18 Hot Deals at REI’s Holiday Warm Up Sale


The winter fun has just begun, and REI has you covered with some great deals on cold weather gear. The Holiday Warm Up Sale is on from December 9-19th. It includes big discounts on some of our favorite winter clothing as well as some awesome gift items for the outdoorsy folks in your life.

Many of the bargains in this sale are for members only, so it’s the perfect time to sign up if you haven’t already joined. Members can also use coupon code OUTDEC22 for $20 off a $100 REI Outlet purchase. We’ll outline some of our favorite things about REI membership below, and then we’ll show all the can’t-miss deals in the sale.

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A hiker wearing an REI Stormhenge Jacket looking at a mountain view

The waterproof & warm REI Stormhenge is on sale for 30% for REI Members

Not a Member yet?

If you’re not an REI member, don’t fret! You can pick up a lifetime membership for $30 and still get to use the $20 off  REI Outlet coupon. Here are some of the reasons all of us here at CleverHiker have been REI members for years:

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff - We always have an awesome experience with the sales and customer service staff. They’re friendly and helpful, and they really know their stuff!

  • Save money - There are so many benefits to membership, but some of our favorites are access to 20% off coupons a few times a year, 10% dividend back on full-price purchases, access to the used gear Garage Sale, and discounts on REI Adventures and in-store classes.

  • REI brand products are a great value - REI brand products strike a great balance between quality and cost. The Magma line of sleeping bags and the Half Dome line of tents are some of our favorite products from their wide range of offerings.

  • REI has an excellent return policy - Customer service reigns supreme here. REI gives you 365 days to return or exchange items and we love the ability to buy online and return in store.

  • REI is getting into the ultralight game - We’re pretty stoked to see REI jumping into the ultralight arena. They’re now stocking their shelves with UL retailers, such as Hyperlite Mountain Gear, as well as upgrading many of their REI brand product lines to focus on fast and light gear.

A Camp Chef Everest Stove with pots and pans on it sitting on a table in front of a forest campsite

Our top pick from our Best Camping Stoves list, the Camp Chef Everest Stove, is 25% off

REI Stormhenge Down Jacket - 30% Off for Members

REI Stormhenge Jacket

The REI Stormhenge is a unique two-in-one jacket that offers warmth and protection from the elements in one convenient package. It’s made with a blend of down and synthetic insulation underneath a wateproof outer layer, so we find the Stormhenge very useful for everyday outdoor wear, day hikes, and camping in chilly, wet conditions. The Stormhenge is our top pick for warmth and waterproofing on our lists of the Best Down Jackets and Best Winter Coats for Men / Women

All REI Brand Base Layers - 30% Off for Members

REI Midweight Base Layer Top

Base layers are awesome for adding a ton of warmth to your clothing system without adding much weight. We’ve been using REI Base Layers on backpacking trips for years. We’re partial to the Midweight Top and Base Layer Bottoms, but REI makes a wide variety of styles to suit your taste. For more info on creating an effective backpacking clothing system, visit our Best Base Layers and Hiking Clothing 101 posts. 

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Shadow Hoodie - 30% Off 

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Shadow Hoodie

The Mountain Hardwear Ghost Shadow Hoodie has an exceptional balance of warmth to weight. It’s very similar to our top pick from our Best Down Jackets list, the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2, but it costs much less and it’s filled with synthetic insulation for those who aren’t down with down. You’d be hard pressed to find a lighter or more packable synthetic jacket than the Ghost Shadow, and it’s even lighter and more compact than many down jackets.

All Petzl Headlamps - 25% Off

Petzl Actik Core

Petzl makes a lot of dependable and user-friendly headlamps, and the Actik CORE is our favorite in their lineup. It’s a bright and lightweight headlamp with an included rechargeable battery. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Petzl Tikkina is a simple, long-lasting headlamp for an unbeatable price. Both of these headlamps are featured on our Best Headlamps list.

REI Hunker Down Sleeping Bags - 30% Off for Members

REI Hunker Down 20 Sleeping Bag

The REI Hunker Down 20 is one of our favorite sleeping bags for frontcountry camping because it’s comfortable, durable, and comes in at a great value price. The unique, rectangular hood adds extra warmth on chilly nights, and it holds a full-size bed pillow securely in place. This bag is also available in a Double version for couples. Learn more about the Hunker Down on our list of the Best Camping Sleeping Bags.

REI Brand Gloves - 30% Off for Members

REI Fleece Gloves

REI gloves are an excellent value if you’re looking for quality without breaking the bank. Their Fleece Gloves are a great practical option for everyday wear in fall and winter. They’re warm, yet breathable, and they work well with touchscreens so you can easily snap photos or pick up a call while you’re out. We also love the ultralight Minimalist GTX Mittens which you can wear over gloves to add extra warmth and waterproofing in chilly weather, or you can use them by themselves as rain mitts in warmer months. Learn more about these gloves on our list of the Best Winter Gloves.

