10 Different Ways To Use Napkin Rings

Napkin rings aren’t only good for adorning and keeping your dinner napkins in place. They’re actually quite the versatile little nick-knack. And fortunately enough, it’s becoming easier and easier to find them in various styles, shapes, colors, and designs. Not to mention, napkin rings pretty simple to make yourself.

We know that napkin rings have a place at the dining room table, but they can also be used in your bedroom, like a unique home accessory, or even hung throughout the house during the holidays. There’s really a plethora of creative little ideas on how to put these little O’s to work. So check out these 10 different ways to use napkin rings and see what works for you!

The Most Unique Ways You Can Use Napkin Rings

1. DIY Place Card Holder

Found online at stores like Etsy or simple enough to make yourself, napkin ring place card holders are super cute and creative. All you need is some fabric or ribbon to get started! You can personalize them yourself and add even more unique charm to your table decor.

2. Stylish Paper Cone Holders

Perfect for dinner parties, bridal showers, or birthday get-together’s at your house, napkin rings are an easy fix for paper cone madness. Paper cones are fun for holding small nibbles, but they don’t stand up on their own! So, grab some cute napkin rings and Voila! instant style and functionality.

3. Curtain Holder

Jazz up a neutral curtain with a fun little accessory. Pick out a stylish napkin ring and use it to hold back the curtains during the day! Just make sure you’re using a curtain that can easily be tucked inside the ring, don’t force thicker curtains and ruin the fabric.

4. Transform Them Into Ornaments

Use seasonal rings (or create some festive rings with the family) to decorate your tree! Napkin rings are easily turned into ornaments for the Christmas season. And it’s another great excuse to get creative with your friends and family. {found on site}.

5. Use Them As A Centerpiece

Just like with this super creative and eclectic idea, napkin rings can be used in a lot of different ways when incorporating them into a centerpiece. They can even be used to hold flowers for something with more of a floral design. {found on pinterest}.

6. Let Them Hold Your Candles

Most napkin rings can hold tea light candles perfectly. Great for a party or a romantic dinner, find some rings (or reuse some older ones) and use them as a new, improved, and more stylish small candle holder. And, of course, you can always add more oomph to the rings by adding sparkle or ribbon.

7. Keep Your Chords Organized

napkin rings Keep Your Chords Organized

In these modern times, almost everyone has a few different electronic devices that unfortunately require a few different chords. This can cause a tangled mess in your drawer. Instead of fighting with a ball of chords every time you need to charge, use napkin rings to organize them and keep them separate. This idea can be found on Chiot’s Run, and frankly, it’s the best idea anyone has had when it comes to chord storage yet! And any style of napkin ring will work for this!

8. Create Dollhouse Furniture

napkin rings Create Dollhouse Furniture

When it comes to having kids, the cost of toys, and toys to go with toys, can add up and fast. So if you have a daughter that needs new furniture for her dolls, consider making it out of napkin rings. Just check out this awesome coffee table they made for Barbie on Star Creative using two napkin rings, some glue, and a piece of pink cloth. Not only is it cute, but it also looks very modern, keeping Barbie’s house super chic.

9. An Adorable Pin Cushion

napkin rings An Adorable Pin Cushion

The worst part of sewing is not having a safe space to leave your pins and needles when you aren’t using them! This could cause you to lose them, or worse, step on them if they end up on the floor! Solve this problem by using your old napkin rings to make an adorable pin cushion for your pins like they did on QVC Community. You’ll just need some stuffing, material of your choice, and a little super glue. And the cool thing is, you can use any style of napkin ring and material you want to personalize your pin cushion.

10. Use It For A Scarf Ring

napkin rings Use It For A Scarf Ring

Have you seen how some women style their scarfs into shawls and other unique looks? These are often accomplished using a scarf ring, but before you go out and buy an expensive one, consider using a napkin ring for this same purpose like they did on Beading Gem. They create the same look for much cheaper! This one is pretty simple, but you could also glue gems to your napkin ring for some added pizzaz.

Overall, napkin rings are some of the most useful and versatile objects to have around your home. Whether you are using them to hold back your curtains, organize your cords, or add a little something to keep your scarf in a certain shape, you are certain to get a lot of use out of them! So next time you are at the store and see a set of napkin rings you simply love, don’t be afraid to buy them and use them around your home!

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