7+Awesome Things to make from 1 Pair of jeans!

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Things to make with old jeans
     What is it about your favorite pair of jeans that even when they wear out, you don't want to get rid of them?  The older they get, the more comfy they are.  Even at my age of AHEM-something years old, I love wearing jeans, or denim more than anything else.  But, after awhile, you end up with a stack of worn out jeans that you can't wear anymore but hate to just discard because you figure that there must be something to do with those old jeans! 
     In my personal search to find ways to repurpose the old jeans in my house, I've come across some great ideas and some not so great ones.  Some of these ideas have inspired me to come up with more personalized ideas of my own.  I took one old pair of jeans and decided to find out just how many projects I could make with just them!  Wow! I think I can make enough gifts to supply my Christmas list this year with just a couple of pairs of jeans!  How resourceful! Not only that, these are things that I would love to receive myself.  Some of these jeans projects came out so adorable, I can hardly stand it! 

reasons  to repupose old jeans:

  • Recycling is good for the planet!
  • Save money! You already paid for and got a lot of use out of those jeans!  Now you can make adorable gifts and useable items for practically free!  Depending on the size of your jeans, there is a lot of fabric in those things! (I may have much more fabric to work with than many of you.)
  • Your items will be one of a kind because jeans all have different pockets, belt loop styles, washes and so forth!  I used blue jeans, but you could use black or white or any color for your own projects.
  • Spark your creativity!  I have had so much fun figuring out what to do with every bit of my jeans. And, for some reason, these things made from denim are really adorable. 

     Over the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing with you the denim projects that I have made from one pair of jeans.  As I type this, I still have enough fabric to make one more largish project, so I don't even know all of the things that I am going to be sharing!  So, if you have an old pair of jeans that you can repurpose, pull them out and work along with me! 

Jeans Project #1-Basket 

     You will see these baskets all over Pinterest.  I was dubious about whether it would be useful or cute or anything once I actually made it.  But, I LOVE THIS THING!  It is so adorable!  It is super easy to make and it is a great little basket to fill with whatever gift items you would like to fill it with, like bath products or baked goods and then the receiver will have this adorable basket to use as well!  
     As mentioned, my jeans are a largish size, so depending on the size of your legs and how baggy your jeans are, your basket will vary in size.  Skinny jeans will make a skinny basket, perfect for a bottle of something or any other taller, thin items.  My basket is more of the baked goods or bath products variety.  So, I won't be giving you exact measurements for this project, you will need to figure those out for whatever jeans you are using.  Here are the steps to make this basket:
  1. 1 pair of jeans (or at least the bottom of a leg of your jeans)
  2.  Co-ordinating thread
  3. Co-ordinating fabric  (You don't have to use fabric to line your basket, I have seen cute ones that simply made the cuff with the inside of the denim showing.  It is up to you.)
  1. Measure up 12 inches from the bottom of the pant leg and cut it off.
  2. Cut out a coordinating piece of fabric the same size as the pant leg section. 
  3. With wrong sides together, sew a seam down the open side of the fabric to form a tube.  
  4. Slip the tube over the top of the pant leg section with right sides together. 
  5. Pin the fabric to the hemmed edge of the jean pant leg and stitch the fabric and jean together around the entire bottom.

     6.   Flip the lining fabric inside the pant leg and press into place.  This will be the top of the basket. 

     Okay, now it is time to stitch the bottom so that your basket will stand up.  It is easier than you might think. 
Turn the basket inside out and stitch through the fabric and denim together straight across the bottom.
     On the bottom seam, measure 2 inches from each corner.  Flatten out the bottom of the basket and mark that 2 inch mark across, forming a triangle at each corner.   
When you flip the basket right side out, the bottom will look like this.
Simply fold the cuff down to the height that you would like the basket to stand! Fill it however you would like!
     I hope that you enjoy this project today and that you join us again for the next project!  I would love to see photos of your baskets if you make one from your jeans!  
     In future posts, I will link the past ones so that you won't miss any of the ideas that I will be sharing. 

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