120 Times People Took A Panorama Photo Of An Animal And It Turned Out Hilariously Bad (New Pics)

When a simple photo is not enough to capture the beauty of a vast mountain range or a sunny beach, people often use the panoramic shot. Technically speaking, it's a technique that utilizes specialized equipment or software to produce images with horizontally elongated fields of view. And it gets the job done. If the subjects aren't moving.

Sure, the mountains won't. But if someone was to enter the frame while you're snapping the pic, it will most likely transform them into a funny Cerberus or some other monster.

When we at Bored Panda put together our first list of hilarious panorama fails, we immediately noticed there's an animal sub-genre that deserves its own. So we compiled it. But now it brings me great joy to announce Part II of this very niche and very funny subject. Enjoy!

#1 Please Take Panoramic Pictures Of Your Bebbies

Image credits: Leila Ard

#2 Haters Will Say It's Photoshopped

#3 That Moment When You Try To Take A Nice Panorama Shot Of Your Dog On The Beach

Image credits: rigbyrescue

#4 The Dog Moved While Taking A Panorama Picture And Now He's Cerberus

Image credits: Pufferchung

#5 These Two

Image credits: Shelby Bender Gareau

#6 There Was An Attempt To Make A Panorama Picture Of A Dog

Image credits: Droke1231

#7 Panorama Did Them Dirty

Image credits: Niko Elizabeth

#8 Welsh Corgi Limousine

Image credits: N_ONE1128

#9 Computer Generated Panorama Picture

Image credits: JustJaguar

#10 Big Snuffler

Image credits: loopsnoot

#11 Boop My Snoot. I Insist

Image credits: juliannacordray

#12 Happy Mutant Doggy

Image credits: triggerbombz

#13 Panorama Doggo Gone Wrong

Image credits: sophjas

#14 My Husband And I Were At The Park Saturday And He Wanted To See How Our Dog Cotton Would Look In Panorama And Now It Can’t Be Unseen! Picture Of My Dog And I For Reference

Image credits: Kimberly McWilliams Krohlow

#15 My Dog Walked Through A Panorama

Image credits: TheVampireQueen7

#16 My Friend Was Trying To Take A Cute Panorama With His Dog

Image credits: Sketchypine

#17 I Tried To Take A Panorama At A Horse Race, And It Created The Horse Equivalent Of A Unicycle

Image credits: dmmorri

#18 Quarantine Hitting Esper A Little Different

Image credits: esperborzoi

#19 Now Introducing, The 2020 Chevy Dogerado, With 800 Bork Power, A Reinforced Tail-Hitch, And 32 Treat Bag To The Gallon

Image credits: panoramicdogs

#20 Big Chonky

Image credits: joni_luhtala

#21 I Have A Three-Eyed Cat

Image credits: MrLucky2

#22 Snat

Image credits: Chrysler420

#23 I Tried To Take A Nice Panoramic Shot Of My Void But She Moved

Image credits: tiny_explorer

#24 Cybork’s Abilities: Scan For Chicken, Scan For Angery Cat, Scan For Pocket Snack, Scan For Jellybean, Scan For Trickery, Scan For Hairy Stranger Leaving Message On Grass

Image credits: lesliemello

#25 Heh Heh

Image credits: Viv Barker

#26 Ok, Don’t Take A Panorama Of Your Dog

Image credits: FGamer34

#27 Long Horse (From A Panoramic Photo)

Image credits: lx_xlzZ

#28 My Girlfriend Took A Panorama Of Her Horse Pickles. There Were Some Complications

Image credits: TheTarquin

#29 The Names Potato... No Name Potato

Image credits: colemichaelmannuzza

#30 Me In My Natural State While Begging For Greenies

Image credits: borklynbowie

#31 Two Headed Monster

Image credits: kyobooboo

#32 He’s Got His Eyes On You

Image credits: cp90co

#33 Panorama Of Mi And My Guitar

Image credits: giddyuplilred

#34 Two Heads Are Better Than One

Image credits: anaperalta.c

#35 Third Eye: Opened

Image credits: yagirlindsey

#36 My 1st Try At A Panoramic Picture. Didn't Work Too Well

Image credits: tarazye

#37 I Screwed Up A Panorama Of A Mule

Image credits: LeucisticFred

#38 Panoramic Mishap

Image credits: WildAnimus

#39 Long Boi

Image credits: sfshia

#40 All Credit To My Dad On This One

Image credits: Yeet-o-boy

#41 Panorama King

Image credits: Kayla Weiman

#42 Google Made A Panorama Of My Cat Stealing My Husband's Pants Out Of His Closet

