6 Creative Tea Gift Basket Ideas for 2019

As the barrage of end-of-year holidays descends upon us, it can be a challenge to think of gifts for everyone that are both creative and meaningful. If you are a tea lover looking for gifts for other tea lovers (or future tea lovers), youll want to give something that has to do with tea. A unique and personalized gift to go with is the tea gift basket. A few teas, tea accessories, and odds and ends arranged around a theme is always a lot of fun to give and receive. Here are six tea gift basket ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

Overhead view of a mug of tea, purple crochet scarf, bags of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea, and paper snowflakes arranged on floral wrapping paper. The overlay text reads: tea gift basket ideas.

Garden Tea Gift Basket

Even the hardest-working gardeners need to take a tea break sometimes. Treat your green-thumbed friend to the fruits (and flowers) of their labor with a trio of our Garden Grove cherry green tea with jasmine, Evening In the Garden elderflower tea with lemon and rose, and Slowly Unwind linden tea. Add a novelty gardening tool, a pair of brightly patterned gloves or a knee-pad, and a package of honey sticks to sweeten the deal.

Spice of Life Tea Gift Basket

Theres nothing as warm and soothing in the colder months as a creamy cup of chai. Give your loved one all the tools they need for this winter treat with three different chai blends, such as our Full Moon vanilla chai tea with butternut, Uplifting coconut chai tea, and Stargazer yerba mate chai tea. A box of brown sugar cinnamon spoon sticks is perfect for adding extra sweetness and spiciness to chai. A cherrywood spoon and infuser set creates a delightful aesthetic experience to go along with the sensory delights of the tea.

Overhead view of two bags of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea and a celestial metal tea infuser on a dark blue floral cloth surrounded by twinkle lights.

Star Gazing Tea Gift Basket

Give your constellation-charting friends the sun, moon, and stars with a basket full of Hello Sunshine turmeric and cinnamon herbal tea, Full Moon vanilla butternut masala chai, and Stargazer caramel mat chai. Add a star chart or piece of constellation-themed jewelry, and bring the stars down to their teacup with a celestial metal tea infuser.

Decadent Dessert Tea Gift Basket

For a friend with a serious sweet tooth, put together a dessert tea sampler! There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on their tastes, including our Vanilla Sugar Cookie herbal tea with cinnamon and fennel, Coconut Macaron coconut almond tea, and Chocolate Hazelnut dessert tea. You can include some vanilla sugar dust for a sweet twist, and some dessert ingredient jars or recipes so they can make some tea time treats on their own.

A sweater print mug of tea and a plate of snickerdoodles are arranged on a white lace doily under a pine tree decorated with twinkle lights and teacup ornaments.

Winter Wonderland Tea Gift Basket

Its that time of year when a cup of tea sounds cozier than in any other season. Keep your friends warm with some Rainy Day sweet and spicy tea, delicious white chocolate peppermint tea, and Apple Cinnamon Warmth cinnamon apple spice tea. Raw honey drop candies are a great addition for sweetening tea, a tasty treat, or a natural cough drop. Add a scarf and a pair of gloves for any outdoor adventures they need to take their tea on.

Self Care Tea Gift Basket

Know someone who needs some time to rest and relax in the new year? Gift them a basket of relaxing teas and goodies for their much-needed me-time. Some tisanes like Rejuvenation lemon and ginger tea, Self Care elderberry and apricot tea, and Cuddletime chamomile mint tea. Encourage their self-love with a sweet heart mug and infuser set to make brewing easy, along with some relaxing extras like a bath bomb, good-smelling candle, funny movie, or cozy blanket.

Once you start thinking about fun tea gift basket ideas for friends and family, its hard to stop! It can be just as satisfying to package together small gifts into a larger, personalized basket as it is to receive one. We hope weve given you some inspiration for this holiday season, and have started you on your gift giving journey.

Overhead view of a mug of tea, purple crochet scarf, bags of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea, and paper snowflakes arranged on floral wrapping paper.