43 Unbelievable World Records You Could Beat Any Minute

What is the weirdest world record ever? Guinness World Records has continued to amaze us for more than 60 years. Making it to the Guinness World Records seems like an achievement for well-trained experts. But, did you know that some records don’t require any skill or training? Yup! There are really bizarre yet creative records people have actually broken.

For example, in 2012, Steve Jacobs broke the record for the most underpants someone could put on. He wore a total of 266. In 2013, David Babcock broke the record for the longest scarf knitted while running a marathon. He was running for 5 hours and 48 minutes and his scarf measured to be 12 feet and 1 & 3/4 inches. In 2016, Todd Simpson built the smallest snowman. It was as tall as 3 micrometers. Well, yes, these are really odd achievements, and here are 40 more!

The most liked picture 0:18
The tallest mohawk 0:57
The most underpants someone could put on 1:37
The smallest snowman 2:48
The most lobsters cooked at the same time 3:00
The most capital cities named in one minute 3:35
The most layers of paint on a ball 4:20
The most birth dates memorized 5:53
Record for adding stickers on a car 6:46
Record for memorizing the most random objects 7:06
Record for balancing chairs on a chin 7:35
Record for the most flags tattooed on someone’s body 8:40
The most Rubik’s cubes solved in 24 hours 9:06
The longest chain of staples 9:48

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