Written Monthly Astrology February 2020 – An energy boost!

Written Monthly Astrology February 2020 – An energy boost!


Take that show-stopping next step

Work your bodaciousness

Actions define your love path!

We start the month with the Mercury retroshadow beginning in your 11th on the 2nd. But the actual retroactive period takes place after Mercury has moved into your 12th on the 17th. It will then back into your 11th again next month. What is this all about? Secrets and hidden truths. You simply don’t know what is going on. In fact, take it that you know less than Jon snow. Wait before jumping to conclusions now and acting as there is more information set to emerge.

When it comes to love and attraction however, it may be hard to resist the impulse to leap in this Leap Year month! Venus sashays into your 1st on the 7th and joins with punk rocker Chiron on the 9th. This comet has been associated with healing soul wounds as well as making that outrageously daring move. In fact, often we carry soul wounds simply because we feel we are unable to act the way we should. This happens the same day as the full Moon in your 5th. Maybe a little fabulising yourself and daring to be seen is the healing tonic you need? We all need love and attention to thrive. It’s like food and water. It’s not selfish it’s a necessity. Suppression and repression – simply not your style Aries. Be bodaciously you especially when it comes to attracting someone’s attention. That on-line dating profile for instance or that opening line be it a work pitch or one of the heart.

Working your own special power is your key to attraction this month. This comes from the creativity of both Venus and Ceres in your 11th. On the 11th they align and give you the ability to make a showstopping move in business or even in your personal life. It’s aligned to one of your long term goals and the way could just open for you to reach it now. Connecting with a larger audience or kindred spirits. The world sparkles along with you, Aries. Get attracting.

Mars enters your house of ambition on the 16th but before you pull out all the stops with that career move, please remember Mercury heads retro the very next day. It doesn’t matter which house it does this in, it is simply not a good time to look for a new job or pitch for fresh business. You can however recontact those you have done business with or approached in the past for work. Finish off outstanding projects and revise your CV or that pitch but wait to send it winging out there until next month if you can. If you have come to the conclusion that others – especially bosses, managers, VIP’s or people of influence, see you in a certain way, and you would like to change this, now is the time to craft your relaunch professionally. Mars along with the Mercury retro can press the reset button on that professional image or status.

You can craft this or work behind the scenes planning that next big move aided by the Sun (19th) and new Moon (23rd) in your hidden 12th. Super secret moves or ambitions you are not yet ready to roll our and reveal to the world can be worked on now. Or after the intense socialising of the first two weeks of this month, you may now feel the need to go within, unplug and recharge. This is of course, your soul clearing time in preparation not just for your new cycle next month but what I am calling the Now Age of Aquarius which also begins in March. Don’t fight it if you now feel you need time alone to read, walk in nature, meditate or just get in touch with your inner compass in preparation for what comes next.

This is of course a Leap Year so no Leap Year forecast would be complete without a mention of love. Sometimes this can be what you love to do as love extends into business and professional alliances – when they are the right ones that is! Finding your niche or place is also about love expressed in a different way. With that Merc retro it may not be a good time to start something new, but what it is a good time for is to make a lasting promise during the final week of February. Now, this may be to an existing relationship or path as ruler Mars opposes the North Node in your 4th on the 25th. The very same day as Venus in your 1st opposes Juno in Venus’s ruling 7th. This is a promise or commitment you are making which says you are playing for keeps now. This can be to a current relationship or working alliance. Or it can be the promise between you and the universe that now is the time when you commit to seeking something real and better.

The 28th sees a tight ‘now or never’ angle appear between Venus and Pluto in your 10th. It tells of a transformation to your path, title, professional or personal status. No matter what form this takes, it tells the world you are in – or out, for good. This in turn sends a powerful message to others in how they see you. Someone who takes love and what they want to achieve or be known for, seriously. Whether you are projecting that inner Rockstar or that force to be reckoned with professionally this month, expect the world to sit up and take notice, Aries.

In a nutshell: You are on show this month, Aries. Every step you take and certainly, the commitments you make, send a powerful message. It’s time to get the world to sit up and take notice. In all the right ways via all the right moves.



When the going gets tough – the tough get Taurus!

Impossible possibilities get possible

Work a little magical reconnectivity

The intense planetary weather in your 9th has been about travel, learning, exploration and a new sense of freedom, Taurus. It remains in effect due to the presence of Jupiter which rules this house of your chart, in here for the majority of 2020. However, if you are travelling now please double check your journey and allow extra time to reach your destination as Mercury retroshadow begins on the 2nd and the planet of movement, communication and getting around throws a full reverse from the 17th.

Mars’s entry into your 9th from the 16th can have you hurtling out the door in your desire to explore or simply get where you are going. Please try to look before you leap as this combination can result in severe delays, missed connections and mistakes. Your 9th also rules the mass media and doing business with people overseas. Try to put off that big launch or project for now. If this cannot be helped, then please get several pairs of eyes checking things before they go out. Check contracts and the fine print carefully. This is also not the time to buy anything from a car to a horse.

Because Mercury retros in your 11th, this transit can see old friends and contacts reconnecting or you getting back in touch with them. Again, if this relates to big business plans or anything to do with publishing, the internet, lecturing, messaging or future plans, mine and also refine these now. The past, what you have done with it and people who formed part of it will be in focus as ruler Venus enters your 12th from the 7th. The 9th could bring you something you never thought possible. Consider the impossible a probability as Venus meets Chiron on the 9th – the same day as a powerful emotional tug occurs from the full Moon in its ruling 4th. This could take you back to a time in the past that was an emotional watershed for you. And the person you associate with this period could be in some way front and centrestage. As Venus and Ceres interact on the 11th, come from a place of deep, personal power if decisions are called for, rather than pure sentimentality. However, for some, this may be an opportunity to reclaim a dream or even a love (and this includes love for a place or path) you thought lost forever. What you cannot imagine happening – imagine that.

