6 White Must-Haves for Your Summer Wardrobe

fashion after 50 - summer wardrobe

Does anything say “summer” quite like wearing white? It has several traits in common with its absolute opposite on the color spectrum, black: it’s chic, it’s easy to accessorize, it can be worn as a monochromatic outfit, and it always looks great!

For this season, there are plenty of options for updating your white wardrobe. You may own some of these pieces but be sure you examine your white garments carefully before you use them again this year.

White wears quickly so be sure it hasn’t yellowed or become gray after numerous trips to the laundry. The last thing you want is to look worn!

That said, here are the essential pieces that will have your friends calling you a fashionista and your admirers calling you fabulous!

The Simple T-Shirt

Your t-shirt can be a v-neck, crewneck, or U-neck, whatever is most flattering for your chest type. Hopefully, you know what looks best on you by now. I personally lean towards a v-neck because it looks better with my ample bosom.

adult woman white t-shirt

The best thing about a white T-shirt is that you can dress it up or dress it down. Paired with jeans, layered under a blazer, or tied in a knot in the front or on the side, it looks good as part of any outfit. It is casual and neat, and its clean lines make it perfect as part of your summer wardrobe.

The White Linen Shirt

Nothing says classic quite like a linen shirt. I’m not talking about your mother’s linen, which wrinkled quickly and was brutal to iron. Fast-forward into this century, and marvel at the new wrinkle-free linen.

It’s true! You can run it through the washer and dryer, then hang it right up on a hanger. Surprise! It will retain that linen look and feel, but it won’t be a mess five minutes after you wear it.

So, what kind of a linen shirt is this year’s best seller? Look for one that has a three-quarter sleeve that rolls up with a tab and button. The shirt itself should button up the front, have a medium collar, and be a length that suits you.

Most have shirttails, and they can be worn tucked in, outside and belted, tied in the front, or loose. They look amazing with a brightly-colored sash, and they also can be worn unbuttoned as part of a layered look.

Touch of Lace

Lace is any summer, and can be showing up as insets in the bodice, decoration on sleeve hems, and along the edge of necklines.

older woman lacy white shirt

It adds a feminine touch to the simplest of garments, making them suitable for work but sweet and sexy on the weekends. Look for pieces where the lace is subtle, soft, and understated.

Square Neck or Boat Neck

Audrey Hepburn rocked the boat neck, and so can you! This is another classic that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Look for a neckline that is flattering and that covers your undergarment straps. In fact, you may need a special bra, but it is worth it.

A square neck is another option. Again, keep those pesky straps out of sight. Look for fabric that is slightly heavy and less opaque than simple t-shirt jersey.

A boxy cut is also an option, especially if you have a bit of an apple figure. The shirt will be square cut across the bottom, and it can be worn inside or outside depending on your outfit.


Not everyone has killer arms, it’s true, and a tank surely will put those on display. Still, a tank is versatile and can be worn under a jacket or blazer for a great layered look.

Find one that is a bit dressy, maybe with a small v-front or reverse binding around the neckline. It can be sheer if you are willing to wear a camisole underneath.


A final must-have for your summer white collection is a tunic. These are great on any figure and cover a multitude of body imperfections. The choices of styles and fabrics are wide and varying.

What you are going for here is a top that can be paired with leggings or capris for a totally casual yet elegant look. Again, dress it up or down, as suits the occasion.

Wonderful Whites

Don’t underestimate the importance of each of these as part of your wardrobe this summer. White is cool in all senses, and it will have you looking good and feeling confident.

Your outfit will appear to be effortless and stylish, whether you accessorize with bright colors or beautiful jewelry. You can’t go wrong with white!

What are your favorite summer white clothes? Do you have a white outfit that you accessorize with bright colored shoes, jewelry or scarf? Let’s chat and discuss our favorite white clothes!