204 Spoiled Cats That Probably Live Better Than You (New Pics)

Some people have dogs, other people own cats. And the unknown number of the latter ones are more or less living in delusion. They only think they own cats when in fact, it’s their cats who totally own them. How is that possible? The pictures below speak louder than thousands of words.

Compiled by Bored Panda, we present to you a list of the most spoiled kings and queens of the feline world who shamelessly rule their households and set their own rules. Think of it as the tribute to our endless love for these sneaky furry animals who stole our hearts at some time back in history and never gave it back.

Are you a proud owner of a demanding mouser too? Make sure to hit us in the comments and share your story, as well as check out our previous post with spoiled, more spoiled, and the most spoiled cheeky cats and kittens right here.

#1 Sometimes I Wonder

Image credits: liz_buckley

#2 If They Don't Go Out At Sunset To Watch The Birdies Roost Everyday I Never Hear The End Of It

Image credits: mooboomooM

#3 My Husband And Cat Share A Birthday Week

Image credits: HelpfulPhotograph185

“It’s great to pay attention to your cat, but spoiling can be detrimental,” Molly DeVoss, a certified feline training and behavior specialist who runs Cat Behavior Solutions agency, told Bored Panda in an interview via email. Molly says there are two types of spoiling: “indulging their species’ needs and indulging in human spoiling.”

“The difference is feeling responsible for relieving boredom, and providing proper nutrition and outlets for natural behaviors and inherited skills, versus things like dressing them up in clothes and feeding them pate,” the cat behaviorist explained.

#4 Just Two Guys Walking Their Cats In Strollers

Image credits: is_rotting

#5 I Think These Cats Might Be Spoiled

They’re not allowed to be outdoor cats, but this is the next best thing!

For everyone wondering, the reason why our cats aren't allowed outside is because we live in an area with foxes and coyotes, so predators are a real concern. We're also by a semi-busy road, so cars pose a problem, too. We only set up the tent/tunnel system when we're around and can keep an eye on things; the cats are never left out there unattended.

Image credits: eggsterminate

#6 Made Her A Bridge To The Window She Always Stared At But Could Never Reach

Image credits: soup_sammich_

Molly also said that “if you 'spoil' your cat by providing everything the feline species needs, you will very likely be preventing any potential future behavior issues.”

“On the other hand, if you 'spoil' your cat with dress-up and foods that are not healthy for them, the cat may eventually let you know how unhappy he really feels about it—and that might be aggression or destruction issues down the road,” she concluded.

Molly recently did a wonderful podcast for any cat owner who’s struggling with a demanding cat (or demanding too much of them) called “Helicopter Cat Parenting.” Find out Molly’s insights on the subject matter right here.

#7 My Cat Sits In Her “Boat” In The Hot Tub Every Single Day And Refuses To Get Out Even After An Hour. Her Name Is Trixie

Image credits: gracejulia38

#8 “Babe, Of Course The Cat Will Never Come Between Us"

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 A Friend Of Mine Has Bathroom Art For Their Cat

Image credits: slingblade1315

#10 Everyday Momo Cries Until My Boyfriend Puts Him In His “Hammock” For Nap Time

Image credits: ladymistborn

#11 Spaw Day With Dad

Image credits: dontstopmeowing

#12 When You Have To Give Your Cat A Decoy Laptop

Image credits: cuppytron

#13 My Friend Has A Hammock For Their Cat

Image credits: bbjackson

#14 My Cat Likes To Have A "Cocktail" Whenever I Have A Drink (She Meows Until She Gets It) And She'll Only Drink Out Of This Festive Glass

Image credits: madelinegemma

#15 Cat Bedroom Is Complete. Birb TV Is On

Image credits: Bry_in_the_sky

#16 Cat Tree, Deluxe Version

Image credits: wolfie_smiles

#17 My Cat Loves Sitting In Pants So While I Don’t Have Anything To Do I Wear An Extra Pair Of Pants To Let Him Sit With Me

Image credits: oplunz

#18 Grandparents Went From "We Don't Need A Damn Cat" To "Did You Set Up Lulu's Spot For Dinner?"

