3 Interiors Whack Up the Heat With Red Accents On Grey

Get ready for plenty of inspiration for red accents on grey decor as we tour around these three modern home interiors. Kicking things off is a modern loft where a rouge sofa reins in an open plan living area, and vibrant red accents flash across a white and grey bedroom scheme. We’ll move next to an apartment design in Singapore that favours a more muted shade of red to add flavour to a fashion themed interior, and features a colourfully tinted bespoke shower screen. We’ll finish up in a home where red accents pair up with yellow flashes to make a playful scene. Red-dy, steady, let’s go…

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk  

You could just fall into the cosy red sofa and armchair that fill the living room of this modern loft, with its deep cushioned seats and layers of contrasting throw pillows. An ottoman coffee table is dressed with a gold tray that matches it simply to the side table. This loft has a casual, laid back air about it inside the lounge, but a more formal style dining room and sophisticated kitchen take things back up scale in the space behind.

Another sitting area resides just past a set of glass sliding doors – furnished this time with a more refined little grey sofa. A bookcase is mounted high above it on the wall to transform it into a hideaway reading nook.

Glass droplets dangle from a lattice framework to form a modern chandelier over the dining table.

A tall table centrepiece reaches up to meet the glass chandelier with the tips of its bare branches.

Taupe dining chairs match with taupe dining room curtains, turning the warmth of greyscale up just a notch on the colour scale.

The modern dining table stands on strong legs that complement the bold black window frames.

A grey sideboard stretches out along the back of the sofa to help divide the loft space between the casual lounge area and the more formal kitchen diner. The matt grey unit holds a selection of glassware in a mirrored case, and two matching grey and glass table lamps at either end for a well balanced and grand effect.

Taupe kitchen bar stools tie the dining area and kitchen setup together in one cohesive colourway.

Glass globe pendant lights float above the kitchen sink in the peninsula like bubbles escaping from an over soaped washing up bowl. A wine glass rack descends from the ceiling beside them, continuing the glassy gleam.

Skylights pour light over a high contrast red, white and grey bedroom scheme.

Red artwork dominates the decor behind a comfortable reading chair and black floor lamp.

A glass wall opens the mezzanine bedroom up to a view of the loft’s living area down below.

Designer: Anna Sergeeva   Visualizer: Anna Sergeeva  

Our second home design, an apartment in Singapore, is an exploration of muted red tones. A russet media console and shelf cross the tv wall in front of a crescent moon shaped modern sofa.

A chair pulls up at the shelf below the tv so that it may be used as a small desk area in the limited room space.

Nestled into the gentle curve of the sofa, a small side table gleams in a metallic finish that complements a champagne coloured throw and curtains. Round wall art works with the curvaceous seat.

Glass vases decorate the ends of the media console shelf, shooting vertical like the ribbed texture of the tv feature wall.

Typographical wall art spells out the word ‘chic’ – just in case there was any doubt about the decor.

A reading nook on the enclosed balcony is shaded in champagne, cool grey, and a spot of red dramatically pooling at the floor.

It’s a fashion accessory that carries red to a small shelving unit in the window.

Decorative blocks build the bathroom wall.

Fashion themed wall art spells out the homeowners passion in the kitchen diner.

The kitchen pendant light features a planter so that greenery hangs down over the kitchen island in pretty tendrils.

High fashion bar stools pose along the catwalk of the kitchen.

A unique headboard shapes the bedroom, lining the base of one gallery white wall with a rouge tint.

A terrazzo panel clads the lower section of an adjacent wall.

Round modern wall sconces at either side of the bed are loosely reminiscent of vintage paparazzi bulbs.

Charcoal rocks pile at the foot of a black vanity unit in the bathroom.

A rustic white side table holds toiletries.

Black rungs of a heated towel rail stripe white bathroom tiles.

Borrowed light is brought through the open structure of the bathroom wall blocks.

Rouge tinted glass makes a bespoke shower screen.

Visualizer: Hi Light  

Lastly, we come to a bright and beautiful home interior with a fresh white and calming light grey setting. A single bright red side table creates a cheerful ripple at one side of the large room.

Red leafed plants grow by some cool bookshelves that seem to extrude from the wall. The walkway just off to the side of the lounge is coloured in a golden yellow hue that makes playful contrast with the red in the room.

Inside a white and light grey bedroom, a bright red four poster bed strikes through the monochrome. A black and white cactus wall mural gives the minimalist design an injection of quirky personality.

An eye-catching red shower enclosure and surreptitious storage unit seems to draw you toward them in the bathroom.

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