Image credits: Rough-Emergency-3714

#43 Found A Horse (?) When Browsing Random Google Street-View Images. This Is In Cameroon

Image credits: ObviousPear

#44 His Name Is Dewey And He’s Literally The Best Dog. He Is A Yellow Lab/Retriever And, On His Good Days, He Has 4 Legs

I took this panorama on my family farm years ago and still think of it often.

Image credits: Sadie Swicker

#45 Cockatoooooo

Image credits: Alpaca Molly

#46 My Doggo Has Become The Good Girl Now

Image credits: yournaneatschicken

#47 My Cat Has A Finger Scarf

Image credits: Shiba_inu45

#48 This Was An Accidental Panoramic Glitch Picture I Took Ten Years Ago. No Photoshop Or Any Editing. My Dog Just Happened To Turn Her Head At Just The Wrong/Absolutely Right Time

Image credits: parenthetical_phrase

#49 Blursed Panorama Cat

Image credits: baerra21

#50 I Was Trying To Take A Cool Panoramic, And The Cat Ran Away

Image credits: UltraVioletSnailz

#51 An Eldritch Abomination Threatens The Globe

Image credits: unappealing_photos_of_my_cat

#52 When Your Kids Start Playing With The Panoramic Function On The Camera You End Up With A Two-Headed Dog

Image credits: dorkgirlinindy

#53 Sunday Walkies With Corgo

Image credits: thatlittlecorgi

#54 Well

Image credits: Arooj Azam Yousafzai Khan

#55 I Have One Of My Pomeranian Girl

Image credits: Noe Acuña

#56 Made Few Years Ago, Didn't Know My Dog Has So Many Paws

Image credits: Adrian Grześków

#57 They Say The Camera Takes Off 10 Pounds And Adds A Few Inches To The Snout

Image credits: Willy988

#58 Him

Image credits: TheGoldenMinion

#59 This Dog With A Tiny Head

Image credits: Thick_Acanthaceae983

#60 Testing Out The Panorama Feature On My New Phone

Image credits: KataraFromAvatar

#61 It’s My Time To Shine

Image credits: Kirra Cole

#62 Don’t Take A Panoramic Photo Of Your Dogs... Or Do, It’s Actually Hilarious

Image credits: Logey Bear

#63 Pic Taken Just This Afternoon. Can Confirm, Makes Long Bois Suuuuper Long

Image credits: Kimberley Ramsey

#64 Stella Wants To Participate In The Panoramic Photo Challenge - I Laughed So Hard Taking This

Image credits: Shannon Snell

#65 Tina Said

Image credits: Kaycee Kersch

#66 Molly The 6-Legged Sausage And Lena The 7-Headed Spaz

Image credits: Greg Taylor

#67 Really Top Notch Picture From My Baby Shower

Image credits: Ginny Morgan

#68 Can't Stop Laughing

Image credits: Sebastian D Ayles

#69 Last Year. Harry's Nose

Image credits: Sheryl Anson Jones

#70 I Was Trying To Take A Panoramic Picture Of The River We Were At And Tank Kept Running Through It

Image credits: Alyssa Ganci

#71 His Name Is Fuzzy Monster Truck

Image credits: Evie Ryland

#72 Well, I Tried Out That Panoramic Challenge And All I Got Was A Picture Of Petunia Looking Like I Found Her In A Toxic Waste Dump

Image credits: Anjacember Rowe

#73 That’s One Long Hot Dog

Image credits: Lizzy Wade

#74 Hurry, What Kind Of Creature Is This?

Image credits: Shelb's Rennison

#75 Just A Six-Legged Beach Pup

Image credits: Jo Scott

#76 What Happens When Dad Takes A Photo

Image credits: Michelle Min

#77 Panorameow

Image credits: kitasanhilack

#78 Tried Taking A Panorama And My Lurcher Decided To Photobomb It

Image credits: Jamobinks

#79 Instructions On How To Assemble My Cat Were Unclear. Anyone Have A Youtube Tutorial I Can Follow?

