96 Creative Crochet Designs Made By Talented Crafters Online (New Pics)

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just started dabbling in crocheting, we are sure you will be able to appreciate these intricate designs that we selected for this list today.

Crocheting has been practiced for a while now, and over time its patterns and techniques have evolved, making it always fresh and exciting. From clothing to accessories to home decor, this craft lets crafters express themselves by creating functional items. And after it is finished, there is no better place to share that piece with like-minded people than a subreddit called r/crochet.

So today, we invite you to explore these amazing crocheting gems, and for more, see our previous post on Bored Panda here.

#1 I Made This Frog And Had To Take It To The Beach

Image credits: carmenelsa

#2 I Made 120 Bees

Image credits: Greeendaytj

#3 Didn't Love The Yarn, Decided A Cat Blanket Would Be Better Than A Twin Size!

Image credits: Call_me_Kelly

#4 Finally Finished My Persian Tiles Blanket!

Image credits: charly709

#5 Newest Blanket I Just Finished :)

Image credits: freeplywood

#6 Finished Froggy Hoodie For My BF!

Image credits: AutomaticDoughnut823

#7 Bittersweet Ending. My Dad Is The One I Usually Share My Completed Projects With But He Passed A Few Months Ago And This Is The First Thing I’ve Completed Since He’s Been Gone

Image credits: aGirlySloth

#8 I Quit Smoking And Now I’m Addicted To Making Cute Beanies ???

Image credits: mitchyymooo

#9 First Finished Wearable! I Love It ?

Image credits: MissMirandaa

#10 Haunted House Is Finished!

Image credits: leftbrendon

#11 My First Crochet With Light ?

Image credits: rcjvnr04

#12 This Blanket Has Changed My Brain Chemistry

Image credits: thrilled32

#13 Small Lavender Made With .6mm Hook And Size 80 Cotton Thread

Image credits: DaintyFlairCrochet

#14 Finally Finished This Notebook Paper Blanket!

Image credits: aviiatrix

#15 Finished This Two Piece Combo And I'm Happy With The Result? It Feels Soft And Warm On My Skin And I'm Looking Forward To Autumn Now? What Du You Think??

Image credits: Aibe96

#16 My Leaf Blanket Is Done!!

Image credits: Squidwardit

#17 Parasol

Image credits: iamacraftyhooker

#18 I Wanted Representation Above The Fireplace But I Don’t Hunt

Image credits: ArtisanGerard

#19 My Submission For Silliest Project

Image credits: daphodil

#20 For My First Ever Wearable Project...i May Have Forgotten What A Human Sized Head Looked Like

Image credits: atwoheadedcat

#21 I Made This Little Dinosaur For My Niece's 8th Birthday!

Image credits: -One_Upper-

#22 Finished My Second Skeleton

Image credits: laceforever

#23 I Proudly Present: Mosaic Opossum Vest!

Image credits: hadrosaurface

#24 The Cats Have Already Accepted Her Into Their Coven

Image credits: katie22914

#25 Magnetic Stacking Ice Cream Cones

Image credits: rach11

#26 I Actually Finished It. I Can't Believe I Actually Finished It

Image credits: SgtLt-Einstein

#27 Grandson's Christmas Present

Image credits: dee5222

#28 Currently Making Cat Paw Chair Socks, And I’m Dying Over How Cute They Are

Image credits: sippin-tea-time

#29 Not A Great Photo, But Finally Finished My First Big Project. Gift For My Sister

Image credits: Kehbechet

#30 Finished! ?

Image credits: BornDesigner6014

#31 Do You Think This Hood I Made Looks Ok? My Family Just Laughed When I Showed It To Them :/

Image credits: bri-ghtly

#32 My Finished Persian Tiles Blanket. Super Happy With It

Image credits: nudiekitties

#33 I Took Your Advice And Added A Few Leaves

Image credits: loila03

#34 Galaxy Afghan Is Complete!