Make those magical reconnections as the Sun arrives in your 11th on the 19th and a new Moon appear in here on the 23rd. It’s a time for revival so if people have been on your mind lately, don’t wait. Take the initiative and reach out. Mars in your 9th angles to Uranus in your 1st on the 21st urging you to set in motion actions that lead to liberation and freedom for you. It’s not just a time to revive those friendships and other contacts, but a time to look at those goals you have allowed to lapse or go dormant. Remember, Mercury retro rules ‘re’ words. This includes reclaiming – your dreams in this instance as Mars opposes the North Node in your 3rd on the 25th. The same day as Venus opposes Juno in your 6th. This involves a lasting promise you have made. Perhaps to yourself or another. It could have you looking at it and seeing whether it still holds true for you. Or it could see you remembering a promise you made to yourself. And your need to keep that now. What you decide is binding – one way or another, but could simply re-commit you to a lost love or renew an existing one as Venus angles to Pluto on the 28th.

Travel, especially back to somewhere you have been in the past or have a strong past life connection to, may feature for some. If so, please keep those retro rules in mind. It’s Leap Year and even with Mercury retrograde, that doesn’t mean you can’t leap in or move forward now. This month sets the scene of your social life and for attaining those goals in the next 12 months. So, take a step back and reboot those elements of your past that make your heart soar. Sometimes we need to look back to head forward again, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Keep those soul promises you made to yourself. Maybe so long ago you forget them. The past is back in all the right ways and reminding you that the promises you made – especially the ones of the heart, need to be kept now.



Be the success story for the Now Era

Ditch those regrets and leave them behind you

Road-test that rockin’ personal evolution

With ruler Mercury in retroshadow at the start of the month, then you of all signs knows to obey the retro rules from the 2nd until it is direct once more and exited retroshadow. Full retrograde begins from the 17th in your 10th of career, reputation, public image and status. Do you need a re-branding? To be taken more seriously? Or to reinvent your career path or purpose? This retrograde favours all of these actions, especially when combined with the start of the Now Age of Aquarius in your 9th which also begins this month.

Freedom is on the agenda now. Events that occur allow you to achieve this while simultaneously fulfilling a bigger agenda. And changing how people see you all at the same time, Gemini. Re-launches, reboots, refocus and re-exploration of opportunities or paths you have allowed to lapse or simply not taken. It’s time to go back to head forward. Regrets? Have you noticed how that too is a ‘re’ word and one that Mercury retro favours. So, don’t have any that you take into this Now Age with you. Because its all about the brazen and the new, about daring and bringing visions into reality. If therefore, you are harbouring any regrets now, see if you can re-explore or reconcile with them. You need to be free of these one way or another in order to explore what is on offer for you now. Uranus in your 12th arching across to Ceres in your 9th could direct you along a missed path.

It’s time to bask in all your connections now – and to make new ones as Venus enters your 11th on the 7th. It could put you in touch with a group or an individual that is unique, stands out or is very different and on their own quest as Venus conjuncts Chiron in here on the 9th and trines Ceres in your 9th on the 11th. This is also your cue to rock who you really are and come out of hiding! If you have a unique idea, message or yes, even that look or personal brand you want to road test, now is the time to do so. The response you receive could set you on a new path or give you entrée into new and exciting social or professional circles. Please be aware however, that Venus in here points to the love to friends, of a group, cause, band or association or receiving support, benefits or opportunities via who you know. It is not about romantic love per se. If you enter into a love affair with someone you meet now, be prepared to end up really good friends. This is a time of kindred spirits – not of soul mates of the romantic variety!

This month’s full Moon on the 9th in your 3rd could bring you invitations or news but if it concerns business, then be prepared for things not to be settled for a while due to the retro period. Mars’s arrival in your 10th occurs the day before the retrograde begins. Mars in here gives us the confidence to aim higher and also to beat the competition in any professionally competitive situation. You are determined to win in other words, whether it is that job, pitch, promotion, client or just get your pint across. However, remember this is the start of the Now Age and also your image, profile and public and professional persona is coming under scrutiny like never before. So, what’s the best way to take action when it comes to success? The Now Age is all about people power. Power sharing and cooperation. There is no ‘I’ in team. Be seen as a pro-active collaborator and team player now. Yes, you can further your own ambitions and establish something for yourself. But ask yourself how this fits within the bigger picture. How does your success and progress benefit the whole? Come from this position and you will be seen as a winner.

The focus this month and for the next 2.5 years will be squarely on your status, title and reputation so guard this. Even if you do not work, you will be judged by your actions and what you stand for – or those of your partner as your 10th rules their status in life too. Some of you may see changes come in via changes to their career or position now. Or your relationship status may change which in turn impacts on how you are regarded and seen. The 19th marks the start of this focus as the Sun arrives in your 10th on the same day that Jupiter in your 8th points to an opportunity creating change as it aligns to Neptune in here. You may have to make an effort to make this most of this one. But this could see many of you identifying a new path or missed opportunity which has eluded you until now. Again, this could even link to something you regretted not following up on before.

The new Moon in your 10th on the 23rd is all about owning your path forward from here on in. It asks you to look at how far you have come emotionally. There’s a new sureness and maturity you can bring to your relationships and in showing others how serious you can be when it comes to those goals and what you have to offer. Mars sits in its ruling 8th in your chart and opposes the North Node in your money zone. For some, this could literally translate to you stepping into a cycle of serious success in terms of your money, possessions, assets, home and the rewards you are given for what you do. Are you ready to handle a new kind of empowerment and success story?

Goals and dreams will be re-awakened now and some of you could recommit to then or even to something bigger than you – something all-encompassing and world changing in fact. The start of the Aquarian Now Age is all about bands, people, groups, clubs, associations and being a part of something rather than apart from it. As is creative ideas that fire up the collective. Juno is the asteroid that rules marriage and long term commitments we make – be they to people, organisations, paths or yes, that goal. Venus in your 11th opposition Juno in your 5th on the 25th is all about this promise or pledge that you make to something. Or even again to someone. Your ruler may be retrograde but this does cover reconciliations with past lovers. Venus also asks Pluto in its ruling 8th on the 28th to honour a promise for change in a situation that needs to transform – for the better. You’re either 100% in now (or need to know the other party is) or you are out for good. Whatever one it is, this frees you from any past regrets. Leap on into the power to change your world – and your path within it, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury heads retrograde. And reconnects you to those ambitions. All the right moves could be ones you need to salvage from your past. Reset your capacity for success this month, Gemini.



