15 unique beach towels you didn’t know you needed

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Most people aren’t all that picky about their beach towel. Some even just opt for their regular bath towel and call it a day. After all, it’s just meant to keep you dry, right? But beach towels definitely don’t have to be boring, and some even have special features that make them more functional than just drying.

When it comes to absorbance, sand repelling power, travel readiness, size, and weight, your towel can really make or break your beach day. You should be able to relax and not worry about your wet towel getting your stuff soggy or getting you covered in sand when you lie out. Thankfully there are some amazing towels out there that really level up your beach day.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best beach towels out there, from chic Turkish towels to parachute-like beach blankets that literally keep sand at bay.
1. This Turkish cotton towel that’s light and absorbent Credit: The Company Store
These are soft and stylish.

Why are Turkish towels (also called Fouta or hammam towels) so en vogue these days? Well, for one, they’re the perfect all-purpose towel. You could even use them in your bathroom if you like, and they have a very spa-like aesthetic.

At the beach, though, they really can make your day in the sun feel more like a far-flung getaway to the Mediterranean. People who swear by this style of towel say that it’s more absorbent, lighter, and portable compared to their other beach towels.

Get the Santorini Turkish Cotton Towel from The Company Store for $34
2. This boho towel that doubles as a sarong Credit: Sunbaby
It's also a fashion statement.

Get yourself a towel that can do both. Sadly, you can’t walk around in a thick, terry-cloth towel and feel chic. But, you can opt for this thinner, lighter towel that can be twisted and tied to create a beautiful sarong. It’s perfect for those times you want to hit the beachside snack stand. While it’s not great for drying off, it’s gorgeous and a good choice if you're solely laying out.

Get the Sunbaby Women Boho Shawl Beach Towel from Amazon for $13.99
3. This packable towel that travels well Credit: PackTowel
Perfect for long hikes and other adventures.

If you have limited space or have to carry a lot of items on your beach trip, a packable, compact towel can make things a lot easier. This towel can fold down to a small roll in a convenient carrying pouch, and the brand also claims that it will dry 70 times faster than a normal towel and can hold four times its weight in water. Reviewers attest to this and say it’s great for bringing on hikes, as well.

Get the PackTowl Personal Towel from REI starting at $11.95
4. This chic towel that’s also a game board Credit: Anthropologie
Checkers anyone?

As much as laying in the sun or reading a book is a great way to spend a day at the beach, you might want to bring along another activity you and your friends can do. Of course, bringing along an actual board game can be tricky since it’s another thing you have to carry. So, why not kill two birds with one stone by combining your beach towel with a game board? This towel comes with a checker print and a backgammon print, as well as fun colored tiles, so you can enjoy a nice game when you’re not working on your tan.

Get the Sunnylife Summer Games Beach Towel from Anthropologie for $39
5. This towel that won’t make your stuff soggy Credit: Dock & Bay
These towels dry very fast.

There’s one mortal enemy you’ll have to face at the end of your beach day: Your wet, used towel. If you’re a person who wants the convenience of throwing everything into one bag without dealing with a huge, sandy mess, we recommend getting a quick-drying towel like this one. Not only does this towel claim to be “sand-free,” but it also dries much faster than a regular towel, according to reviewers. Plus, it folds up into a carrying pouch for extra convenience.

Get the Dock & Bay Quick Drying Beach Towel from Amazon starting at $21.99
6. This unique towel that is actually wearable Credit: GoGo Towel
It's a Snuggie but a towel.

If you don’t want to bother with all the twisting and tying of a sarong, there is actually a towel out there that you can wear to dry off with. The GoGo Towel is essentially a Snuggie for the beach. You can lay it flat on the sand as a towel, but it also has sleeves and a hood for when it gets a little cold or when you want to protect your skin from the sun. It also comes in a variety of sizes, including children’s, so the whole family can get one.

Get the GoGo Towel from Maisonette for $29.95
7. This soft towel that comes in so many patterns Credit: Slow Tide
These prints are a statement.

How do you make a good beach towel into a great beach towel? Personalization. Let’s not forget that a beach towel isn’t just about utility—it’s also about style. Slowtide Towels use soft and absorbent sustainable cotton, so it is an eco-friendly choice compared to other high-quality towels. It also comes in so many fun colors and patterns, from breezy and nautical prints to tropical prints to even a print that looks like a rug.