Image credits: Snowybaby-118

#35 My Crochet Dragon Scale Gloves, Love The Colour Transition On These

Image credits: Tired_Pigeon

#36 I Finally Finished The Blanket Of Potential Regret!! 2 Years To Completion!

Image credits: Mewpasaurus

#37 How Do You Handle Ungrateful Gift Recipients?

Image credits: phhhysics

#38 My Fiance Is Too Nervous To Join Reddit And Share Her Work. So I'm Doing It For Her

Image credits: supremebeam

#39 Christmas Gifts Are Done! ? I Have A Huge Family, And Need To Save Money This Year, So I Made Everyone Their Chinese Zodiac Animal For The Year They Were Born

Image credits: sippin-tea-time

#40 Someone Made Me A Generous Offer Of $35 For This Blanket -.-

Image credits: feverishblue

#41 I Made A Very Cute Goose Bag. ?

Image credits: Lumpy-Analysis-3762

#42 Crocheted My Grandmothers Portrait For My Mums Birthday

Image credits: johnnysgirl17

#43 I Made Another Baby Square!! 0.35mm Hook ?

Image credits: bigchonkycat

#44 I Made Another Cat Couch Using “The Many Cats Square” Pattern For The Afghan

Image credits: Ready_Cartoonist7357

#45 Made Some Crochet Plants And Flowers For My Sister’s Garden Themed Baby Shower! I Think The “Cat-Cactus” Is My Favorite So Far ???

Image credits: Dark_Matriarch_86

#46 Finally Finished My Top I Started In November

Image credits: Madderingcat

#47 This Is My First Post In Reddit Ever So I Don't Know What To Do Here :) . I Am Disabled From A Car Accident Since 1999 And Bedbound. Knitting And Crocheting Is My Only Activity That I Have Learned Lately From Youtube. So Ií Am New To Crocheting Also. Here Is My Latest Crochet Blouse To Start With

Image credits: Anitra70

#48 Sadly The White Elephant I Made For A White Elephant Gift Party Really Didn’t Go Over Well. The Person Who Ended Up With It Was Very Mean And Was Going To Give To His Dog. Definitely Never Making Anything For A Party Again

Image credits: raynebow121

#49 So. I Attempted My First Blanket….y’all…shoulda Followed A Pattern ?

Image credits: Arloneous

#50 So Excited To Be Finished With This Skirt!

Image credits: allhailcupfish

#51 Call Me Crazy, But I Love Making Blankets With Sock Yarn

Image credits: Aanita37

#52 Almost Done With This Blanket For My Daughter. It's Amazing What Blocking Can Do!

Image credits: treeshugmeback

#53 My First Ever Wearable Finally Has A Good Photo Taken Of It!

Image credits: serketchaos

#54 My Mom Crochets And Donated 48 Blankets To Sick Children This Year

Image credits: seacogen

#55 My Second Crochet Project, So Proud Of It ?

Image credits: miss3ya

#56 A Little Late, But I Made This Lil Festive Tree To Hold My Stitch Markers

Image credits: mel-cora

#57 I Made This Tea Cap For My Brother. He Collects The Danish China “Mågestellet” And He Absolutely Loved This Surprise ?

Image credits: woogynoogy

#58 My First Sweater Is Finally Finished! Too Bad It’s 100 Degrees Out

Image credits: EwokApocalypse

#59 Introducing My Husband's 2021 Christmas Present

Image credits: ticklemetiffany88

#60 Ready For Spooky Season!

Image credits: WafflezYo

#61 Entered In My State Fair. Didn't Win A Ribbon, But Proud Of My Work!

Image credits: containerforthechild

#62 Finally Finished This Gift For My Parents! Was Supposed To Be Done By Christmas... 2021

Image credits: livi854

#63 Finally Finished My Leftover Yarn Tringle Blanket

Image credits: Buubiik

#64 The Shenanigans Have Begun!

Image credits: ireland7211

#65 Does Bead Crochet Count? Collection Of Christmas Ornaments ?

