Further reading and additional online resources for our special edition Sustainability Through the Seasons.

Temperatures may be cooling but things are heating up in the kitchen and garden. In this chapter, learn how to prepare soil, minimize food waste, grow nutritious fruits and veggies and then turn them into delicious dishes sure to become family favourites.
More autumn gardening ideas
7 garden tips for bountiful winter harvest

Free downloadable seed saving envelope

New Zealand growing guide: 9 tips for your best-ever broccoli crop

How to plant a rainbow: Growing tips for colourful summer salads, beetroot, silverbeet and edible flowers

Additional autumn eco-ideas – Food waste
Free Downloadable Meal Planner

Dr Compost’s secrets to healthy compost without back-breaking labour

Dr Compost Ben Elms’ recipe for a good life and tips for top compost

How to best feed your chickens (it’s time to put down the treats)

Useful links and further reading on compost and food waste:

See the Compost Collective’s bokashi page for further bokashi tips

The Share Waste website matches those who have scraps and lack compost, with others who have compost and need scraps. 

Auckland’s commercial composting service We Compost


Further reading on food choices and carbon emissions: 

Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans: How much does diet impact the environment?

A study on the difference in dietary greenhouse gas emissions between self-selected meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the UK. 
Further reading autumn Eco-travel 
The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment initiative spearheaded by Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) has eight goals and 14 commitments focusing on the economy, visitors, host community and the environment. More than 1000 tourism businesses had signed up by April 2019; however, the TIA’s goal is for all tourism operators to be on board by 2025. Find a full list of companies at sustainabletourism.nz

TIA is also one of seven organizations behind the Tiaki initiative, which asks travelers in New Zealand to be mindful of their surroundings. Other supporters include Tourism New Zealand, DOC and Air New Zealand. Travelers commit to: “Care for land, sea and nature, tread lightly and leave no trace; travel safely, show care and consideration for all, respect the culture and travel with an  open heart and mind.” tiakinewzealand.com

Learn how to grow frost-resistant produce, reduce waste, improve the environment for birds  and beat the chill with craft and flavoursome recipes.
More winter gardening ideas
How to grow miner’s lettuce and corn salad (mache): Two nutritious, delicious greens that love winter

Growing kale over winter

Which mulch is best to use in winter?

How to grow microgreens

A guide to growing wild strawberries in New Zealand

Bare, naked tree planting tips






Kath Irvine’s pruning fundamentals: When to prune and the three golden rules of pruning

Winter biodiversity ideas to help native birds
13 ways to help New Zealand birds on your property

DIY: Make your own hanging bird bath



Winter rat and rodent catching tips
What it takes to kill a rat



How Goodnature’s self-resetting traps are changing predator control in New Zealand

The secret life of nocturnal pests (and how to capture them on camera)

More winter eco-ideas
Plastic free grocery shopping made easy: Eco experts share tips on how to cut down plastic waste

Nicole Barratt: How I went plastic-free for a month (it’s not as hard as you think – promise)

Two plastic-free projects: How to make an origami paper bin liner and a paper kete (basket)

How a family of four ditched cling film for good

Winter craft ideas
How to cast on:

Free knitting pattern: Make a colourful seesaw knit scarf

Free knitted fox scarf pattern

Craft project: Crochet possum bookmark

Free knitting pattern: Cotton Wool Booties for New Zealand babies in need

DIY: Make a knitted pet bed

Winter eco-ideas: Sourdough making
Two delicious sourdough bread variations to try

Recipe: How to create and nurture a sourdough starter

Recipe: Everyday Multigrain Sourdough Sandwich Bread


Boost the health of bees and other beneficial insects, grow a variety of fruit and veggies, cook from the garden, spring clean the wardrobe and shop sustainably.
Spring gardening ideas
Why pumpkins are the new superfood

20 expert tips to growing great tomatoes

Spring gardening tips for September: Sow peas and carrots, plant tomato seeds, dig out weeds, avoid codling moths

10 tips to growing cucumbers (hint: they hate frost and love fertiliser)

Spring biodiversity

Protein, fats and minerals: Why bees need pollen

Top 17 trees to feed bees in New Zealand year round

Spring eco-ideas further reading sustainable fashion
A good overview of the supply chain and challenges of the fashion industry


Tearfund’s ethical fashion guide rate’s NZ clothing brands on their sustainability

Information of fabric choices and the environment

Summer gardening ideas
The 10 best lettuces for the healthiest 365-day salad supply

Tips to growing, pruning and picking perfect raspberries

11 tips for growing runner beans in New Zealand: Why runner beans should be a staple in your garden

How to control and prevent pests in the garden the natural way

Homemade gift ideas
How to make a hanging lettuce ball

DIY: herbal seed bombs

Homegrown present idea: Greek basil topiary

How to infuse vodka at home PLUS 5 infused vodka cocktail recipes

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