24 DIY Snowman Ideas to Celebrate Christmas this Year

If you are having trouble deciding what to buy as a Christmas decoration this year, you can start by making your own snowman decorations. These fun and easy to make gifts are sure to delight your loved ones. You can make them by hand or even buy some from a craft store. Some of the more popular Christmas decorations include the lighted grapevine wreath, the iced paper snowman, and a glistening red and white snowman sign.

There are many ways to make your own snowman. You can utilize some materials around your to make this craft. You can use old bowling pins, plastic cups, and even craft sticks, etc. Here are some DIY snowman ideas to celebrate Christmas this year.

Use Glass Bottle

Recycled materials and wine bottles are perfect for snowman. You can turn a glass bottle into a cute snowman one. Paint the bottle in white color then make it resemble to the snowman as interesting as you can.


This DIY Snowman from an old bottle will make a perfect Christmas decoration and steal everyone’s attention. You can paint this bottle white and paint a snowman’s face for the perfect decoration result. This design will enhance the appearance of your home. DIY Snowman ornament from hative.


Paint your wine bottle to look like a snowman, Frosty, or other holiday-themed character and then display it on a tall chandelier. You can make it yourself by painting it white, complete with a red scarf and black hat, which will add to the unique design of the room. Placed on this console table would be the perfect focal point of the room. DIY snowman ideas from diyncrafts.


You can turn these glass bottles into amazing Christmas decorations. You can turn it into a stunning snowman ornament. This DIY is easy for you to make. Just paint white all over the bottle and add a full face painting with a red cap for a stunning décor. Glass bottles snowman from architectureartdesigns.


The idea of ​​used glass bottles that can be transformed into snowman ornaments will make room decorations unique and steal the attention of many people. You can paint this bottle white and blue for stunning results. Funny snowman face painting to give a funny look. Glass bottle snowman from architectureartdesigns.

Wood Slice Snowman

This is actually an easy snowman to make. The material you need is only three slices of wood with different sizes. Paint each slice in white color then stack them together and draw his features. Add accessories that are the hallmark of a snowman, such as a red scarf and hat.


This wooden wedge snowman ornament provides a unique room decor. You can stack three wooden wedges and top them off with a face painting, scarf, and black hat for stunning results. Lying on this wooden floor will create the perfect focal point of the room. Wooden slice snowman from hative.


Choosing pieces of wood to make this snowman ornament is the right choice that you can try. White coloring on these wood slices will make for a stunning snowman decoration. Complete the look with pompoms and face painting for a stunning décor. You can hang this ornament on a Christmas tree to create a stylish room. DIY  snowman ornament from deavita.


This DIY woodcut snowman creates a stylish look. You can place this wood-sliced snowman on a Christmas tree for a stunning decoration result. Make your own and complete it with face painting and rope to make it easier for you to hang this ornament on the Christmas tree. This design will give a charming appearance and steal the attention of many people. Hanging wood slice snowman from easypeasyandfun.


Slices of wood come in handy for all your winter crafts. You can make your own from scraps of wood that are whitewashed and painted on a snowman’s face for stunning results. Add scarves and hand accents from tree branches for a unique decoration that will attract the attention of many people. You can put this ornament on your home table for good results. DIY wooden Snowman from countryliving.

Mason Jar Snowman

If you find out a lot of mason jar sin your kitchen, you can turn them to become an interesting craft to celebrate Christmas day. You can make a snowman ornament from this item. You can paint in white and draw his features and add some accessories. You can aslo use it as a candle holder. After everything is ready you can insert a candle into it.


Looking for a way to reuse your unused Mason jars this Christmas? You can turn a jar into an amazing snowman. You can paint it white and add a red scarf to give it an uplifting look. This adorable snowman lotion will match your bedroom or bathroom decor. Snowman mason jar lotion from countryliving.


Store your Christmas cake baking supplies in one of these burlap-wrapped jars. You can use jars to make amazing snowman ornaments. You can simply paint it white over a large area and add a burlap scarf which will give it a unique look and attract the attention of many people. Snowman masson jar from roundecor. Snowman mason jar from countryliving.


You can make your own mason jar snowman. This is the perfect winter or Christmas craft to make. You can use whitewashed jars, buttons, googly eyes, markers, Christmas stockings, scraps of fabric or string, pom poms, for stunning ornamental results. Putting it on this table will give a unique room design and steal the attention of many people. Mason jar snowan demcor from craftymorning.


