You’ve Got This: The Mental Wellness Collab We Cannot Wait To Wear

IN HONOR OF Mental Health Awareness, California heritage brand, SeaVees recently created these adorable slip-ons with Bay-area artist Carissa Potter Carlson. And we can’t get over them.

Printed with the artist’s beloved illustrations, the shoe carries the simple message, ‘You’ve Got This’ on the outside and ‘I’ve Got This’ on the inside. Imagine sending a flash of hope and optimism to everyone at your coffee shop -- right on the soles of your feet. And a quick mental pick-me-up every time we put on our shoes to leave the house this season? Sign us up.

Not only is the classic canvas shoe absolutely adorable (SeaVees essentially invented sneakers like these in the ‘60’s), but the message-rich shoe is also being sold for a good cause. At a time like this, when everyone is talking about mental health, this shoe is a perfect fit. We’re wearing these slip-ons now through summer, gifting them to friends who could use a lift, and wishing they came in kid’s sizes too!

Here are a few things you should know about the limited edition shoe, the mental health cause it benefits, and the artist behind the collab...seavees sneakers mental health

The 'You Got This’ Sneaker | This artist collab sneaker is a limited edition, so shop it while you can. SeaVees is offering Chalkboard readers 20% off this or any any full priced shoe with the code in our banner below. If the messaging isn’t your style, check out this wearable style instead.  

The shoe itself is SeaVees’ classic Baja Slip On and comes in men's and women's sizes. Carissa’s signature affirmation artwork is printed on the outside upper, as well as the inside of the shoe -- a secret message screenprinted in the inside footbed that only the wearer will know is there. The outsole also has an exclusive pop of green, the color of the international symbol for mental health got this sneaker

The Mental Health Cause | 10% from each pair of collaborative shoes sold will benefit the Mental Wellness Center in Santa Barbara. SeaVees flagship shop is also in Santa Barbara and the brand wanted to keep their impact as local as could be. The Mental Wellness Center is on a mission to reduce stigma around mental health through the promotion of self-care, connection, kindness, education, prevention, and peer outreach.  

Meet the Artist | Carissa Potter Carlson is the artist behind People I’ve Loved. The folks at SeaVees chose her for the authenticity around her art surrounding themes of relationships and emotional well-being. In her Instagram handle, the artist describes her work as “things to help you feel a little less alone.” We love the way that mission shines through in this simple shoe style.  

Here’s the brand’s brief interview with Carissa in celebration of the collaboration...

Tell us about yourself in brief: I am a human being who really likes to make things. And I like people. And I like the outdoors. I spend a lot of time thinking about why we do what we do. What it means to be human. And what it takes to keep going. 

Can you tell us a bit about the design for this mental health awareness sneaker and your hope for the campaign?  I am really privileged to have had a family that valued mental health as part of wellbeing. I started using the phrase, “You got this.” to myself and other people years ago. I remember when my friend and fellow artist Cara Levine said it to me. It somehow haunted me in a good way.  

The shoe design morphed from a pair of socks I had made that were superhero socks. Like a Clark Kent situation – you could wear a message of meaning and confidence that no one knew about but you.  

With the shoe, the text is visible. It becomes a message for other people, a way to comfort them without saying a word. And I like that. Almost like, “You are safe with me.” Even if people think that the message is too literal, perhaps on some level, they will feel it anyway. Or it will raise their sense of agency in a world that feels out of control. Carissa Potter Carlson art

What are your passions and what led you to People I’ve Loved? People, how we approach intimacy, and the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of things, are all so fascinating to me. For me, I never felt as though I belonged. Working through my desires with art makes me feel better. I hope it makes other people feel better too. In my mind, I craft the conversations, acceptance, and connections that I long for. I try to orchestrate this for other people. 

If there’s one word we’d use to describe your work, it’s “relatable”. You have the incredible ability to make everyone feel seen and understood. Where does that come from? How has your exploration of your own mental and emotional health impacted your art?  That is really flattering, thank you. I think it’s because I have no shame. Nor should you. I think that by exploring ‘why things are the way they are’ we often uncover acceptance – and that feels good to me. I feel at peace with what is. 

I see my own mental health practice as a series of experiments. It’s fucked up to say, but it's comforting to know that when you share things about yourself that other people feel the same way. Good and bad. Right or wrong. I long to feel accepted and loved for every part of me. Even the unlovable parts. I want that for you too. 

Every artist has a different creative process, can you tell us a bit about yours? Do you wait for ideas to come to you before you get to work on them? Or do you set specific time to work and trust that the words and art will come to you?  Both. Basically, I just pay attention to what my brain is thinking about and run with it. Sometimes nothing comes, and I just show up and hope for the best. Sometimes I take a nap and my questions are answered. I wish I had a solid formula, but I also really value flexibility. And being tender with my thoughts.  

There is a certain faith I have in the universality of the human experience, that I am never alone in how I feel. Having a child has done wonders for my attempts to reframe everyone’s inner voice. 

My creative advice would be to listen to your mind and pay attention to what is worrying you. Write it out. Explore that. And something will come.  SeaVees limited edition

How to Shop the Sneaker | You can get your hands on SeaVees’ limited edition ‘You’ve Got This’ sneaker for a limited time. SeaVees has given us a generous 20% off with the code in our banner below. Spread a bit of encouragement everywhere you go this spring, support a great cause for California’s youth – and look good doing it.  

Need the perfect pick-me-up gift for a friend going through a career change, headed to college or facing some a life challenge? Shop the shoe in their size as a wearable reminder they can put on every single day! We love the idea of gifting this shoe to a teacher or coach 

Shop all of SeaVees timeless, easy footwear styles HERE. A few of our favorites from the 1960’s California heritage brand include the Baja Slip-On Platform, Monterey Sneaker and the men’s Legend Sneaker. Every shoe is a classic, made sustainably and made to last.   

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