Image credits: Dezean

#19 We Don't Spoil Our Cat

#20 Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat

Image credits: julcarls

#21 My Dad (79) Went From “I Don’t Want That Dang Cat” To Carrying Her To “Her Room” For Bed Each Night

Image credits: laurieatari

#22 Pepper Obviously Has A Sense Of Entitlement

Image credits: JakeAndRay

#23 My Sister Is Babysitting My Cat, Benny. He’s Very Demanding

Image credits: annotyn

#24 I Have The World's Clingiest Cat. He Loves To Be Picked Up, Kissed, Held And He Loves Taking Naps On My Lap. This Is What Happens When I'm Trying To Work

Image credits: scarletcyanide

#25 My Mom Crocheted A Couch For My Cats

Image credits: Higlac

#26 He Loves Getting Raked By The Back Scratcher. He Is My Zen Garden

Image credits: mlapa

#27 She Likes To Watch The Bin Men, But Can't See Out By Herself

Image credits: british_boondog

#28 Our Cat Is Obsessed With Blanket Forts, So We Made Him This. He Has Wares, If You Have Coin

Image credits: uninsomnia

#29 She Meows Until I Let Her Do This

Image credits: timMANthy

#30 I Bought My Cats Child Sized Camp Chairs

Image credits: mxs4235

#31 The First Day I Got My Kitten, I Took A Bath, She Somehow Managed To Hop The Tub And Take A Snooze On My Shoulder

Months later she still likes to snooze in the tub... Can't get a moment alone... and I thought cats hated water.

Image credits: IsaacTowellComedy

#32 Sometimes I Worry That I Spoil Them

Image credits: Craigamus1

#33 I Made My 17-Year-Old King Arthur A Cardboard Iron Throne

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_FAVCOLOR

#34 I Have To Pet Him Before I Can Go To The Toilet. Every. Single. Time

Image credits: lineypi

#35 My Niece Decided That Her Cats Should Sleep In Bunk Beds

Image credits: flooid

#36 Bean Likes To Be Carried Around In Empty Soda Cases

Image credits: No-Session9530

#37 Chewy Doesn't Care About New Year's Hangovers. Chewy Wants Breakfast Now

Image credits: WildWolf-

#38 I Decided My Cats' Couch Needed Some Artwork Above It

Image credits: rivensky

#39 This Weirdo Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub

Image credits: aquickcupofcoffee

#40 Our New Kitty Demands To Be Cuddled 24/7. This Is How We Hold Her When We're Gaming

Image credits: mischiefsadvocate

#41 I Made A Gazebo For My Cat. She’s So Spoiled I Love Her

Image credits: lesbiancandles

#42 Today, I Spent An Hour Fixing Newton's Favorite Toys. He Hasn't Played With Either Since

Image credits: timemanagement77

#43 Brought My Senior Cat On Vacation With Me. This Is How The Maids Left Her After They Finished Cleaning My Hotel Room

Image credits: Panda_Cookie

#44 I Got A Thermal Mat For My Already-Spoiled Cat

Image credits: TheFunkyMonk

#45 My Parents Spoil Their Cats So Much. Here’s Their New Backyard “House”

Image credits: slicedgreenolive

#46 When Breakfast Is At 7:00 But It's 7:02 And You Still Haven't Been Fed

Image credits: DukeFerdinandMaria

#47 Just Trying To Do A Puzzle But Someone Demands Attention

Image credits: Sappy18

#48 We’ve Had Him Less Than A Week And He Demands To Sleep In Our Arms

Image credits: materiamasta

#49 My Brother’s Cat Is The Light Of His Life

Image credits: erwinmurry

#50 Probably TMI. Apparently I’m Not Allowed To Pee Alone

Image credits: ramonacumcloser

#51 She Cried And Cried Til I Let Her Outside. She Was Outside A Whole 15 Seconds Before She Started Yelling At Me To Let Her In

Image credits: quarky_42

#52 I Have To Push A Stool Into The Kitchen So They Can Watch Me Cook Or They Scream

Image credits: emilyjobot

#53 This Is The Way She Sits. She Cries At The Door To Be Allowed To Enter The Empty Kitchen Where The Stools Are So She Can Sit Like This

Image credits: treitonedehummus

#54 Don't Tell Dad

Image credits: bonojour

#55 Spoiled Cat Doesn’t Leave Me Alone Until I Put On Her Show

Image credits: samplifier

#56 It's My Birthday, But My Gift Was For My Cats. Spoiled Creatures

Image credits: victoriavague

#57 Baby Boy Tigger, Has To Lay Like This For At Least 30 Minutes Before Dad Goes To Work For The Day. Spoiled Brat

Image credits: flinderman76

#58 When The Queen Demands To Play With The Ceiling Dangles, She Gets To Play With The Ceiling Dangles