This snowman solar lamp is quite simple, because it is made of shapes that are painted white and then decorated like a snowman. You can hang it on a lamp holder for a stunning garden decoration. On this lampshade you can paint it black for a cute hat accent. Hanging it using a wire will give it a charming look. Snowman solar lamp from hative.

Sock Snowman

Instead of throwing away your old socks, turn these into an interesting Christmas craft. This is very easy to do. Prepare socks, flannel, glue, and some buttons to decorate it. First, you just need to fill the socks with flannel to form a circle or ball. Tie with string or twine at the end. Then divide into two parts, as the body and head. Decorate with buttons to make the eyes and accent on the belly. And it is ready to use.


Got old, unused socks? Turn it into a cute and awesome no-sew snowman doll. This DIY Snowman doesn’t take a long time and a lot of budget because this tiny design will add to your creativity. Add buttons, a ribbon scarf, and a blue hat for a stunning result. Place this snowman on your home table for a unique look. DIY Snowman sock from countryliving.


These DIY snowman stockings become a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Making it yourself will increase your creativity. Tie with string or twine at the end. Then divide it into three parts, namely the body and the head which will give a perfect look. Combine it with some doll ornaments made of cotton, this will also give a unique look. DIY snowman ornament from countryliving.


Accentuating the snowman accent on this Christmas decoration will create a unique look and become an attraction in itself. Making it yourself this will give the perfect look. Use socks, flannel, glue, and some buttons to decorate it. This hat accent will make your snowman look attractive. Christmas snowman decor from diys.


Turning an old sock into this unique snowman ornament will make for the perfect room decor and steal everyone’s attention. This is very easy to do. You can complete the look with button accents, green and red hats, and flannel to decorate your face. White sock snowman from craftymorning.

Fishbowl Snowman

Besides the above, you can also use a fishbowl to make a snowman. You can use three fishbowls with different sizes then stack them together. Put the biggest on the bottom and the smallt one on the top. Decorate with a red scarf and hat. You can also fill each bowl with fake snow so it looks like a snowball. By doing this you will get a beautiful snowman.


Get creative with this snowman-shaped fishbowl, making your Christmas decorations more festive and stylish. Choose from three levels and complemented by accents of Salu, house, Santa and pine trees giving the room a unique décor. Add a black hat for the perfect decor. Three levels snowman fishbowl from countryliving.


Make a fish bowl snowman for a festive Christmas decoration. Use 3 different sized fish bowls and create a Christmas scene in each with a cotton ball or small white pom poms for the snow. Adding some santa figurines, a small tree and this bell will decorate the look of your snowman fishbowl. Fishbowl snowman from craftymorning.


This snowman made of fish bowl still captures the same snowman shape and can be decorated with hats, bows and scarves, but is still unique in its own way. Inside this bowl you can add snow accents, a small pine tree and Santa Claus to create the perfect look. This snowman is sure to wow your guests and steal the show. DIY Snowman fishbowl from homesthetics.


Decorate your snowman fish bowl with a red scarf and hat to create a unique room decor that will grab everyone’s attention. Adding a white and begging sparkle to a snowman’s face makes for the perfect room decor. Place this ornament on your desk for a charming design. White fish bowl snowman from craftymorning.

Wine Glass Snowman

This wine glass has turned into a snowmen. Something interesting, right? You don’t have to look for anything else, just use a wine glass in your home. It is simple to do. Give a white accent on the surface of the glass then draw his features. You can use salt to add fake snow touch to the glass. Add red ribbon and hat accents to make it more attractive.


Make some adorable snowmen out of wine glasses for winter decorations in your home. This is a fun craft that you can make yourself using some unused items. Adding white glitter, face painting, a scarf and this hat will provide the perfect design for your Christmas decorations. Wine glasses snowman from craftymorning.


This white wine glass painting will create a unique and eye-catching snowman ornament. You can add facial accents and black and white polka dot ribbons to make the room decor stylish. This DIY idea will boost your creativity. White wine glass snowman from tatertotsandjello.


How to make this fun snowman ornament using glass cups painted on the adorable snowman’s face. You can turn this glass into a unique candle holder decoration and steal the attention of many people. Putting it on this table will produce interesting decorations for you to try. Glass snowman candle holder from annsentitledlife.


This wine glass candle holder painted onto a snowman’s face will give it a unique look. You can paint red and white as well as paint a snowman’s face for stunning results. Putting it on this dining table will enliven your Christmas day with your family. Wine glass candle holder from thefrugalnavywife.

Christmas is synonymous with a snowman. If the real snowman could melt, you can make DIY snowmans with some materials that can be used to decorate your for years to come.