Image credits: Lindsay Wood

#80 Our Cat Peach Walked Across The View When We Were Doing The Panoramic Picture

Image credits: Rowen Monks

#81 What Is Going On With Them?

Image credits: Sammyurai

#82 Was Taking A Panoramic Of My Dog But She Started Moving And Ended Up With This

Image credits: MeOwCaT___

#83 I Took A Panorama At A Dog Park I Work At And Caught This

Image credits: MCKtheMan

#84 Dogopede

Image credits: RetractableLanding

#85 Tried To Take A Panoramic Photo Of My Back Yard And My Weiner Dog Photo Bombed It. Centiweinie?

Image credits: IMMATOOL_2

#86 Took A Panoramic Photo Of My Dog

Image credits: SomeRandomCyclops

#87 Panoramic Of Our Dog Rolling On Her Back Accidentally Unleashed A Demon

Image credits: parenthetical_phrase

#88 This Panorama Of My Dog

Image credits: Actiaslunahello

#89 I Have A Flavor Too

Image credits: Sami Rae Neuman

#90 Oh No

Image credits: oofig1

#91 Thanks, I Hate My Dog In A Panoramic Shot

Image credits: VortexDestroyer99

#92 Catacaterpillar

Image credits: tweakhacker

#93 My Dogs In A Lake

Image credits: Loctusofsmorgasbord

#94 The Best Panorama Of One Of My Cats Oreo So Far

Image credits: Famous_Dig3401

#95 Unearthed A Shot From 8 Years Ago In Which An iPhone Panorama Turned My Dog Into A Centipede

Image credits: logansworth

#96 Bruh My Dog


#97 A Dragon Caught On Cam

Image credits: Harben Orcullo

#98 Just A Cute Panoramic Of My Dog... Until I Realized Half Of Her Face Was Still In The Sky

Image credits: parenthetical_phrase

#99 I Tried Panorama To Take A Picture, My Dog Is Evolving Into His True Form

Image credits: GlitchyMic

#100 A Panorama Done As A Dog Is Walking Past

Image credits: beluuuuuuga

#101 Somewhere In Northern England. My Beautiful Dog, Who Has Been Deformed By iPhone Panoramic Photo Mode

Image credits: The-True-Self

#102 My Mother Took Some Panoramic Photos Of Pets

Image credits: wendy.loo.darling

#103 I’ve Been Giggling My Head Off For A Half Hour Because I Tried To Take A Panoramic Of My Backyard And This Stretch-Pig Lumbered Through It

Image credits: wheatphotography

#104 Baby Nora's Room Is Coming Along Nicely. Our Headless Dog Seems To Like It

Image credits: kyledaters

#105 I Think There Was A Glitch In The Matrix At The Dog Park Today

Image credits: facility_dog_gael

#106 Polar Bears Are Looking Strange

Image credits: loopsnoot

#107 Many Dashes

Image credits: huskydash

#108 Panorama Fail. Tracy’s Dog Rhett

Image credits: amypfluecke

#109 When It Hasn’t Been Your Day, Your Week, Your Month, Or Even Your Year

Image credits: merlinbh_thevizsla

#110 This Dog Looks Like From Cartoons

Image credits: bailey.spamiel

#111 It Was Not Widely Known, But Bo Was Also Able To Manipulate Space/Time

Image credits: pmalyon

#112 Tried To Take A Panorama Shot Of Groucho. The Results Were Terrifying

Image credits: hugogrouchomishka

#113 Feeling A Little Bit Weird Today

Image credits: biscotte_the_golden

#114 Mom Saw A Cool Camera Trick Where You Do A Panorama Sideways. Well, I Moved

Image credits: jager_gsp

#115 Failed Panorama Shots Of Me

Image credits: scouttheborder

#116 If You Can Count The Number Of Limbs In This Photo You Deserve An Award

Image credits: failedpanoramics

#117 About Panorama Mode

Image credits: rosieisconcerned

#118 Slonk Cat

Image credits: alice_and_erich

#119 Think There Is Something Wrong With My Dog

Image credits: mattcvickers

#120 Caption This Please

Image credits: brandyandpip