Image credits: Quatrinn

#59 My Little Sister Bought Accessories For Her Cat. This Is The Result. Thug Lyfe

Image credits: mamabird_2

#60 Responded To Some Late-Night Screaming From The Cat. Turns Out Her Dry Food Was All Pushed Up Against The Sides Of The Bowl And She’s Out Of Wet Food. Obvious Crisis

Image credits: oishicat

#61 Hobbes Is A Scarily Accurate Alarm Clock. Here He Is Demanding Food

Image credits: beeberoni

#62 My Parent's Ridiculously Spoiled Cat Who Drinks Water Out Of Crystal On A Shrine With A Portrait Of Her

Image credits: emwardo

#63 My Cat Likes To Sit On My Chest. It's Uncomfortable But She's Just Too Damn Cute

Image credits: MissMeltyPanda

#64 DIY’ed A Tower For My Cats From Amazon’s Boxes. I Think They Enjoy It!

Image credits: ipoopette

#65 I Have To Use A Decoy Book When I Read Because Of This Jerk

Image credits: Savidawn93

#66 Look At Those Teefs. He Was Screaming Because He’s Spoiled And Only Drinks From The Sink

Image credits: Melissa93xo

#67 Built Our Spoiled Babies A Loft For Christmas

Image credits: Idgy98

#68 One Of Our Kittens Only Sleeps In My Daughter's Doll Bathtub

Image credits: jaymae77

#69 My Parents' Neighbor Fixes Up Old Furniture To Resell. Everytime He Has A Chair / Couch Outside My Cat Thinks It's For Him

Image credits: Era_Glassworks

#70 He Yells Me Until I Put Him Over There

Image credits: saidish

#71 High Five For Being Carried Around On The "Walk". He's A Little Spoiled

Image credits: lol_smileyface

#72 She Demands Cuddles On Days I Get To Work From Home

Image credits: lemaxx

#73 Jerry And Elaine After Screaming Me Awake At 5 Am Because Their Blanket Fell Off The Couch In The Other Room

I set their cozy bed back up and get this look. “Okay, you can go now.”

Image credits: waterfae

#74 She Screams If Not Held

Image credits: LordBran

#75 You Know Your Cat Is Spoiled When He Refuses To Eat His Food In The Kitchen And Will Only Chow Down When I'm Eating Too

Image credits: Ireekofgeek

#76 We Have Had Our Indoor Cat For 6 Years, But He Has Never Had Much Windows/Views To Enjoy. We Moved Recently, And He Is Very Satisfied With His New Views

Image credits: AlwaysLocal

#77 My Grumpy Dad When He Holds Up The Cat So She Can Look Out The Window

Image credits: EricSaysHey

#78 My Best Friend Bought Her Cat An Actual Bed

Image credits: hellothereholly

#79 He Won’t Stop Meowing Until He’s Around My Shoulders Like A Stupid Scarf

Image credits: ZodiacalCleric

#80 My Cat Demands A Towel For Himself When Anyone Takes A Shower. God Help You If You Don’t Give Him One

Image credits: toastsss68

#81 My Mum's Cat Dislocated Her Hip And We Used Videos Of Birds To Keep Her Occupied. Now Healed, She Demands The Same Videos Every Morning

Image credits: Srg11

#82 Good Thing Mom Has Milly Around To Help With All The Things

Image credits: Miss_Behaves

#83 I Carried Her In A Bag Once Just Playing Around. She Liked It So Much, Anytime She Sees A Bag She’ll Jump In And Yell Until Someone Carries Her Around

Image credits: quarky_42

#84 He's Not At All Spoiled

Image credits: beerandyarn

#85 Augustus Is Chuffed With His New Wheels. So Much So That He’s Hopped In Again After His First Ever Ride Around The Block

Image credits: augustusthefirst

#86 “I Knew The Cat Was Spoiled, But My Mom Just Put A Spoon Of Red Caviar Into His Bowl, He ‘Dug’ The Bowl Like He Was Covering It Up, And Walked Away”

Image credits: cybernadja

#87 My Dad Sent Me This Photo Of A Tank He Made For His Cat

Image credits: Skrungle

#88 This Is Anakin. Anakin Wants You To Pick Him Up And Carry Him Because He "Hurt" His Arm. The Vet Said He's Perfectly Fine

Image credits: Cherridwen

#89 I Can’t Even Pee In Peace Anymore

Image credits: justawalkingtaco

#90 I Shooed Him Off My Lap And He Gonna Be A Little Jerk About It

Image credits: speedycat2014

#91 Someone Had The Nerve To Say We Spoil Our Cat

Image credits: melanchongy

#92 I Spoil My Cat But That’s Okay Because I Love Him So Much

Image credits: cathercha

#93 This Is Edie. She's 23, Yowls Randomly In The Middle Of The Night And Demands Constant Attention, But Shes Aight

Image credits: Shafandraniqua

#94 I Made My Cat A Work From Home Set Up

Image credits: the_pizzacat

#95 Cool, Right?

