A political faux pas

Last night after we finished, we zipped back to Hobby Lobby to pick up some patterns as they were on sale. Then we wanted something very quick for dinner so there was a chicken restaurant right there. We popped in. I posted a picture and it turns out that this restaurant has a certain political position. OH NO -- DAMNATION!!!!

This country is very political. I'm now informed for the next time. And that's all there is for politics. I try to keep out of it. It's just ugly all around.

So I went out for a walk yesterday morning and I don't think I remember one single step of that walk. Why? I was practicing for the presentation that I would do later that morning. I verbalized all the points that I wanted to make. Literally - I didn't say it in my head - I said it out loud. There was no one to hear me and I don't think anyone passed me. I worked out the kinks and I tried to cut down the verbiage. So by the time I returned to the hotel, I had everything pretty much worked out, but I don't remember a single thing about the walk! It's was hilarious!!! However, I did take note of the traffic and tried a new way to get through the small section with no sidewalk and that was much less harrowing. So that was a good thing.

In case you want to know how the presentation went? FANTASTIC!!!!! I feel like I really nailed it - my colleagues who didn't have a chance to provide input were very happy with the end result. My bosses were happy with the professionalism in how the PowerPoint came together in a matter of hours and overall, I think the presentation had a lot of impact on the audience. I know that things can't be changed on a dime, but I hope we can see changes.

And I got a lot of very positive feedback from my peers and that's very important to me. It's also important to make sure that I'm providing valuable input to this team. I want to stay part of this team and I want to show that I'm willing to do the grunt work which can turn into the glory work if you play your cards right.

Bottom line - it was worth the bizarre sleep hours of the previous evening. That meant that I went to bed fairly early and I've been up for hours. BUT - I had more work to do. I had to get my first set of instructions prepped for the Christmas Fig Sew Along. OH MY GOD - I wrote them a book. Actually, the first set of instructions were filled with all kinds of photos and tips and extra Tech Tip handouts. I bet the people that I meet in person for classes are going to be begging me for the same stuff!!!

I'll post the two blocks that we're doing this month - but you don't get to see the tips and hints. That's for those that signed up. But if you didn't - you're going to be sorry. It's like having an online class - all for the low price of $25 for the ENTIRE year. If anyone still wants to join - you have until the end of next week. We have a Facebook group as well for the members.

Block One

Block Two

I finished sewing one of the blocks in our class yesterday. I asked first! Besides, the others were sewing samples and I was one of the few that had many of the samples done so it wasn't like I was behind or anything.

I really can't stress enough, how valuable this education week has been for me. I've learned so much and there's so much more to learn. I'm filled with inspiration and enthusiasm (even more than usual if you can believe that). Ideas are coming out of all corners of my brain and I NEED to get home to start working on some of them. There are ideas of things to do with the software and the machines and with sewing and with embroidery! All I can say is that this is an exciting time to be sewing. It's not just about putting two pieces of fabric together - it's about how you put those two pieces together and how you can embellish them.

Stay tuned, because there's going to be a whole lot more coming!!!!

I pretty much packed last night. Actually, I pack as the week progresses. If I'm finished with something - it goes in the suitcase and I'm a bare-bones kind of traveler. I only take what I need although I did end up with an extra sweater for some reason. I have a few things to add to the suitcase this morning and then we're out of the hotel. We have another part day of classes and sewing and then we head to the airport. I do love being away and I try not to think of home when I'm away. But I'll be glad to get back - if for no other reason than to have a break from all this stimulation!

I will miss not having to wear a jacket. I do have my jacket and scarf on for the walk as the temperature right now is WAIT A MINUTE - I just checked - the temperature is 15???? Anyway - it hasn't been that warm in the previous mornings so I did wear my jacket, but then I just wore a sweater. I might have to move here. The weather is great! Oh - - no I don't think I'll move here.

Besides - I ran out of dental floss. That has NEVER happened to me. I happened to have the dental picks with me so that was my substitute until I get home. I know - totally crazy.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!