10 Taylor Swift-Inspired Makeup Looks To Wear to the Eras Tour

Right now, the #1 most stressful part about going to The Eras Tour is hoping to God that Taylor Swift plays your favorite song as a surprise track at the show you’re going to. Seriously—I have to start every day by frantically checking Twitter to make sure right where you left me hasn’t graced the setlist yet. Anyway, the second most stressful part is obviously deciding on the perfect look. While there are practically a million different directions to go with your outfit (the purple Speak Now dress, a red scarf for Red, my personal fav of Taylor in those goggles after she got LASIK eye surgery, etc.), makeup looks for the respective eras can be a little bit harder to nail down. But of course, we got you covered.

Whether you’re going for debut, Midnights, or any era in between, we’ve rounded up some of the best makeup looks for you to draw inspo from for your own Eras Tour moment. From shining like a mirrorball to sporting Blondie’s classic red lip, read on to find the perfect look for you:





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♬ original sound – kissounds

Once you have your cowboy hat and boots on lock (yes, if you’re dressing for the debut era those are literally mandatory), it’s time to go for a teal and green eye look as an ode to the iconic album cover. Not only does this tutorial match the color palette perfectly, but the shape of the eyeshadow mimics the butterfly wings also found on debut’s cover art. Drawing a butterfly a little bit above your pay grade? First, same. Second, you can still create the perfect Debut look by using the same teal and green colors. Yeehaw, ladies. 

Shop The Look:

Start out the look by playing with different shades of green on your lid.
Add a light blue shade to your under eye area to balance out the green used up top.
Use face-friendly rhinestones for outlining the shape of the butterfly wing to really make it pop.
Rare Beauty
Finish it off with a simple glossed lip (Debut was pre iconic red lip, of course).




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♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

Sticking with golds and yellows for a Fearless era moment is definitely the way to go, and this tutorial gives an elevated yet still simple look that’ll perfectly match both a simple country girl fit or Love Story-esque ball gown. Plus, you can think of any extra golden shimmer as a nod to the AOTY Grammy it swept up (as it should have).  

Shop The Look:

Start out with a glowing base to compliment all of the golden and rose gold tones used in the rest of the look.
Go for any of this palette's gold-toned shimmery shades for the eyeshadow look.
A peachy blush will perfectly balance out the eye look rather than a brighter pink or red shade.
Tie it all together with a shiny lip that matches the eyeshadow and blush shades.


Speak Now


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♬ sad beautiful tragic – Bryony

We all know that purple dress…so obviously a purple eye look is a must-do for all my Speak Now girlies. This glowing smokey eye is a gorgeous yet simple option for anyone looking for more of a subtle ode to the era. A look so good it’ll make J*hn M*ayer weep. 

Shop The Look:

Juvia's Place
Use a darker purple shade on the outer lid, and layer a more lavender shade on the lid's center.
Cover the entire lid with this shimmery silver shade before going in with more purples.
Fenty Beauty
You can use this all-over diamond balm for both your eye's inner corner and your cheekbones to get that all around glow.
Top off the look with a shiny, clear lip gloss to bring out the glow of the eyeshadow and highlighter.




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♬ All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) – Taylor Swift

As for the Red stans out there, what would a makeup look be without the signature matte red lip? A classic glam is definitely the way to go for this era, whether you’re pairing it with a red scarf and autumn-esque fit or the 22 music video black fedora and “not a lot going on at the moment” t-shirt (both are impeccable choices). 

Shop The Look:

Urban Decay
For a classic glam look, a simple matte eye is your go-to base—and no one pulls that look off quite like the holy grail Naked palette.
Create a classic black cat eye with a jet black liquid liner (a waterproof one is best to with stand the tears of joy).
Because the red lip is the star of the look, make sure it really pops by applying a bright, velvety liner before the lipstick itself.
Finally, finish the look with a timeless red lip (this is allegedly the exact one that Taylor uses...do with that info what you will).




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♬ Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

In my opinion, 1989 has a bunch of color palettes to choose from. But, if you’ve seen the iconic nail set Taylor’s been wearing for the tour so far where one nail represents each era (genius behavior), her 1989 nail is a bright, icy blue. So, this eye look that’s based around that shade is perfect for the occasion.