Ready for a new kind of double act?

What is shared with you reflects your true worth

Do you dare make the first move?

Have a Plan B – and back-up plans C thru to possibly Z if travelling especially long distances this month. Mercury which rules getting about, retrogrades in your house of foreigners and long haul flights from the 17th. So, Mercury’s capacity to create mayhem will be magnified. Confirm all connections before departure. At both ends of your journey. Extreme weather could delay some so please, check it at your destination. This is also your house of doing business overseas – again, check contract details and if you can, put off signing or entering into purchases with people far away unless it cannot be helped. Launching legal proceedings is also not favoured as this is also your house which rules the law.

Travelling back somewhere you have visited in the past should prove less problematic however. The Sun will enter your 9th from the 19th and you have a new Moon in here on the 23rd. This would normally point to travel, expansion and opportunity. By all means, plan for this but try to put off big launches or that trip until next month if you can. You may also during this retro cycle, enter into negotiations involving you and another especially around joint accounts, marital assets, mortgages, loans, your salary and anything shared with or by you. Refinancing or re-negotiating existing terms does get a green light with Mercury backwards.

You have experienced unprecedented intensity and focus on relationships and partnerships of all descriptions. Due to this, some of you may be navigating changes around your marriage, live-in lover, your relationship status or even a business, collaborative or working relationship – or even that opponent. This is all connected to your public status, your title and how the world sees you. You have the opportunity to change this and step into a brand new cycle of empowerment as the focus begins to shift this month from you and another as in ‘me and you’ – to you as you appear to others. Whether single or settled, expect a new dynamic to emerge now as Venus enters your 10th on the 7th enhancing your reputation and raising your stock value both personally and professionally.

Dare to make a move that gets you noticed or ask for something that you would have hesitated over in the past on the 9th. Venus meets Chiron in here while you have a full Moon in Venus’s ruling 2nd on your chart. This is all about knowing your true value and worth and stating your terms around it. Remember, this may not involve actual money – although this may play a role, but be around how you expect to be treated in a relationship. A new deal could be on the table as a result on the 11th when Venus and Ceres in your 8th align.

We are now heading into what I am calling the Now Age of Aquarius. For you this will follow on from this intense focus on your relationships and their status. Where whether you are coupled up or single (or back on the market again), you will live by a new set of values and a new sense of self-worth. That’s something which pays dividends across all areas of your life, Cancer. You will also feel the confidence that comes from knowing you are in charge of the direction your life is headed in during this cycle. It’s time for deep personal change and much of this is going to revolve around your interactions with what makes you feel worthwhile and your sense of personal power when it comes to making changes.

First however, Mars enters your 7th from the 16th while on the 19th, Jupiter also in this house aligns to Neptune in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. This could hand some of you the opportunity to reach for a higher solution around love, or go off in search of freedom to find that. You are also benefitting from Uranus in its ruling 11th. Fabulous new friendships can be forged now with the potential for perhaps being more than ‘just friends’. There’s a strong sense of fate and timing around who you meet and who goes in and out of your life towards the end of the month as Mars opposes the North Node in your 1st on the 25th. Understand what begins or ends now has its own schedule which was agreed by you and the other party before you got here. Something which has its roots back 19 or even 38 years ago depending on your age, could come full circle or seem very familiar. It’s time to choose and in choosing, close a karmic circle. This is Mercury retrograde working for you as you have faced this before in some way.

This Leap Year promises changes to your relationship status or the beginning of something which has the potential to do this in the future, your job title, how others see you and your living arrangements. All thanks to Venus acting as your personal PR agent in your 10th. It opposes Juno in you 4th and squares Pluto in your 7th on the 25th and 28th respectively. This is all about changes around big commitments and lasting promises. In or out for the long haul in other words. Try to avoid signing on the dotted line if you can but making that soul promise – you’re certainly in charge of that and need no Plan B to say ‘I do’ if only to freedom and self-empowerment– one way or another this Leap Year, Cancer.

In a nutshell: It’s all about the double dynamic still, Cancer. Duos of all kinds feature. New connections could have long term implications. Make a promise and close the circle of destiny this month.



Claim that bigger love experience

Make a winning move out of that comfort zone

Get ready to roar!

What or who is it you are seeking, Leo? There’s a new dynamic entering your life and it involves you and at least one other party now. Who or what this is or involves should be apparent from the vey start of the month thanks to Mercury’s starting its retroshadow in your 7th of partners and close relationships. Just who is on your mind, Leo? This focus peaks on one particular connection or association at the time of the 9th and the full Moon in your 1st. Remember, full Moons reflect their light back into the house opposite to the one they appear in. Yes, it’s all intensely personal. But it’s about you and someone else. Bear in mind this could be a working relationship or even a close friend as these all come under the rulership of your 7th house.

Venus is the natural ruler of this house and arrives in your 9th on the 7th. You also have a big shift occurring simultaneously as planets which have been causing such intense focus recently on your work, routine and wellbeing, begin to shift into your 7th. There’s going to be a love revolution occurring for you over the next 2.5 years or longer, Leo. And this month marks the start of this. You may be seeking a bigger love experience or want something or someone different to the kind of relationships you have had in the past. Something that allows you to shine and above all, roar. Taking a bold step towards this or even suggesting something different to someone is favoured by both Venus and Chiron conjunct on the 9th and Venus sextile ceres in Venus’s 7th on the 11th. Also, being proud of your partner or even your working relationships is a requisite for you. Do you have this? Mercury retro in your 8th will have you scrutinising this closely.

Of course, the usual Merc Retro rules apply during the retroshadow and the full retrograde which begins in your 8th on the 17th. Venus is in your 9th which rules long distance travel. Unless you are heading back to somewhere you have visited before, you need to allow extra time and have a contingency if heading overseas during the Merc Retro cycle. Also, use caution with lovers discovered at a distance on the internet. All may not be as it – or rather they, seem.