Hestra Fall Line Gloves - 20% Off

We love Hestra's Fall Line Gloves for their quality craftsmanship, durability, and style. They’re more than good looks though - they’re super comfortable and have just enough padding for snowsports or a variety of winter activities. See how they stack up on our Best Winter Gloves list. The Fall Line Gloves are also available in Mitten and 3-Finger Mitten styles.

Camp Chef Everest - 25% Off

Camp Chef Everest Stove

The Camp Chef Everest Stove is a must have for all you creative cooks who love whipping up gourmet camp meals. This thing is seriously powerful - each burner has a heat output of up to 20,000 BTU. By comparison, household stoves have an average output of 7,000 BTU. Needless to say, that’s a lot of fire power! The Everest also features a convenient igniter button and built in wind blockers to maintain efficiency. The Everest stove is our top pick on our Best Camping Stoves list.

Adventure Medical Kits - 25% Off 

Adventure Medical Kits .3 First Aid Kit

You should always bring a small personalized first aid kit on your outdoor excursions, and Adventure Medical Kits are our go-tos for building ours. We typically replenish our kit using the .3 Ultralight Kit or the .5 Ultralight Kit. AMK also makes a great Dog First Aid Kit for keeping your pooch safe on your adventures. These kits make great gifts for hikers! Learn more about our favorite kits on our Best First Aid Kits list.

REI Flash 18 - 30% Off for Members

REI Flash 18 Day pack

The REI Flash 18 is a lightweight, minimal daypack that’s perfect for short day hikes and daily use around town. This simple drawstring bag comes in a ton of nice colors and prints, so you’re sure to find one that compliments your personal style. The Flash 18 got a mention on our list of the Best Daypacks for Hiking.

Aeropress Travel Coffee Press - 25% Off 

Aeropress Go Travel Coffee Press

The AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press is an awesome innovation for those who want to enjoy great coffee and espresso on the go. It allows you to have the bold taste of French press coffee anywhere. If you already have one, you can also stock up on discounted filters. The AeroPress Go Travel is our top gourmet coffee maker overall on our list of the Best Camping Coffee Makers for brew quality, portability, and ease-of-use.

Buff Headwear - 25% Off

Buff Original Headwear

Buffs make excellent gifts because they’re highly versatile and can be used as a hat, scarf, headband, sun protection, etc. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and we almost always have one with us on our adventures. We like the Lightweight Merino Buff for backpacking in cold weather, the Coolnet UV Buff for hikes with a lot of sun exposure, and the Original Buff for cool nights at camp.

Lucky Bums Sleds - 25% Off

Lucky Bums Sled

That first snow of the year always gets us stoked for winter activities, and one of the first things we get giddy about is sledding. Lucky Bums Plastic Sleds are affordable, easy to maneuver, and just plain fun. And at 30% off, there’s really no reason not to pick up a few of these colorful sleds for some family fun. 

Eureka Ignite Stoves - 25% Off

Eureka Ignite 2 Burner Stove

The portable and convenient Eureka Ignite 2-Burner Stove is perfect for cooking some gourmet meals around the campfire. Its push-button ignitor makes it easy to use, and the simmer control function allows for precise cooking. If you’ll be cooking for a larger group, you may want to upgrade to the Ignite Plus for the wider burners. Check out the Ignite Plus on our Best Camping Stoves list.

Gerber Knives & Multitools - 25% Off

Gerber Paraframe II Knife

We love Gerber knives and multitools because they’re affordable without compromising on quality or performance. They have an extensive lineup but our top picks from our Best Pocket Knives and Best Multitools lists are the budget-friendly Paraframe II/Paraframe Mini knives, the well-priced Suspension NXT multitool, and the compact Dime Mini multitool. These tools also make great gifts for outdoorsy folks.

Humangear Containers & Utensils - 25% Off

Humangear Gobites Uno

Looking for a crowd pleasing gift that even the most discerning of recipients will find useful? Check out Humangears mess kits and utensils. These things are great to have in the car for impromptu picnics, they make for a convenient and sustainable way to carry lunch to school/work, or they can be the perfect colorful touch in a car camping kitchen set. 

Hillsound Traction Devices - 30% Off

Hillsound FlexSteps Traction Devices

Hillsound traction devices stand out for their durability and value price. We’ve tried several styles, and we’ve been very impressed with their performance. The Hillsound FlexSteps deliver comfort and a secure fit at an affordable price, and the flexible plates and small steel spikes feel unobtrusive when worn with lightweight shoes. If you need something for use beyond the city limits, Hillsound's Trail Crampons are all-around solid performers for hiking in mixed mountain terrain. Get the full scoop on these spikes on our list of the Best Traction Devices.

Up to 50% off Clearance

The season of fall gear releases is upon us which means last season’s colors and designs are going on clearance. If you don’t mind being a little behind on the latest fashion trends and gear updates, this is the perfect time to grab some big ticket items (like tents and sleeping bags) at a deep discount. And don’t forget to use coupon code OUTDEC22 for $20 off a $100!

An Adventure Medical Kits First Aid Kit sitting on a rock in front of a mountain view

Adventure Medical Kits are on sale for 25% off

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