Image credits: scarletterotica86

#96 My Sweet Gary Napping In His Spaceship

Image credits: cecebutterluv

#97 Hans’ First Time On The Ferry. He Screamed At Every Single Person He Saw So He Could Get All The Good Pets

Image credits: cinnasluttly

#98 Tippy Demands I Play Fetch With The Hair Tie

Image credits: PopeKermit

#99 Tim Watching Mice Run Around On His Tablet. Yes, He Has His Own. Such A Spoiled Baby

Image credits: hayley1337

#100 My Name Is Chloe. I Only Like To Sleep Beside Your Face, My Purr Will Keep You Up All Night, And My New Family Is Already Wrapped Around My Little Finger

Image credits: BamitsKathryn

#101 Wife Says The Cat Is Spoiled. I Have No Idea What Shes Talking About

Image credits: imgur.com

#102 Have You Ever Seen A More Spoiled Cat? We Just Moved Into Our New Place And He Has More Toys Than We Have Furniture

Image credits: Nicolascagerages

#103 My Spoiled Cat Has A Couch Before I Do

Image credits: SangriaShark

#104 Breakfast Was Not Being Served Fast Enough For This Queen

Image credits: Mada15

#105 Our Cat Refuses To Use The Cat Flap So Instead, He Digs At The Window To Let Him In

Image credits: Changed_L8r

#106 Where's My Breakfast At 5:57 Am

Image credits: lonelinzkilz

#107 Never Lets Me Play A Video Game

Image credits: PrestonDark

#108 He Wakes Me Up At Midnight Because He Ate All His Food

Image credits: boltoneb

#109 I Suppose I Wasn't Complying Fast Enough

Image credits: alyssarenee213

#110 The Way My Dad's Cat Screams At Him When He's Leaving

Image credits: uvronac

#111 Can’t Even Brush My Teeth In Peace

Image credits: RU_4_8_6

#112 My Cat Stealing My Girlfriend, Preventing Her From Studying, And Then Looking Back At Me To See If I’m Jealous

Image credits: waterfae

#113 Spoiled

Image credits: 316nuts

#114 Since The Lockdown, Our Cat Demands To Be Cradled By My Dad At All Times, Especially During Meals

Image credits: deadlefties

#115 Me: Closes A Door. My Cat:

Image credits: michaelscat2

#116 Made A Bridge To The Window She Always Stared But Could Never Reach

Image credits: soup_sammich_

#117 I Too Got A Lazy Co-Worker Who Sleeps On The Job And Yells At Me If I Try To Do My Work. The Audacity I Say

Image credits: foxam1234

#118 Yelling At Me Because She Didn’t Like That I Was In The Bathtub

Image credits: Morieta7

#119 Yelling At Me Because I Wasn't Paying Enough Attention To Her

Image credits: dtom811

#120 It Appears I Have Nothing To Do Today But To Entertain Milly

Image credits: skipnina

#121 I Have Nearly Completed The Catio! Some Final Touches To Flooring And Details Tomorrow. They Already Love It

Image credits: AngryTaper

#122 The Look I Get When It’s An Hour Before This Spoiled Cat Gets His Wet Food

Image credits: timewarner17

#123 Momma Got Me A Stroller So I Can Come On Walks With Her

Image credits: mighty_mainecoons

#124 Spoiled

Image credits: purrcyweasley

#125 Alfie Likes To Wake Me Up Every Morning To Play Fetch

Image credits: Mareeswan

#126 Kermit Sits In The Sink And Yells For Water At Least 3 Times A Day

Image credits: raccoondaddi

#127 Demanding Cat

Image credits: LibrarianLizy

#128 My Boyfriend Bought Our Cat A Couch

Image credits: Potatojazzy

#129 Officially Spoiled Kitten

Image credits: thedamnoftinkers

#130 Our Spoiled Cat

Image credits: jamielynnspeers

#131 My Mom Says The Kittens Are Spoiled, I Completely Disagree

Image credits: janeth0000

#132 My Cat Might Be A Little Too Spoiled

Image credits: holydragonnall

#133 Trying To Slap My Phone Out Of My Hand Because I Had To Use The Bathroom Before I Fed Him