This is preparation time for new beginnings and opportunities around partnerships for you now but there are still adjustments and work to be done around your wellbeing and daily routine – that day job in other words and your 6th. This is of course, Mercury’s ruling house in your chart. So, further adjustments are very much in favour. You just have a few weeks left of work-focussed intensity in here before this weather breaks up for good. Ensure you don’t jump at the obvious solution or else rush to do things with Mars in here from the 16th as combined with the Mercury retro this can lead to mistakes with your work – or even accidents if you are in too much of a hurry.

However, what this also hands you are definitive answers when it comes to hidden truths that may be impacting on your health or wellbeing. Mars opposition the North Node in your 12th on the 25th exposes what could be a long term pattern which is having a less than beneficial effect on your overall ability to be your usual shining self. Now you see who or what this is – you can change it. It’s not just that Merc backwards which is going to allow you to do this, but your ruler the Sun now in your 8th from the 19th and an emotionally change creating new Moon in here on the 23rd. You know on a deep inner level that things must now change. And you must be your own agent of this and act to bring this about.

This is of course a Leap Year and as February ends you could receive news that requires you jump out of that comfort zone (a.k.a. What Keeps You Trapped), and take a chance on a new direction. This could involve business or a work/learning potential which not just hands you an opportunity but banishes those energy drains for keeps. Venus in your 3rd opposes Juno ruler of those long term promises you need to make and keep (if only to yourself) on the 25th. The information or news you receive could directly relate to that Mars/North Node expose I mentioned earlier. On the 28th, Venus will square Pluto in your 6th which could see you make a decision to go for something which totally transforms that wellbeing dynamic for good. You’re heading towards what feels good as a result. Leap back into the flow of life, Leo!

In a nutshell: The Now Age of Love is just around the corner for you, Leo. And this month offers you the dress rehearsal. Time to get serious about what you want from love – or where success can take you in the future.



Get back to the future

Dare to find out what’s real

Second time’s the charm, Virgo!

Ruler Mercury beings its retroshadow in its ruling 6th from the 2nd. It will then move into your 7th of long term partnerships the next day and reverse into full retroactive mode on the 17th. I should not need to warn you that this will add up to an extra level of Merc Mayhem. Nor over-emphasise the point that this is not a good time to begin a new love affair nor business or work connection. Not unless you like reversals or not knowing where you stand that is.

Venus is also exiting its ruling 7th in your chart and entering your 8th on the 7th. It meets Chiron in here on the 9th – the same day as a full Moon appears in your house of secrets and hidden truths. Is there a connection that is simply no longer doing you any good? Or one where one party calls the shots all the time? This could well mean truth or consequences for any relationship but especially an intimate one, where things are imbalanced or it has simply been lived out. For others however – something you never dreamed possible regarding someone you work with or even have the hots for, could be all too real after all.

Blasts from the past could therefore feature. Second chances and reconciliations may be possible during the retro cycle especially when Jupiter in your 5th sextiles Neptune, ruler of the past and in your 7th, on the 19th. Revivals of past work or career potentials or renegotiating anything from that pay rise to that mortgage or loan is also favoured by the Venus/Ceres alignment on the 11th.

There’s simply a feeling of renewal occurring around what already exists for you this February. The Sun’s arrival in your 7th on the 19th shines on your closest personal ties. Your spouse or live in lover, that business partner or collaborator. The company or person you work for or with long term. That friend, activity partner or even that rival, opponent or enemy. The new Moon in here on the 23rd points to a new phase of relating. You could for instance, decide to take that existing union to the next level. You could reignite the passion and rediscover what drew you together in the first place. Working relationships could enter a fresh phase thanks to a new project or goal. And if we are talking about that opponent – choosing to buy out of your usual reaction to them could simply free you of the dynamic for keeps.

There’s a feeling around the final third of the month that echoes the vibe of the Judgement card in the Tarot. Something returning or being ‘raised up’ again. This could be a romance or a work opportunity. You could decide that letting go of something was a mistake and re-stake your claim on it. Mars in your 5th opposition the North Node in your house of the future brings back something from your past that is set to form the basis for your future. Venus in your 8th of rebirth opposes Juno in Venus’s ruling 2nd indicating you’re making a long term promise to something that is a reflection of your true worth and values on the 25th. The 28th could literally bring back someone or something – that lover, that deal on the table (remember the Retro Rules if so!) as Venus makes a tight angle to Pluto from its ruling 8th. For some this could be the opportunity to leap back into something you’ve always wanted or you see a path you thought was closed for good, re-open for you now. Is it time to leap back in? You’ll never know unless you try.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury is always about looking back to go forward again. Re-explore those missed opportunities around work – or love now. What returns may just feel brand new – with fresh outcomes on offer.



Explore the Realm of Improbability

Bring the love alive again

Where in the world calls to you?

Ruler Venus arrives in its ruling 7th in your chart on the 7th so it is time for dynamic duos of all descriptions. Benefits flow from who you know – or have known in the past. Time for a little bit of daring and outrageous love moves. Not just in your personal life but also around doing what you love and being rewarded and acknowledged for it. But there’s a past flavour to all of this due to Mercury beginning its retroshadow in your house of creativity, lovers and children from the 2nd.

Mercury enters its ruling 6th in your chart on the 3rd and will hit full reverse in here on the 17th. Remember your retro Rules: If Mercury retros in a ruling house in our charts, it’s capacity to create Mercury induced mayhem is increased – exponentially. Do bear this in mind. This is your house of health, routine and wellbeing so time to focus on that. This is also your house of work and details and the Devil is in them now. Please check and double check carefully anything you do or send out there.

During its retro cycle Mercury will back up into your 5th once more next month before heading forward again. Hence the emphasis on past loves. And this includes things you love to do, creative projects and hobbies. What and who you have loved. Hence, despite your ruler broadcasting love from your 7th, this all has a past element to it and in addition to the usual rules, you are advised not to start any new love affairs if you are seeking something lasting without complications right now.

