7 Creative Containers For Flowers

Looking for creative containers for flowers? Here are seven creative ideas to make your flowers look even cuter.

Do you ever sing the wrong words to songs?

You know. 

Like if (hypothetically speaking) hear a song over the loudspeakers at the coffee shop and you think the words are all about how “Jeremiah was a bulldog” and you sing about Jeremiah and how he was a good friend of yours (complete with choreography) to all and sundry.

And everyone starts laughing.

Because apparently, Jeremiah was an amphibian.


I may not know about lyrics, but I know ALL ABOUT a flower arrangement.

Especially if it comes in a super cute container.

So today?

Let’s discuss flowers and creative ideas and creative containers and the awkward lyric singers who love them.

1. Glass vase on a brass stand

I saw this vase several months ago when it was on sale and I fell in love.

I’ve never seen a vase like this before.

I’ve seen glass vases and brass vases and vases on a pedestal and vases that have a stand, but I’ve never seen a completely round vase before that set into a brass stand. It fascinated me, but it was such a splurge for me that I put it in my cart, then took it out, then searched for another vase like it, and even looked up brass stands.

And I couldn’t find anything like it.

So I bought it.

Best. Decision. Ever.

It elevates any kind of flower. The rim is narrow so flowers hang perfectly over the edge. I keep it filled with flowers from the grocery store and flowers like this that I cut from my yard.

In amazing news, I just saw that the vase is on sale for the Fourth of July.

You can see it here.

2. A row of mason jars

Never underestimate the power of the lowly mason jar. 

When I lived in Kentucky people used them to can things in. They’d can tomatoes and green beans and pickles and jelly.


I use them to decorate with.

I’ve made an entire mantel with nothing but mason jars and greenery from the yard. The best place to find mason jars like these are yard sales. I’ve found so many vintage mason jars tucked away next to a mattress and a washing machine.

In case you can’t find any blue mason jars at yard sale, I found the prettiest set on Amazon.

You can see them here.

Just line them up and fill them with flowers.

Easiest arrangement ever.

3. Tea cup flower arrangement

Every night when I write a blog post, I make a cup of tea.

Lemon Zinger is my favorite.

A teacup or a coffee cup is such an easy container to add flowers to. Sometimes I use a teacup or coffee cup for a few extra flowers I have left over from an arrangement or flowers that have broken stems. A single large hydrangea also looks perfect in a cup like this.

Of course, I love a cup that’s blue and white, but any color combination works perfectly.

I found a mug that looks like this one here.

4. Gingham-wrapped basket

I love the idea of flowers in a basket.

There’s just something easy and simple to add a mason jar or small vase to the center of a basket and fancy up a flower arrangement.

But what if you took it to the next level with a little gingham?

You could wrap the basket with blue and white gingham or add a basket liner or even tie a scarf or large ribbon around the center of the basket.

I found a similar blue and white basket here.

5. Vintage pitcher flower arrangement

When you are shopping for mason jars at the yard sale?

Look for vintage pitchers, too. You can also find pitchers like these at thrift stores.

The narrower top like this pitcher has makes it easier to arrange the flowers. If your pitcher has a wider rim at the top, add a flower frog inside to help stabilize the flowers.

This tool also helps keep all the flowers in place in the vase.

6. Hanging basket arrangement

One of my favorite ways to arrange flowers is to put them in a hanging basket.

I’ve added fresh flowers in there before to a basket like this for a party using flower water containers like these on the stems.

You can also add a faux flower arrangement to the basket, too.

I’ve also hung a hanging basket on the door. I tie the basket onto the door knocker, but I’ve also duct-taped a ribbon to the top of the door to hang a basket as well.

You can see one of my favorite door baskets here.



7. Vintage sugar molds

One of my favorite things to use for creative flower arrangements?

These vintage sugar molds.

I bought them downtown at our local antique mall, but I also found super similar ones from Walmart.

You can see them here.

I found tiny glasses at the dollar tree and put them in the center of the sugar mold compartments and added flowers.

Looking for even more creative containers for flowers?

I have a few more up my sleeve. Here are some other suggestions:

  • Vintage birdcage
  • Rubber rain boots
  • Vintage Suitcase
  • Colander
  • Toolbox
  • Vintage truck
  • Vintage metal lunchbox
  • Bicycle basket
  • Wooden crate
  • Glass soda bottles
  • Paint cans

There are so many creative containers sitting around just waiting for some flowers.

All you need is a little inspiration and a summer afternoon to get started.

And maybe a song to go along with all that flower arranging.

And if you don’t get the words exactly right?

Come sit by me. 🙂

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