Image credits: RManSavage

#134 This Big Boi Shoved My Computer Away And Wedged Himself In

Image credits: lgusty

#135 Get Off Your Butt And Feed Me More Wet Food While It’s Fresh Cause I Like To Lap Up All The Yummy Juices And Waste Food By Leaving Lots Of Left And Ask For More, Cuz Juice

Image credits: OurCatFam

#136 My Dad Just Trying To Get His Work Done

Image credits: patseythepastry

#137 Meet Princess Peach. She's A Shy But Spoiled Kitty Who Sleeps In Only King-Sized Beds And Holds My Hand Until She Falls Asleep

Image credits: chloh

#138 Yoshi Is Spoiled And Will Only Drink Water From The Faucet And If You’re Not Near By He Will Wait For You In The Sink

Image credits: 333what333

#139 Annabelle Demands To Sit On Your Lap

Image credits: thoburned

#140 She Demands The Same Story Every Night

Image credits: mikejones84

#141 He Demands Belly Rubs

#142 My Personal Space Invader Who Demanded "Uppa" This Morning

Image credits: HeadlessTuxedo

#143 My Kitten Has A Weird Obsession With Our Fridge's Water Dispenser And Demands To Be Held To Do This Every Time It's Used. She Doesn't Drink, She Just Stares

Image credits: RobertsKitty

#144 He Is A Bean Addict! He Screams For A Bean Every Time The Fridge Is Opened And Steals Them At Any Chance

Image credits: allisonlee

#145 Ellie Being A Cute Little Jerk

Image credits: gmmosh

#146 My Cat Isn’t Allowed On The Counter, But He Likes To Push Our Limits

Image credits: politicalpug007

#147 Hi. My Name Is Chester. It’s A Lazy Sunday On My Throne In My Human’s Lounge Recliner. Yep, I’ve Got It Pretty Good In My Life

Image credits: eric__leigh

#148 Just A Pair Of Spoiled Cats

Image credits: northernCan81

#149 Caturday

Image credits: mycatlionel

#150 My Cat Likes To Sit On My Chest And Bite My Shirt

Image credits: Holyheffalumps

#151 I Should Consider Getting A Life

Image credits: Deckardisthething

#152 Where Should I Sits? I Think I’ll Sits Here

Image credits: ksushaton

#153 The Only Way My Brat Of A Cat Can Be Held Without Her Complaining

Image credits: Cadberry_

#154 Now I Have To Unplug My Lamp At Night. Because This Furry Bastard Learned How To Turn It On. And He Turns It On Every Time He's Hungry In The Middle Of The Night

#155 It's Never A Polite "Can You Let Me In Please?"

Image credits: gillyelle

#156 Every 5 Minutes He Asks To Go Out And In. Every 5 Minutes

Image credits: hyuma

#157 Today, Jerry Learned That If He Unplugs The Box Fan From The Wall At Night, The Humans Wake Up. Here He Is, Proud Of Himself, 6:35 Am On My Day Off

Image credits: waterfae

#158 He’s Better Than An Alarm Clock

Image credits: brokentelescope

#159 Not Even 10 Pages In

Image credits: geeenuhh

#160 I Don't Bother Him On The Litter Box

Image credits: chummy_jimmy

#161 My Cat Is So Spoiled

Image credits: mand3rz

#162 My Adopted Boy Hugged My Shoulder Like This As Soon As I Held Him At The Shelter Two Years Ago And He’s Demanded To Be Held Like This Everyday Since

Image credits: Breealysabeth

#163 He Demanded We Go To Bed As I Was Brushing My Teeth Last Night

Image credits: DarkRune23

#164 My Kitten Sansa Demands To Be Tucked In At Night

Image credits: flat1ander

#165 My Mom Strapped My Kitten Into A Pillow Pet And She Fell Asleep There

Image credits: malphasia

#166 Well It’s Not Done Yet. But I’m Pretty Proud About The Result. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: eugenraymond

#167 You Must Answer His Riddles Before You Piddles

Image credits: cottoncandaddy

#168 Guess Who Woke Me Up At 4am So She Could Stand On Me And Yell At A Ceiling Moth

Image credits: KuroTintedHeart

#169 He Likes To Come Upstairs At 3am And Meow In The Hallway Until I Let Him In And He Proceeds To Eat Whatever He Can Find On The Floor

