a short order cook?) This, of course, doesn't include all the snacks. Moms are over doing dishes and done with cooking. This Mother's Day, moms deserve a night off and a delicious meal that someone else made for her.

Going Somewhere Outdoors (39%) 

Moms want to get fresh air with the people they love. This can be challenging during this period of social distancing, but if it's safe to go for a hike or a walk, then some Vitamin D will do the whole family some good. 

Reading (38%)

Me-time is hard to come by these days. But one thing is for sure: moms deserve a moment (or, rather, many moments) to unwind and relax. Reading with a cup of tea or a glass or rosé is a simple pleasure that can make the day a total win.

Video Chat With Family and Friends (48%)

Traditional parties are a thing of the past--at least for now. Spend some quality time (virtually) with the people you love and miss this Mother's Day. Moms need to connect with their village--because we really all are in this together.

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