12 Winter Accessories to Bundle Up In

In years past weve made the mistake of delaying our winter accessory shopping only to wake up one brutally cold morning and discover that all we have to bundle up in is a single glove (who knows what happened to the other one) and last years scarf, which is totally tattered. Never again. Winter is nigh, and not only will we be prepared, but well look great too. Ahead, the 12 luxe, warm, and cozy accessories were bundling up in this season.

Leah Faye Cooper

Editorial Director

1. Gucci Stripe Knit Headband: Because of the volume of my hair, I can only wear hats when its in braids. The solution when it isnt? A Gucci headband, obviously.

2. Carolyn Rowan x Stephanie Gotlieb Fingerless Gloves With Rainbow Paillettes: Even if gloves have touch-screen technology, I have a hard time wearing themthey just feel so restrictive. As such, I have quite the collection of fingerless pairs. Just found another one to add to the mix; love these candy-colored details.

3. Miu Miu Fringed Intarsia Wool Scarf: Two things I cant do in the winter are leave the house without being *completely* bundled up, and spend my days in drab, unexciting accessories. Sign me up for this fantastic, punchy Miu Miu scarf ASAP.

Hannah Baxter

Senior Beauty Editor

1. Acne Studios Checkered Scarf: Ive been drooling over this scarf for weeks now. Investing in one that is warm, high-quality, and stylish is something Ive rarely done in past seasons, but I think its time to discard my half-dozen other ratty scarves for one that will last for years to come. Also, these colors! So delish.

2. The Arrivals Kaia Technical Leather Gloves: Theres something incredibly chic and frankly badass about a pair of leather gloves. Is she cold, or is she the mastermind behind a bank heist? Who cares! Itll be our little secret.

3. Asos Faux Fur Bucket Hat: Now that I have bangs, I need to expand my winter head gear game beyond my standard beanie for the sake of the eventual hair crease. Cow print is my new obsession, and I am not above prolonging the bucket-hat trend with this adorable (and affordable) style.

Noah Lehava

Director Lifestyle, and Talent

1. Portolano Leather & Cashmere Gloves: I love the look of leather gloves, but rarely are they warm enough to keep my digits from frostbite. But then came along Portolano with a cashmere-sheathed pair that are genius-level chic.

2. Totme Studio Bova Scarf: I live close to the water, which means I have to walk through what feels like gale-force winds daily. A scarf that wraps around 20 times will keep my entire face from forming into a Popsicle and wont unravel in a gust of wind

3. Patagonia Sherpa Pile Beanie: I own a plethora of knit toques (Canadian for beanie), which have done wonders for me. But when I laid eyes on Patagonias Sherpa Pile version, I immediately fell in love with its teddy-bear cozy vibes. Also, if anyone knows how to keep things toasty in frigid temps, its Patagonia.

Gabby Sgherri

Editorial Intern

1. Carhartt WIP Acrylic Watch Hat: A good beanie is a winter essential, and you cant go wrong with this Carhartt WIP one. Its also the perfect accessory for when youre having a bad hair daynot the mention the amazing color selection (insert heart-eyes emoji).

2. Dries Van Noten Gil Oversized Quilted Down Wrap: This is more luxury than necessity, but I couldnt resist. Ive never seen a more perfect wrap for the winter. I love the pinstripe twill and the adjustable belt buckle that can also double as a blanket or pillow for when youre traveling. So really, youre getting three products in one (or at least thats what Im telling myself).

3. The North Face Etip Gloves: I dont usually wear gloves in the winter because Im constantly taking them off to use my phone (Im such a millennial, I know), but theres some winter days where gloves are a must. These North Face mitts let me stay warm while also browsing Spotify for my next tune.

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