He knows damn well I can’t even yell at him because everyone else is asleep. Don’t be like Oscar

Image credits: silversieve

#170 On The Way To The Vet She Will Scream At Me Until I Hold Her Paw And I Have To Keep Holding It All The Way There

Image credits: ILonara

#171 Here’s My Cat Screaming For Cheese

Image credits: lamee_lamp

#172 She Protecc, She Attacc, But Most Importantly She Scream At Dad For Snacc

Image credits: ksseefried20

#173 He Spends 3 Hours Meowing At Me To Wake Up, I Get Up And That's What He Does

Image credits: EvilMartha

#174 After A Hard Workout, Time To Relax And Meditate

Image credits: toastedmarshmallowolaf

#175 She Fell Between My Legs, Trapping Me For Hours

Image credits: smokeygizmo

#176 My Cat Demands That She Be Carried Around The House Like This All Of The Time

Image credits: ouchchawlay

#177 She Woke Me Up At 7:00 Am Sharp And Demanded Breakfast. She Then Proceeded To Eat It So Fast That She Projectile Vomited From The Top Of Her Cat Tree

It’s a good thing she’s cute.

Image credits: spookybeanz

#178 This Adorable Little Douchebag Learned A New Way To Get My Attention: Unplugging My Laptop

Image credits: LordMeme42

#179 I've Kicked This Jerk Off The Bed 3 Times So I Can Fold Laundry. How Dare I Refuse His Help

Image credits: Raising_Danger

#180 2 Days And Already Spoiled

Image credits: InfatuatedCoconut314

#181 The School's Cat Stays In The Water Fountain Until Someone Opens The Faucet For Him To Drink Some, He's Pretty Spoiled But We Love Him

Image credits: Cactus_Azul

#182 This Is Puddin And Sleeps With Us Every Night Just Like This. Head On Pillow And Partially Covered Up. "Spoiled" She Is

Image credits: RakibHasan00777

#183 The Void Demands Crunchies

Image credits: km8907

#184 I’m Not Normally A Cat Person, But While Having My Dogs Nails Trimmed This Gentlemen Demanded Scratches. 10/10 Good Catto

Image credits: BrutalSprinkle

#185 When The Cat Demands Attention

Image credits: kyandian

#186 This Is Your Captain Speaking, Welcome Aboard The Cat Mobile

Meowmy’s latest crazy cat lady project, made with PVC pipe, screen netting, fabric, a sewing machine, ingenuity, but mostly love.

Image credits: crazysphynxcat

#187 Kilo Demands To Come In The Bathroom With Me So He Can Stare Lovingly At Me While I Pee

Image credits: Heatherbanana1984

#188 Arya Likes To Yell At Me When I Won’t Help Her Catch Bugs

Image credits: Mo0may

#189 Ah, It Must Be Morning

Image credits: greenhouselimpbizkit

#190 My Jerk Cat Broke A Small Piece Of Our Drop Ceiling Tile Off Just So He Could Stick His Head Through It And Meow Incessantly While I'm Trying To Watch TV

Image credits: Lontology

#191 Thanks For The Early Alarm

Image credits: lennon14

#192 She Demanded To Be Hand Carried Back Home

Image credits: KingofSomnia

#193 I Demand Immediate Activation Of The Hydration Device! You Will Comply

Image credits: e_stricker

#194 New Comfy Spot Confirmed

Image credits: nattopic

#195 I Feed You, Love Me Back

Image credits: nini.zhuk

#196 Every Time I Try To Do Homework

Image credits: betterthanfire

#197 He Knows He's Not Supposed To Be There So Instantly Starts Crying And Meowing. Cutest Pest

Image credits: fsshdee

#198 Can I Just Have 5 Minutes Alone?

Image credits: dudejustdig

#199 My Cat Hates Water So Much He Yells At Me When I Shower

Image credits: SmithKittyKat

#200 They're Doing Some Important Internet Research

Image credits: aquarius350

#201 Excited For Sleepy Time

Image credits: kittiesloveyoga

#202 I’m Just Trying To Draw

Image credits: meelmcmo

#203 Benny Recently Learned That The Acoustics In The Shower Will Amplify His Voice And Protect Him From The Squirt Bottle

His concerts start at 4 am and last until everyone in the house is up with him.

Image credits: rachybabi

#204 Anyone Else's Cats Scream In The Morning When It's Time For Breakfast?

Image credits: snuckdoo