The 9th is a day to be out and about or at least completely visible on-line or ‘out there’. It’s time to broadcast yourself, your talents and your dreams in a big way. This is the day Venus meets the object of impossibility – Chiron in your 7th and under the light of the full Moon in your 11th. What you thought unrealistic and way beyond the realms of the improbable, could be all too real now. Such as someone from the past re-entering your life or a missed opportunity door-knocking again.

This could literally turn your world upside down – but in a good way as the 11th sees Venus sextile Ceres in your 5th. You are now poised on the verge of a new age when it comes to romance, parenting (or relationships that could make you a parent, step-parent, foster parent or even grandparent!) and luck and success. If you have held a dream close – one that keeps your heart alight and beating, then the next 2.5 years could be set to reward you in ways you have not dreamed possible. This month marks the very beginning of this cycle as the planetary weather affecting your home, living arrangements, family, country, security and roots, begins to break up and change.

With Mercury retro it is not a good time to move unless you simply cannot help it now. Mercury of course rules all paperwork and this includes contracts, leases, mortgage agreements, sales, renting and even that removal truck! Mars’s entry into your 4th from the 16th gives you the impulsion to make changes around where you live. Renovating, redecorating or ruthlessly decluttering are favoured. But plan and research that actual move on from where you are rather than actually doing it at this time. The same goes for that new job. Update that CV and by all means recontact potential employers or recruiters you have approached in the past. You may in fact get a different answer this time around thanks to Jupiter’s angle to Neptune in your 6th on the 19th – the same day as the Sun arrives in here.

You also have a new Moon appearing in this house on the 23rd. Again, this points to a new phase with both working and wellbeing. Making changes to your diet, your exercise routine or even pushing forward with those plans for working from home or starting that side hustle will pay off next month. Especially if you have been thinking about doing this for some time. Days for switching up that diet or fitness regimen or putting the finishing touches to that future pitch, CV, website or blog you want to launch are the new Moon and also the 25th which is a red letter day for you in more ways than one.

This day sees Mars in your 4th oppose the North Node in your 10th of career status. Themes stretching back 19 years or even before that may appear especially around your path and sense of place and belonging. Decisions may be made about your future direction or just where in the world calls to you to put down roots. Even if you are waiting to enact them – now you know. You could be making a big promise now thanks to Juno in your 1st opposing Venus this very same day. This could have taken you a long time to arrive at this point. But take it that the choice you make now feels oh-so-right.

The feeling of relief and release into a new potential just tells you that the commitment you have made now is the right one. Don’t forget, commitments can take the form of choosing to go or leave as well as stay or go deeper in. If it’s right – there’s no need to fight and in fact, internal conflict disappears the moment you make the correct choice. There’s a feeling of coming home – if only to your true self on the 28th when Venus poses a question to Pluto in your 4th around where you belong, with who and doing what? Your decision settles this question. Leap into release and freedom to live where you love, doing what you love and with who you love, this Leap Year, Libra.

In a nutshell: Everything about those old loves is new again this February, Libra. This doesn’t just include those past lovers. But the things you love to do too. Making the right choice this time around – easy, Libra.



Say it again – and get a different answer

Time for a new you

Reclaim the love you’ve been waiting for

Mercury is about to retro in your romance zone from the 17th. Do I need to tell you that this is not a good time to go internet dating or even look for that new lover in more conventional ways, Scorpio? Mercury will be in retroshadow from the very start of the month in your 4th. It enters your 5th on the 3rd – and then will move back into your 4th again before heading forward once again.

What it is time to do is look closely at where you need to call home, your family or who feels like family to you and all your needs around security. You are on the cusp of what I am calling the Now Age of Aquarius now. This will begin in earnest next month. Just call this month laying the groundwork for that thanks to Ceres already in your 4th.

Move towards an increased sense of everyday wellbeing and working that day job or routine in radically new ways now. Venus moves into your 6th – Mercury’s ruling house, on the 7th and meets Chiron in here on the 9th. You may take a radical new approach to diet or exercise now. As well as looking closely at that day job and seeing if it truly offers you the fulfilment you seek. With the ruler of this house in retroshadow again, this is not a good time to look for a new job. Rather use your time to adjust, revise your CV and plan for those changes next month. Certainly in terms of how you feel you are recognised and rewarded for what you do, the full Moon in your 10th of long term career shows you if you are valued or even if your path still has meaning for you. What’s your take-out from what you do? You could be looking at more than just a pay cheque now but how what you do makes you feel within.

Try to wrap up any work matters, projects, pitches or interviews around this time. The days immediately prior to Mercury hitting full reverse could see you bringing something work-related to a successful conclusion thanks to Venus making a wonderful angle to Ceres in your 4th on the 11th. Then – take a step back despite the desire to push forward when ancient ruler Mars arrives in your 3rd on the 16th. You’ve conviction and confidence in all you say, share, write or communicate now. You have both rulers ancient and modern in this house so the urge to push forward with those business or work plans may be strong. But try to resist it when it comes to embarking on anything new as this again is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart and it retrogrades the very next day. However, if you need to ‘say it again’ in any way – reapproach, repeat, relaunch – a new way of saying this could lead to you reclaiming the results you should have seen the first time!

The Sun moves into your 5th from the 19th and it’s now time to focus on love with a past flavour. How’s your inner child? Is it time to reparent yourself by getting back in touch with your playful side? Again, please remember especially around the time of the new Moon in here on the 23rd, now is not the time for a new romance unless you love complications. Reunions and reconciliations, renewing avenues of joy and pleasure, reclaiming elements of your past that evoked freedom and play – begin these again now. Especially if life has felt a little bit too seriously lately.

Uranus planet of revolution and also your connections sits in your 7th and aligns to Mars on the 23rd making this an important day if you are seeking a new beginning with someone from your past. Or even a work project that allows you to shine. The 25th offers a future determining piece of news or idea as Mars opposes the North Node in your 9th of learning, opportunity and freedom. You could be offered a new path which stems from the past. You may even depending on your age, have faced a choice like this before. 19 years ago to be exact. The direction that opens up to you in the present could even be linked to that time. If this feels familiar on some level – the Nodes are linked to karma and destiny, what did you choose back then? You have the opportunity to change the outcome and your direction by making a different one now.

