15 Fantastic Christmas Wreath Ideas That Anyone Can Make

Have you displayed your Christmas wreath yet? No worries, theres still plenty of time left, enough for you to craft something beautiful and special this year. If you dont have any specific ideas for the design and everything else, thats ok too because we have some cool ideas to share with you today. Any of these would be a great source of inspiration for your own DIY Christmas wreath project and you can also gather multiple ideas from different projects and put them together to create something unique and original.

This colorful Christmas wreath is decorated with lots of felt balls, around 300 to be more exact. Theyre each about 1 in diameter and they have various different colors. This is not a very simple or fast project, as youve probably guessed. However, its well worth the effort since it looks so cute and interesting. In addition to all the felt balls you also need a 12 straw wreath, some twine, heavy-duty thread, a large needle and a hot glue gun in order to successfully complete this project. If you choose to use a smaller wreath then youll need fewer felt balls and youll be able to craft this faster.

This project uses felt too but in a different way. This is a felt leaf wreath which is considerably easier and faster to do than the felt ball one mentioned earlier. For this project you need felt pieces in various different shades of green, fabric scissors, wire, wire cutters, a needle, embroidery thread and a hot glue gun (optional in case you want to attach ornaments at the end). Even if you choose the simplified design the wreath will still look nice and interesting. Check out the full tutorial in case you need more details.

This leather-wrapped wreath has a trendy and modern look and seems like a fairly simple project so you might as well have a closer look at it if you like the idea. Heres what you need if you want to make a similar Christmas wreath: a 14 styrofoam wreath form, leather lacing (3 medium brown ones were used in this case), black leather lacing, green velvet ribbon and floral stems. Most of the wreath is wrapped in brown leather cord which gives it a simple and elegant look. The floral stems and ribbon are clustered in a single spot on one side of the wreath. Check out cherishedbliss in case you need more details.

This is a Christmas wreath made of lots of little presents. It definitely captures the spirit of the holidays quite nicely and in a fun and quirky manner. Obviously, those are not real presents. Theyre just pieces of styrofoam covered in wrapping paper. This can actually be the perfect opportunity to use some of those scrap pieces of wrapping paper youve been saving all this time. When you have all the mini presents ready, start attaching them to a flat wreath form. For additional details on this project you can have a look at the tutorial from handmadecharlotte.

This doesnt look like any other Christmas wreath so if youre looking for a unique and unusual way to decorate your front door this could be it. The wreath in this case is more like a decoration, a piece of art. It definitely stands out and looks interesting. In case youre wondering how its made, have a look at the tutorial provided on deliciousanddiy. As a general idea, these are the supplies youre going to need: wooden stakes, wood stain, glue, faux succulents, bottle brush trees, thick paper, texture paints, glitter and tape.

The simple Christmas wreaths that you can find at your local stores dont really stand out in any way but you can change that. A very inspiring transformation was featured on sadieseasongoods. It went from generic Christmas wreath to original winter wreath. The big red bow was removed, the whole wreath got a light coat of white spray paint with a coat of snow flock on top and then the ornaments were added: a handmade wreath (basically a thin knitted scarf) and pair of miniature wooden skis.

Although its not really a wreath, you can definitely use it as one. Were talking about this stylish star decoration featured on thethingsshemakes. Its a pretty simple and straight-forward project. It starts with a star-shaped wire ornament. If you cant find any at your local stores, you could try making it front scratch. Take some faux foliage, make a little bundle and put a dab of hot glue to keep everything in place, then wrap some twine around and attach it to the ornament.

Instead of a wreath or a wreath form you can also use embroidery hoops. Theyre made of wood which gives the wreath and a subtle rustic look and theyre easy to find and inexpensive. This hoop wreath is decorated with greenery, flowers, pine cones and faux antlersa rather odd and interesting combination. You can also add a few more ornaments if you want to. Some jingle bells could look nice or a cute bow. In any case, be sure to check out simplydesigning to find out more details about this lovely Christmas project.

Another idea is to paint a Christmas wreath instead of crafting one from greenery and other things. You can make it as big as you want to and give it any design and ornaments that you want. You can also use any instruments you prefer to paint it. We really like the watercolor wreath featured on craftberrybush. It has a nice bohemian look and its simple but not without character.

You might also like the idea of making a JOY Christmas wreath. Its a fairly popular design which consists of a simple wreath and J and Y letters, either made of wood, cardboard or some other material. Theyre put together so that the wreath becomes the O at the center, thus the whole JOY theme. We really like this combo from amber-oliver which uses a white wreath and red wooden letters.

Have you ever made a peacock-themed Christmas wreath? The idea sure sounds interesting. Theres a very inspiring project on danslelakehouse that you should check out. It explains in detail how this gorgeous wreath was made and also how to make embossed velvet leaves which were used here as ornaments. The overall design is unusual but at the same time very intriguing, inspiring and memorable. Even if you skip the peacock feathers the wreath would still look really cool.

If you like colorful and fluffy things, this pom-pom Christmas wreath should be just what you need. Making all the pom-poms out of yarn in assorted colors is the most time-consuming part of this project but at the same time its not difficult so you could definitely do it while watching a movie. Once you have them all you can glue them onto a foam wreath form after youve previously wrapped a layer of yarn on it. You can always check out diyinpdx in case you need more details along the way.

Now about a Christmas wreath inspired by nature? Using all-natural materials to make it could turn out difficult but a combination of real and faux items should look very nice. You can find a good dose of inspiration in this project from hearthandvine. It uses faux berries, greenery and dried artichokes as decorations, all attached to a grapevine wreath. You can add more ornaments like cinnamon sticks, dehydrated oranges and pinecones which should be easy to get.

Theres also this really beautiful and simple Christmas wreath featured on renovatingmaplesonmanor that we really really like. This one is made using a floral hoop, white berries, twig balls and floral wire. It looks so pure and simple and charming and its easy to make too. You can use different types of greenery or flowers if you want to add more color to your design.

Another simple wreath but with a more classic design this time can be seen on sisterswhat. It was made from a 14 embroidery hoop wrapped in yarn and decorated with faux pine branches, eucalyptus and mini pine cones. If you want a bit more color you can add a bow or some flowers. You could also choose a different color for the yarn which would change the look of the wreath considerably.

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