9 Types of Tourists That Can Ruin Any Kind of Vacations

Sometimes you can’t resist the impression that some people go on holiday with only one mission – ruining others’ holidays by turning their life into a nightmare. Once they around, nothing could really make you happy.

They could be divided into ten categories:

#1 Photo addicts


They don’t really visit places. They only take a picture and analyze the object on the display. Instead of enjoying the moment of being there together with their friends or family, they just think about taking another photo. What is worse, they can make you pose all the time or just get out of their way.

#2 Penny-pinchers


They always think twice before they spend a dollar, following the ‘Do you really need it?’ rule. It’s hard for them to understand you want to eat out or buy something. Last but not least, life is not about spending money, is it?

#3 The omniscient


They know it all. You don’t. So you’d better follow their advice.

#4 Sofa tourists


The hotel beach is the furthest they can go. Encouraging them to take a trip somewhere, even in the same town or city, is a mission unlikely to be ever accomplished.

#5 Out of sight, out of mind

dem philly boys/wikipedia

They believe that once they are away, none of their family or friends will ever find out what they were up to, which means they can do whatever they want. It is really astonishing to see how wild and savage some model citizens can go when they are on holidays.

#6 Extreme party lovers


Their priority is to get wasted with as many local beverages as possible. They never bring home many memories as they barely remember anything.

#7 Shopaholics


The opposites of penny-pinchers. They spend their holidays in malls and shopping centers, haggling any time they buy something – be that the fifth bag or the seventh scarf. When they finally get lost in the battle, they buy the same item twice.

#8 ‘I am always right!’


They do not comply with any rules or regulations. The DO NOT TOUCH THE EXHIBITS notices do not apply at all. Since they have paid for their holidays, they can do anything they want!

#9 The Superior Race


Whenever they go to a country when people earn less than they do, they look down on them. They think they are better, smarter and more civilized. They are so arrogant that even having them around is already embarrassing. You just hope the locals won’t find out you’re from the same country.

Would you add anybody to the list?

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