A Quiet Christmas

Library of Congress:  A snowy afternoon in Vermont, 1940.

Early this evening, I bundled up in my scarf and coat. I put on my fur-lined boots and gloves. Then I went outside with my husband for a quiet, winter walk on the grounds of our Estate.  The snow was falling gently around us as we looked at the Christmas lights on our house.   These are wonderful days, of the Christmas season, in our rural village.

This year I want to have a quiet Christmas.  The world around us will be shut out.  Inside our home there will be noise and a bustle of activity. This is the pleasant sound of family.  But the stresses of the culture and the troubles of the world will not be a part of our Christmas. We will have an old time rest - of joy and peace and happiness. 

If one wants to be happy, one must do happy things.  I am going to put on my holiday apron and bake a white cake with chocolate frosting.  This will be a special treat for the evening.  Tomorrow I will make sugar cookies using my bell-shaped cookie cutter.  Then I will make old fashioned Christmas fudge.  

I have a CD of an orchestra playing carols. The volume is low and provides a cheery background noise as I go about my housekeeping.  I hear "O Holy Night" and "O Come, Come, Emanuel" by the Philadelphia Orchestra. It sounds lovely.

May God bless our homes with peace and joy this Christmas.


Mrs. White


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