9 Literary Silk Scarves For Your Fall Fashion Needs

Fall is here, as are all of the trends for fashion. This year, one of the biggest trends—cited by Etsy, as well as sighted everywhere—are silk scarves. They’re versatile, they’re fun, and they add something totally unique to any outfit, whether worn around the neck, as a headband, on a tote bag, or anywhere else. Naturally, it seemed only right to pull together some of the best literary silk scarves you can own now and add to your bookish fashion collection.
Amazing Literary Silk Scarves


This beautiful scarf is available in a few colors and honors Agatha Christie. Wear it while you’re reading her classics. $59 and up.



How can you not need an Edgar Allan Poe silk scarf? Quoth the raven, you can grab this one fo $53 and up.



This hand painted silk scarf featuring a quote from Pride and Prejudice is an outstanding gift for any Jane Austen fan. $35.



For the poets, a gorgeous Emily Dickinson silk scarf. $43.



This The Little Prince hand-painted silk scarf is absolutely beautiful. $59 and up, depending on length.



Comics fans! You’ll want to wear these vintage comics ’round your neck. $86 and up.



There’s nothing especially fancy about this alphabet silk scarf, but that’s really what makes it special. $30.



This rainbow silk scarf features the words from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. $62 and up.



Though it’s not silk, this library due date card chiffon scarf was too good not to include. $40 and up.

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