9 Grooming & Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older

grooming mistakes that make you look older

With age comes life experience and wisdom, and there’s a lot I’ve learned that has made me a happier and more self-assured person than I was when I was younger. But unfortunately, with age also comes wrinkles and a plethora of new aches and pains, and although some of these less glamorous aspects of aging are inevitable, we have more control over how “old” we look than we think!

Our impressions of how young or old someone else looks are a conglomeration of visual cues, and the many of the cues that can make people look old are easy to avoid. Today, I’m shining a light on these little details that rarely go unnoticed by others so you can avoid them too!

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9 Grooming And Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older

grooming mistakes

1. Dirty Shoes

Shoes are made to be worn outside and are bound to get a little dirty, but pairing extremely worn or excessively dirty shoes with a stylish outfit can ruin the effect of an otherwise put-together look!

To clean up suede shoes or boots, brush them gently with a suede brush. For leather shoes, cleaning them up can be as simple as using a damp paper towel to wipe away dust and dirt. Polishing leather shoes is more time intensive, so make that a seasonal practice.

Seasonal shifts are a perfect time to evaluate the state of your footwear since you’re already moving things in and out of storage.

grooming mistakes

2. Pet Hair & Lint

When you’re hanging out around the house with your pets, you accept your clothes are going to bear a certain amount of dog or cat hair. But pet hair and lint aren’t the most ideal accessories if you’re trying to look professional or put-together!

Before you step out the door, use a lint roller to pick up errant pet hair, human hair, or miscellaneous fuzzy bits. Make sure to get your shoulders, along your arms and legs, and down your backside.

If you’re wearing a coat, hat, or scarf, give those the same treatment. If you’re in a pinch or can’t find your lint roller, a piece of packing tape rolled around your hand works just as well!

grooming mistakes

3. Pilling Sweaters

As far as I’m concerned, it’s always cardigan season! Make sure you’re looking chic, not frumpy, in your favorite sweaters by using a simple fabric shaver to buzz off sweater pills in seconds. Even the finest wool can pill, but a quick, careful shave will make even your oldest sweaters look brand new!

grooming mistakes

4. Chipped Nails

Generally speaking, polish-free fingernails tend to make a better impression than chipped nail polish. One way to make touchups easier after a manicure is to bring along your own bottle of polish so that any touchups you do will blend in seamlessly.

And regardless of whether you prefer to paint your own nails or leave it to the professionals, you can make your nail color last longer with these helpful tips!

grooming mistakes

5. Overpowering Perfume

While perfume doesn’t necessarily impact how you look, it can make a powerful impression on those around you—and not always in a good way. Wearing an overpowering amount of perfume sends the message that you may not be particularly self-aware (even if it’s a simple case of being so used to the smell that it doesn’t really register anymore!)

Instead, use a light hand when applying perfumes to avoid overwhelming the people around you. Consider using a mister for easy application, or use only a half-squirt from your favorite bottle. (If you’re not sure if your perfume is too strong or not, ask a friend or family member who will tell it like it is!)

grooming mistakes

6. Lipstick On Your Teeth

While makeup wearers of any age can wind up with lipstick on their teeth, it can draw attention away from a put-together look in the blink of an eye. Luckily, this faux pas is actually pretty easy to prevent!

After applying lipstick, take a clean finger and put it in your mouth, then purse your lips around it and pull it out. This will remove any excess lipstick on the inside of your lips that might otherwise end up on your teeth.

For more beauty hacks like this, including how to set your lipstick, check out this post.

grooming mistakes

7. Missed Hairs

Hair grows all over our faces, but some of it may be longer, thicker, or more noticeable than others. And missing those long, scraggly hairs on your chin or cheeks while plucking is certain to project an older image than you’d like!

To make sure you’re not missing any glaringly obvious hairs while shaving or plucking, use a lighted magnification mirror (like my favorite one here), and a good quality pair of tweezers. Take your time while looking for errant hairs on your cheeks, chin, neck, and even inside your nostrils.

A lighted mirror will make it easy to see those pesky long hairs, so you can get rid of them and proceed with confidence!

grooming mistakes

8. Dry Hands

They say dry, wrinkled hands are often the first tell-tale sign of aging. Between sun exposure, years of hands-on work (like digging in the garden and dishwashing), and thinning skin, it’s no wondering our hands start looking dry and wrinkly!

But you can keep your hands looking youthful by moisturizing them regularly. Try my DIY “miracle” hydrating cream!

grooming mistakes

9. Bad Posture

Sitting and standing up straight not only helps you look younger, it also helps keep you alert and awake. Plus, it’s a good workout for your core too!

Focus on keeping your shoulders back and your head level with the ground. You’ll feel more confident and experience less back pain over time! And to learn about other posture mistakes you might be making and how to fix them, check out this blog post.

Do you have other anti-aging beauty or behavior tips?