Get the Slowtide Towel from Slowtide starting at $29.95
8. This lightweight towel that repels sand Credit: Tesalate
Because sand can be the worst part of the beach.

Tesalate made a name for itself for being a beach towel that will actually keep you sand-free, and hundreds of reviewers can confirm this. These towels are made from a blend of microfiber fabric that makes the sand slide right off. While it may not keep sand at bay all the time, it does make it easier to shake the sand away when you need to. The material is soft and absorbent, too.

Get the Sand Free Beach Towel from Tesalate starting at $59
9. This comfy towel that can be used all year Credit: Teema
A beach towel and a fashion accessory.

Teema is another Turkish-style towel that can be used both outdoors and indoors. On the beach, you can stay sand-free thanks to this towel’s tighter weave and light, absorbent cotton material. But this towel is also incredibly versatile, and the brand recommends using it as a bath towel, a stylish throw for your couch, or as a statement scarf.

Get the Navy Noble Towel from Teema for $32.40
10. This super light towel that's also sustainable Credit: Sand Cloud
A better towel for the planet.

A day at the beach is always better with friends, and one of the keys to a good friendship is sharing. This beach blanket measures 51 inches by 65 inches and is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Sand Cloud made its debut on Shark Tank a few years ago, and the Sharks were enamored by it. It’s made from sustainable Turkish cotton that makes it lightweight and absorbent—and it actually gets softer the more you wash it. Plus, the company donates 10% of its proceeds to marine conservation charities, so you can feel even better about using it.

Get the Sea Turtle Reef Large Towel from Sand Cloud for $68
11. This round towel that’s roomy enough for two Credit: Genoveg
Why limit yourself to a rectangular towel?

This round beach blanket is large enough to fit two people. It’s made of thick terry cloth and comes in several beautiful colors and patterns with a double-sided print. It also makes a great picnic blanket or a yoga towel.

Get the Genovega Thick Round Beach Towel Blanket from Amazon for $21.99
12. This thick blanket that’s a little more substantial than a regular towel Credit: Laguna Beach Textile Company Store
Yes, you can use an outdoor blanket on the beach.

If you’re less worried about staying dry and more about having a spot to sit out on, an outdoor blanket is a great option. This one has rave reviews on Amazon and works for camping trips, afternoons in the park, or a day at the beach. It’s made with cozy fleece on one side and waterproof fabric on the other, so you won’t have to worry about sand sticking to the bottom of it. Plus, if it’s a slightly colder day (or night) at the beach, you can wrap it around you to stay warm.

Get the Laguna Beach Textile Company Store Picnic & Outdoor Blanket from Amazon for $49
13. This sand-free beach blanket that you can anchor down Credit: WildHorn Outfitters
This definitely won't blow away.

Wind can really turn a gorgeous beach day into a downer. Not only are you fighting against those little sand grains being picked up by the wind, but you also run the risk of all your stuff (including your towel) blowing away. This blanket is made with a slick parachute-like fabric that not only keeps sand from sticking to you, but it also has handy loops to help you anchor your towel down. Now, you won’t have to strategically pile stuff on the corners to hold it down.

Get the WildHorn Outfitters Store Seaview Sand Free Beach Blanket from Amazon for $29.99
14. This beach blanket that might make you a little hungry Credit: BigMouth Inc.
The only thing you need is an actual pizza.

Summer just isn’t summer without a novelty beach blanket. There are lots of pizza-inspired beach towels out there, but this one from BigMouth Inc. is the bonafide original. It’s 5-feet-wide and made of super soft material. Its large, round size makes it great for spreading out without touching sand, as well as outdoor concerts and picnics. Warning: It might make you hungry.

Get the Giant Pizza Beach Blanket from BigMouth Inc. for $24.99
15. This hotel key-shaped towel that is perfect for a vacation (or staycation) Credit: ban.do
The perfect towel to check out with.

The vintage hotel key shape of this towel just screams “beach vacation.” Whether you’re traveling near or far from home, you can still bring some strong vacation vibes to the beach with this adorable towel. It’s made from soft and absorbent terry cloth and can easily be rolled up to pack for a day at the beach, the pool, or anywhere you need to relax and lounge in the sun.

Get the Ban.do Giant Novelty Shape Green Terrycloth Beach Towel from Amazon for $48.95

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