Venus could help highlight your choice as it opposes Juno in your 12th on the 25th. You will see all too clearly why you made certain choices and also the long term consequences of them as this is your house of the past and your secret destiny. This could simply allow you to make the choice that breaks you free of a long term cycle. What you commit to, agree too, say yes or ‘I do’ too – or even ‘I no longer do’ will stay with you for a long time to come (no pressure, Scorpio!). So think in the long term before leaping. However, Venus’s angle to contemporary ruler Pluto on the 28th says your choice is the alchemy you need to transform your path from here on it. The Now Age is almost here. Get ready to rise again, phoenixes!

In a nutshell: Long term moves can be made so think future before leaping in, Scorpio. New beginnings leap from something you started in the past. Or an old love is renewed. Commit for real this time around.



Work that Love Mojo

What calls you home?

Fate fans the flames of a past passion

Venus in your fabulous 5th from the 7th adds up to just one thing – you have the love mojo now, Sag! Is there nothing you wouldn’t do for love – or in pursuit of something you love doing, now? That’s right. Nothing. So, make that move on the 9th as Venus and Chiron meet in here and let go of caring about what others may think or the outcome. It’s time to embrace the freedom of being true to your heart’s desire now. And head towards it under the light of the full Moon in your 9th on the 9th.

Epic journeys towards love can be taken now. But there’s a caveat on this due to Mercury entering its retroshadow in its ruling 3rd on the 2nd. The retrograde will actually begin in your 4th on the 17th. Over the following three weeks, Mercury will head back into its ruling 3rd once again before heading direct. Remember, Mercury retro or starting retroshadow in a ruling house usually results in an extra level of retrospective madness. Consider yourself forewarned on this.

Is there anywhere you want to move back to or return to even for a visit? Somewhere you love which ignites your soul fire? Consider you have a green light to go there or at the very least plan to do so under this retrograde. Ruler Jupiter throws its considerable weight behind anything to do with revisiting past places you have loved or even relocating back to them as it aligns to Neptune in your 4th on the 19th. This is the same day as the Sun arrives in here plus the new Moon follows on the 23rd. This is of course the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. The new Moon in our 4th offers one of the most important new beginnings of the year for us. A chance to take our lives in a new, and more emotionally satisfying direction. With Mercury retro in here this is all linked to an emotional tie from our past – and possibly even a past life. It’s time to answer the call of what is drawing you back to it. Where or what is that? It’s a part of who you are and your story Sag – both the past, present and now the future chapter.

Mars joins Jupiter in your 2nd from the 16th of the month. When it comes to ways to earn extra cash – which is what Mars in here always has us looking at, mine resources from your past for now due to Mercury fully retrograde from the very next day. Resist the impulse buy – this will not turn out to be the bargain you think it is now. It is a very good time to conduct a talent and skills audit however as Mars trines Uranus in your 6th on the 21st. What do you have to offer you can use or utilise in new ways? Can you sell yourself in more effectively than you have done in the past? Or re-activate a second potential income stream you may have allowed to lapse? Jupiter wants you to have access to more resources during its year long stay in here. Planting new seeds in ground that has grown fallow could just bring you this.

As could showcasing your past efforts around what it is you do which makes you extra special again. Fall in love with what you can do and share this during the final week of Feb. The day of the new Moon sees Venus and Jupiter asking you give something one more try – just because you love doing it. And let go of what you think may happen. The results or attention you receive may be reward enough. Although there may be far more than that on offer.

The final week of Feb is a Leap Year week. What do you have to propose now Sag? Even if this is just a promise you are making to yourself? It could revolve around your relationship to your money, assets, possessions and yes, where and who you live with. This may even involve looking at your family’s financial karma and what you have inherited from this. Your thoughts and beliefs around money could have seen you re-living a story that isn’t actually yours. You have the chance to change this by making an investment in a new set of beliefs as Mars opposes the North Node in your 8th on the 25th. For some this could involve being ‘drawn back’ to their roots or even an inheritance or pay out of some description if you are now in credit with the Bank of Karma.

Venus rules your 2nd of course and also on the 25th opposes Juno in your 11th. Juno rules lasting commitments. Someone may have a proposal for you which is to your ultimate benefit and this could see them sharing anything from their time, expertise, contacts or even other resources with you. This could be someone who you have come to realise is an ‘asset’ to you or whose support you can ‘bank on’ in some way. Venus also reaches across to Pluto on the 28th. As Pluto is in Venus’s house, Venus rules the day here. Feeling powerful when it comes to handling or generating your money, being offered access to ways to earn or create more of it, or power players opening the doors to the vault for you, could see you changing your relationship with what you have, earn or could acquire for good. This could simply all flow from you getting back in touch with where you need to be – and what you love to do. Call this interest paid forward, Sag.

In a nutshell: Mercury retro has us going back over old ground. But in your case reconnecting with something from your past, offers you a fresh direction. Past loves including those people and places that are part of you, take on new beginnings.



You’re both the firebrand – and the eternal flame, Capricorn!

Don’t put off the changes you know need to be made

Be sure of the facts before you make that big leap

You are the firebrand of the zodiac still, Capricorn. Mars’s entry into your 1st mid-month sees you ready to continue to inspire and blaze a trail when it comes to empowering change in your life. However, be aware that the time of intense focus on deeply personal issues and your relationships is now drawing to a close. It is therefore time to enact whatever changes that still need to be completed. Mars in your 1st says hesitation or even procrastination, is well and truly over. Do it, do it now – or forget about it for good.