Image credits: PsychoElifantArrives

#66 Obsessed With This Newly Finished Throw! It's Going To Be Tough Handing It Off To My Friends

Image credits: TheodoreKarlShrubs

#67 My Favorite Project So Far!

Image credits: NerdyLifting

#68 First Clothing Item I Made For Myself! I'm Super Proud Of It

Image credits: LunaeriaDawn

#69 My Sisters Crochet Sale!

Image credits: NotDarkViperAU

#70 Ripple Stitch Sweater I Made, 100% Merino Wool. Thoughts?

Image credits: spaghetti4urregretti

#71 Cinderella Brachiosaurus. She's Not Perfect But There Aren't Enough Dino-Princesses In The World

Image credits: LionelHutzApprentice

#72 Just Finished This Big Boy! Two Years And Over 4100 Yards Of Yarn Later!

Image credits: emmabee26

#73 Nailed It!!!! ? Pure Ridiculousness But I Will Keep Practicing

Image credits: Syomm

#74 Legends Say If You Put A Hook In My Hand During My Sleep I’m Gonna Start Stitching Dc Until I Wake Up (First Garnement Done!)

Image credits: verysadmonk

#75 My Octopus Needs A Name! ?

Image credits: evanenby96

#76 My Old IKEA Lamp Was Boring So I Created A New Cover

Image credits: niekollie

#77 Meet Mort. He Loves Mani-Pedis

Image credits: emragozz

#78 Thought I Had Two Identical Gradient Cakes. I Didn't, But I Didn't Stop Halfway Through Because Who's Going To Frog A Meter Of Shawl Made With A 3 Mm Hook? Not Me. So Here's The Finished Filet Shawl. Own Pattern

Image credits: yarnandy

#79 This Behemoth Is Done!

Image credits: thebroomlesswitch

#80 I Crocheted Backpacks For My Bridesmaids!

Image credits: waldeinsamskeit

#81 Finished My First Dress! It's Not Perfect, But I Love The Fit And Feel Of It. So Excited To Continue Expanding My Wardrobe With My Own Hands

Image credits: MrsLemony

#82 Finally Finished This Enormous Wavy Scarf! Still Needs To Be Blocked ?

Image credits: clairefkredux

#83 Over The Past Year I've Been Crocheting All My Wedding Flowers, Here Are The Lavender I've Made!

Image credits: spaghettiocat

#84 I Got My First Tattoo Today, In Memory Of My Mom, Who Taught Me This Wonderful Craft. If You Feel So Inclined I Would Love If You Could Pick Up A Hook, Follow The Pattern, And Post In The Comments. ?

Image credits: KootyHaHa

#85 Tried To Make A Beanie With Jumbo Yarn…instead Made A Grandma Wig

Image credits: murrbleu

#86 Beanie Freehand Went A Little Awry

Image credits: madireitzell

#87 So...i Went With The Beads....and Added Charms. 6 Year Olds Deserve To Be Extra

Image credits: taulkat

#88 Recently Donated 55 Crochet Toys To My Local Children's Hospital Where I Was Treated For Crohn's Disease As A Child

Image credits: kayjaymaysue

#89 This Absolute Monstrosity

Image credits: welpitskelp

#90 I Promised I Would Finish My Husband’s Scarf Before Winter Was Over, And As Of Today (February 28) I Kept My Promise ?

Image credits: woogynoogy

#91 Giant Rainbow ? Blanket Complete!

Image credits: thepremackprinciple

#92 Drag Queen Maddy Morphosis And Her Booth At Dragcon UK

Image credits: catjellycat

#93 Just Started Crocheting And I’m Proud Of My First Pumpkin!

Image credits: Internally_dramatic

#94 2022 Temperature Blanket (Now Wall Hanging)

Image credits: FallenFromSin

#95 Made A Cat Bed! A Little Wonky But He Loves It Anyway

Image credits: CaliButterfly

#96 Rugs Are Insanely Expensive, So I Made One

Image credits: Unperturbed_giraffe