Shop The Look:

Start with a classic winged liner in this icy blue shade.
Add a blue and silver shimmer all over the lid.
Fill out the waterline with this royal blue shade to really make the icy blue liner up top pop.
Rare Beauty
Yet again, complete the look with a matte red lip to give it the classic Taylor touch.




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♬ …Ready For It? – Taylor Swift

If you’re dressing for the Reputation era, it’s time to bring the drama. This is not the time for a simple glam. It’s your moment to be the baddest b*tch in that stadium. Pull out that dark, smokey eye and don’t look back.

Shop The Look:

Sephora Collection
Black eyeshadow can be a little tricky to work with in terms of excess fallout and creasing, so make sure you start with a nude base shadow to prime the lid.
Physician's Formula
Create that dark, glittery smokey eye and buff it out to look as ~dramatic~ as possible.
Anastasia Beverly Hils
With such a dark eye look, it's easy for the rest of your face to look a little flat— add more dimension and bronzing with this classic contouring palette.
Sephora Collection
Add a touch of brightness to the look with a couple of white dots along the lid.




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♬ Lover – Remix – Taylor Swift

Let’s just keep this one short: Are you even a real Lover fan if you’re not painting the signature giant heart around your eye? Go 👏 all 👏 out👏

Shop The Look:

Natasha Denona
Create an eyeshadow look using the pastel pink, blue, and yellow shades as an ode to the 'Lover' album cover.
Use a white liner on the waterline to make your eyes really pop, then use it to also outline the heart.
Etsy | CrystalBaySupplies
After going over the heart outline with eyelash glue or another makeup-friendly adhesive, use tweezers to stick these pink sequins on to complete the heart look.
Urban Decay
Go for a shiny, hot pink lip to tie everything together.




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♬ original sound – r & m <33

Even though folklore definitely gives a very minimalist, natural vibe in terms of aesthetic, there’s still a beacon of hope for an all out glam approach to this era: the mirrorball. Take some inspo from this tutorial and go for a shimmery, silver eye and glowy base for the perfect concert look. 

Shop The Look:

This look is all about glowing, shining, and sparkling, so starting out with a dewy base is a must-do first step.
Drunk Elephant
Apply these illuminating drops wherever you would apply a normal powder bronzer for an even more glowing base.
Create a silver smokey eye with black, gray, and shimmery shades to give that disco ball color palette.
Take it a step up from normal lip gloss by using this ultra shiny gloss with a holographic finish.




Reply to @taylorsversion_2019 Where are my Dorothea stans at??? 🧡✨ @taylorswift #swiftie #swifttok #taylorswift #dorothea #evermore #makeup #makeuptutorial #makeuptok

♬ dorothea – Taylor Swift

Just like folklore, evermore as a whole doesn’t exactly inspire a ton of ~fun~ makeup looks. But, if you’re still wanting to go all out for this era, pulling inspo from dorothea is the perfect way to do it: a soft girl autumn look, if you will. Pop on a subtle bronzed smokey eye and a blushed and glowing base for an effortless and super pretty finish. 

Shop The Look:

Highlight the high points of the face with bronzed glow drops to add a subtle glow.
Use a deeper, red wine-esque blush to keep the look in the fall color realm while still adding some brightness to the cheeks.
Go in with golden and bronze shades for a the eye look.
Instead of a black liner, use a brown shade to keep the eyes softer and keep the look on the more natural side.




midnights inspired makeup look

♬ Style – Taylor Swift

I personally think that the Midnights era has the most potential for a ton of on-theme looks: something purple for Lavender Haze, sparkles for Bejeweled, tears streaming down your face for You’re On Your Own Kid, etc. So if you want to channel it all or can’t decide which direction to go, copying her album cover look of a blue smokey eye and deep orange lip is the perfect choice. 

Shop The Look:

Use a matte brown shadow as the base for the eye look, blending it all the way up to the brow bone.
Urban Decay
Cover the entire lid in a deep, shimmery blue shade.
Benefit Cosmetics
Create a dramatic cat eye with a black liquid liner.
Rare Beauty
Go for a deep, burnt orange lip to finish it off.


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