Contracts, paperwork, agreements and money matters are about to become front and centre too. Mercury’s retroshadow begins in your 2nd on the 2nd but the full retrograde commences in your 3rd on the 17th. Your 3rd is Mercury’s ruling house so you need to think of those Retro Rules as carved into stone tablets now. And check them for typos. This is not a time to enter into new agreements or sign paperwork or contracts relating to any fresh arrangements unless you simply cannot delay. Reversals, delays or reneging on the terms are likely. Or if you do go ahead, you may discover further down the track that there were T&C’s you were not aware of. Read the fine print if you cannot delay your signature and get a professional opinion if necessary. Mercury retro mayhem can include starting a new job only to discover that the job you are expected to do doesn’t match the description, discovering clauses buried deep in that fine print or simply something being sold to you that is misrepresented or not up to scratch. That new car, phone, computer or domestic appliance being likely culprits here.

Venus enters your 4th of home, roots, family and security on the 7th. It also meets Chiron in here on the 9th – the same day as the full Moon appears in your 8th. You may make big and possibly unexpected decisions around your living arrangements or even your career now. Again, keep those retro roles in mind but this relates to anything you know you need to finish or have put off tackling. Especially if it involves family members or someone you live with. Emotionally you know you just need to finish this now. This full Moon tells you – get it done.

You are poised on the edge of this big shift which will truly begin for you next month. It’s another reason not to put off doing what you know needs to be done. The seeds for this new beginning are already being planted thanks to Ceres in here. Something with the ability to sustain you in the future could be set in motion or revived once more as Venus and Ceres align in what is Venus’s ruling house on the 11th.

The 19th sees the Sun enter your 3rd and Jupiter in your 1st combine with Neptune to bring you news. Be aware however you need to fact-check what arrives due to Mercury now in full retrograde form. Don’t jump to conclusions and if this involves a job offer or money, then be aware that nothing may be decided until the start of new month. But this does not mean what is on offer isn’t lasting and real. Mars in your 1st opposes he North Node in your 7th bringing a relationship full circle be this a professional or a personal one. You are in or out for good one way or another. Standing by the promises you make now as Venus in your 4th opposing Juno in your 10th establishes something lasting for you. What this is, is up to you and revolves around a personal transformation. The 28th sees Venus bring closure to a cycle as it binds in Pluto in your 1st. You’re tying up those loose ends – or should I say tying them off as this involves something that ties you or keeps you stuck. You’re released from it this Leap Year in order to move on. The Now Age approaches. This month primes you ready to enter it.

In a nutshell: Ready for new beginnings next month? This month paves the way as you tie up those loose ends once and for all, Capricorn. Deep down inside you know what needs to be done. Don’t put off those decisions this February.



Get ready for the Now Age

You are the difference

Take what’s relevant and reshape it to fit your future

Are you ready to be the centre of the universe, Aquarius? I only ask as February may bring your birthday season to a close for this year. But it also marks the point where you become the Warrior for the Now Age of Aquarius. All eyes will be on your sign and your planets in the sky over the next few years. It’s time to be focussed on the future now and what you want it to bring you.

The month sees Mercury start slowing in your 1st. The full retrograde will begin on the 17th in your 2nd which Mercury enters on the 3rd. Mercury will arrive back in your sign before heading forward again next month – just prior to the start of what I am calling the Now Age. This will allow you to look closely and refine what you want to do, achieve and above all, be known or seen for in the upcoming cycle. What do you feel you have to offer that is truly yours? Your trademark, hallmark, brand or stamp? Making your own mark in a wholly new and distinctive way on the world and the people you meet is going to be part of this Now Age. So, make any adjustments now especially around how you view your self-worth, talents, skills and experience.

Of course, the usual Retro Rules apply here but expect an intense personal focus which results in a possible relaunch for you sometime in March. This month has you planting the seeds for this – and then being prepared to wait. Who is coming with you into the Now Age? Conversations around partnerships, close relationships and the future of love or simply someone who is inescapably in your field of vision now, feature as Venus enters your 3rd from the 7th. Mercury rules this house but remember, it is still forward-going so this is also your opportunity to pitch that idea, shine at that interview or make your best impression. It also favours trying new tactics or a different approach as it meets Chiron on the 9th. This is the same day as the full Moon shines out in your 7th, reflecting its light back on you via a mirror held up by someone opposite you. Dare you suggest something new to them? Now is the time if so. Especially if you want love to stay fresh and relevant in the cycle to come.

What you truly need for this Now Age could be revealed thanks to Mars in your 12th from the 16th. This combined with that Mercury retro is sure to have you looking back at the past and then seeing each element of it in a new context. What once worked may no longer hold any meaning for you. Mars gives you the confidence to probe fearlessly into this and also, if you need to let anything go, allow you to do this in the knowledge that there is a season and a reason but never any blame. Your outlook is becoming more all-encompassing and universe as you see yourself in the grand scheme of things. What you need to take forward with you and what now needs to be relinquished. Key dates for this new, Now Warrior like approach include the 6th when ruler Uranus in your 4th angles to Ceres in your 1st, the 19th when Jupiter aligns to Neptune in your 2nd and asks whether something is holding you back or still aligned with your Now values and the 21 when Mars trines Neptune pointing the way towards a new cycle when it comes to living.

The Sun shifts out of your sign and on into your 2nd of money, those values I just mentioned, and your possessions, assets and what you feel you are worth. What’s your currency, Aquarius? You have a new Moon in here on the 23rd and this could be a great time to explore this. Remember, Mercury retro in here tells you to steer clear of new financial undertakings – i.e. taking out a fresh loan, credit card or launching that new money making venture. But it does support you in re-assessing what you can charge or command for your time and talents. As well as enabling you to look at your relationship to your money. Yes, you are in one and this can often determine the level of abundance in your life – from your cash to the love you have. Is it time to simply relate to this in a new way? Show that money a little love. Taking care of it simply translates to valuing yourself and what you have more.

Back to your Now Age. News from the past could show you what is still timely and relevant on the 23rd – the day the new Moon appears. The 26th could release you from a long term holding pattern that has held you back. Or which may have been repeating not just in your life but in your family history too as Mars opposes the North Node in your 6th. This day also sees Venus oppose Juno in your 9th. Juno rules marriage, commitment and promises we don’t undertake or break lightly. In your 9th of freedom this does not mean you cannot or would not give your heart or an ‘I do’. But it does mean that in order to do this, the promise you make allows you to continue to evolve, explore and grow. You know love does not restrict or confine. So, the promise you make is to freedom in love, one way or the other.

