There are some fashion staples you cannot live without -- one of it is the white shirt. These outfit building blocks are versatile pieces that can be worn for both formal and casual events, layered with a jacket, or even on its own. Either way, white shirts give you a chic and timeless look in any occasion. Pair a relaxed white dress shirt with shorts for a suave weekend look, or dress to impress in a fitted slim silhouette with a suit.

For the uninitiated, white dress shirts are technically all the same -- what makes them different is the different collar styles. When customising a tailored dress shirt, you can choose between the straight-point collar or the spread collar, both of which are great for all occasions. If you’re planning to wear a bow tie, you'll need to get one with a wingtip collar (or the golf-collared one if you need something versatile). Formal dress shirts also don’t have pockets, while the ones with a breast pocket is considered informal.

If customising your own suit and dress shirts at these KL tailors are not your kind of thing and you’d prefer to get something off the rack, here are five of the best white dress shirts you’d want to have in your wardrobe because trust us, you’ll want to wear them time and time again.

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Proudly Asian Collar, Oxwhite

[caption id="attachment_701063" align="alignnone" width="806"] Oxwhite 'Proud Asian Collar' features an elegant mandarin collar as an alternative to the usual chunky ones.[/caption]

Malaysian brand Oxwhite is no stranger to purveying exquisite white dress shirts to its online customers. Made entirely from 100% Supima cotton, every white shirt promotes breathability and smoothness. The shirts also comes with pucker-free seams and non-grade iron 3.5, ensuring minimal creases (almost wrinkle-free) even when worn the whole day. This mandarin-collared one has an elegant touch that’s great as an alternative to the typical chunky collars.

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Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Shirt, Brooks Brothers

[dual-images right-image-url="https://d3ba08y2c5j5cf.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/26155143/Brooks-Brothers-White-Dress-Shirt-.png" left-image-url="https://d3ba08y2c5j5cf.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/26155156/Brooks-Brothers-White-Dress-Shirt-Oxford.png" right-caption="Pair this with khakis, jeans or slacks." left-caption="Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Shirt from Brooks Brothers "]

Thanks to its curved hem, this versatile button down shirt can be sported with a tie for a formal look, or untucked over khakis or shorts for a casual everyday ensemble. Each shirt is made from American-grown Supima cotton for extra comfort, with a modern trim fit on the chest and waist. Roll up the sleeves to keep the look relaxed if you’re wearing it for a weekend brunch or a date.

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Caramor Trim Fit Solid Dress Shirt, Ted Baker

[dual-images right-image-url="https://d3ba08y2c5j5cf.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/26153413/Ted-Baker-London-White-Dress-Shirt.jpg" left-image-url="https://d3ba08y2c5j5cf.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/26153418/Ted-Baker-London-White-Shirt.jpg" right-caption="The trimmed cutting gives a snug fit to its wearer." left-caption="Caramor Trim Fit Solid Dress Shirt from Ted Baker"]

It is important to choose dress shirts that fit you both across the chest and waist. This piece from Ted Baker offers a modern fit as well as breathability, making it great for formal events. The material is also soft and comfortable, an especially important factor if you’re planning on wearing it the entire day.

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Classic Regular Fit Shirt, Sacoor Brothers

[dual-images right-image-url="https://d3ba08y2c5j5cf.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/26164821/Sacoor-Brothers-White-Shirts-Classic-Cut.jpg" left-image-url="https://d3ba08y2c5j5cf.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/26164829/Sacoor-Brothers-White-Shirts-Classic.jpg" right-caption="The silhouette makes it easy to match and pair with almost anything." left-caption="This classic white shirt is easily an office wear staple."]

You can never go wrong with a classic cut shirt that has an open collar and one pocket. The crisp shirt has English stitching with triangular seams on the sides. The material is easy to iron as well, making it an office staple through and through. But if fit is an issue, Sacoor Brothers has slim-fitted ones as well.

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Poplin Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger

[caption id="attachment_701159" align="alignnone" width="513"] Tommy Hilfiger's white shirt has a very understated yet recognisable logo.[/caption]

This crisp poplin cotton shirt is great for the hot weather thanks to its thin fabric and excellent breathability. It has a slim fit silhouette that gives a comfortable fit while making it perfect as an inner shirt for blazers or suits.

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