This is of course a Leap Year – the day where traditionally women could propose to men. In our modern era this simply now means anyone can suggest a new proposition to anyone else if they feel the time has come to change a relationship dynamic. Is there someone you want to ask to join you in your Now Age journey? It could just be time to pop that question or suggest an alternative ending when Venus squares Pluto in your 12th on the 28th. Remember, love needs to evolve along with us. Bliss happens when we find that special someone who evolves in their own way right along with us. If not, February releases you into a Now Evolution of infinite possibilities.

In a nutshell: Everyone’s talking about the new Age of Aquarius which starts next month. But the time to begin it is right now. Time to think about what this holds for you – especially in terms of love and abundance. Show the world that the Now Age begins with you.



Change your mind about what being a spiritual being in a material world entails

Ensure the outer you reflects those deep inner changes

Happy birthday, Pisces!

Happy birthday, Pisces! You are starting your new cycle with a wonderful feeling of increased optimism and self-worth thanks to Venus which leaves your 1st and enters its ruling 2nd on the 7th. Abundance and experiencing the sensual side of the material world is going to be your focus while Venus is in here. Above all, you need to jettison any ideas around money, assets and possessions not being ‘spiritual’. I am not talking of course about just having money and more ‘stuff’ for its own sake. But the simple truth that part of our experience in this material realm is understanding what money can and can’t buy us. And in enjoying the things it can.

Simply put – money buys you choices. Not things. And this is nothing to do with whether you prefer Louis Vuitton or Hermes either. Birkins aside, choice means simply having more than one option. Or none at all as in Hobson’s Choice. Your past choices are going to be under review during February. Especially during the time heading up to your birthday. You’ll be looking at what these cost and what they actually ‘bought’ you in terms of lasting happiness, love or experiences. Was this just a temporary rush or something lasting to treasure?

Mercury enters your 1st on the 3rd. As well as ruling what we say, communicate and how we get about, Mercury also rules our mind and intellect. Which is why it is associated with ideas. It will retrograde in your 1st on the 17th – just two days before the Sun arrives in your 1st. So, as it does, expect your new cycle to begin with your mind taking you back to those choices you have made. The thoughts you have had about what money does and doesn’t buy you and also, your ideas around it. The root of all evil? Hard to come by? Easy come, easy go? How about the ‘good’ things of life that money buys you? Yes, those choices. Denial is as much an imbalance as decadence. Too little as bad as too much. Where do you sit on this? Above all, what are your expectations?

We are poised on a new cycle for all of us. And for you it is going to involve balancing the material with the spiritual as never before. Experimenting with ways you can increase your income and shoring up that self-esteem if it is lacking see you daring to try something new or even ask for more than you have allowed yourself to have in the past. Courtesy not just of the Venus/Chiron meeting on the 9th, but also Venus and Uranus brokering you a new kind of deal based on those fresh inner values as they align to Ceres in your 12th on the 6th (Uranus square Ceres) and 11th (Venus sextile Ceres).

The full Moon in your 6th on the 9th shines back into your 12th illuminating whether something is actually worth the price for you. It’s asking whether it adds lasting value and meaning. This could be the time when you realise that ‘settling’ for something isn’t doing you any good at all. Or that the investment you have made in terms of time, love, money or simply your heart and soul, is too high a price to pay. If you discover something truly isn’t worth it now, don’t be afraid to cash in and reinvest all you have to offer in something new instead.

Reinvention, image updates, make-overs and relaunches may feature as the new Moon appears in your 1st on the 23rd. Mercury retrograde is all about renewal when it comes to how others see you – and how you see yourself or want to be seen. The Now Age is about to bring an intense focus on your beliefs, your secret dreams and desires, your hidden facets, religion, astrology, psychic development, inspiration and enlightenment. This is going to result in profound changes within. The process has already begun and when we make changes within, we have to adjust or evolve our outer appearance to reflect this. So, anything from a new hairstyle, make up or even a wardrobe or cosmetic procedure could follow. And again, this is all about interacting with the material world and the good things it offers. It’s what reflects your spiritual growth. So, who says what money buys you isn’t part of your soul experience?

Bear in mind, the usual retro rules apply to you during this Mercury cycle. Yes, it’s about new beginnings – planning these and you have a green light to make changes to your appearance. But hang fast on other changes such as beginning a new relationship for instance. The changes you are broadcasting not just to the outer you but that inner you, are sending out ripples of attraction now. And others will respond. New people and even potential lovers may cross your path as a result. Don’t however, be tempted to leap in this Leap Year. Wait and get to know them and what is truly on offer. That enhanced self-worth means you know you can afford to take your time as what is meant for you, has your name on it (or them!). Mars in your 11th opposition the North Node in your 5th on the 25th could draw someone or even an opportunity to you. This could even be someone from your past. Before you go all-in – and Venus opposition Juno in your 8th tells you that if you do, exiting won’t be easy, stop and consider how far you truly have come.

If you had not made a profound shift, you would not be in this moment, contemplating this choice. This alone should give you a sense of seriously self-empowerment and deep satisfaction. Along with this comes the self-assurance to know when it comes to anything lasting, you can take your time in exploring it and giving your answer. Venus makes a tight angle to Pluto in your 11th on the 28th. This could see someone influential or powerful make you an incredible offer or hold open the door to opportunity or an inner circle. Ensure if so, you know what is expected of and from you. And also, what you expect from the other party in return. That increased self-worth gives you the confidence to ask the questions you need to and have you understanding what you are getting into. Worldly success goes hand-in-hand with intuitive inner wisdom in the Now Age of You, Pisces!

In a nutshell: Your birthday gifts include enhanced self-worth and a new attitude around what it is you can have, attract and deserve. You know it’s now so much more, Pisces. Ensure the outer you is aligned with those freshly minted new values!




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