After a summer and early fall of experimenting with different ways to document what I’m wearing, I’m excited to go back to what I know and love – creating weekly outfit round-ups! I like having a week’s worth of outfits all in one place

It’s a great way to study looks and hash out what’s working and what is not.

For the purposes of this series, a ‘week’ will consist of five days. I like giving myself some off-duty time on the weekends. However, on Sundays I often dress up a bit, so you may see a Sunday swapped for a Monday.

To those who love studying style and seeing what others are wearing, this is for you, and I hope you enjoy it.
I jumped at the chance to style this new, double-breasted blazer from Everlane. I bought their Glen Plaid blazer a few months ago and I love it. Later this week, I am putting together a post on how to style blazers for every day, and I can’t wait to share it!
Outfit Details:
Oversized Double Breasted Blazer, 4, c/o Everlane
Jeans, vintage Levi’s 517’s, Etsy
Clementine Clog (41), c/o Bryr
Classic Shoulder Bag, Cuyana
Trying to see how many brown shades I can fit into one outfit. This one was on the verge of ‘outside my comfort zone.’ Yet, I see women all the time rock these full brown looks, or as I like to dub them #stickofcinnamon, but I’m a little unsure of how to pull them off. Maybe if I had a brown top it would have worked better? How much brown is too much?

I think, when you’re experimenting with outfits, it comes down to how ‘intentional’ it looks. Not sure if this one is quite there. Might try repeating it this week, but with a brown top instead. #stickofcinnamon for life!
Outfit Details:
Cardigan no19 (one size), Babaá Knitwear
British Tee, c/o Zappos
Corduroy Straight Leg Crop (6), c/o Everlane
Waterproof Bootie, Aquatalia, (style no longer available, but this is very similar, and discounted 50%!)
Fisherman Tote, Esby (this color sold out, love this vintage-y option)
Tortoise Hoops, c/o Baleen
I’m so very excited about these pants! These are the wide leg jeans of my dreams. You may or may not remember I purchased a pair of Kamm wide leg jeans earlier this year and, despite trying them in two sizes, they just weren’t for me. The waist was too high, and the denim too long and thick. Basically, it was just too much pant. And then I tried the Everlane wide leg jeans, which I really liked, but they are too short for me to wear in the cold months. I wanted a true wide leg, in a full length, which turned out to be a bit of a unicorn until I found this pair from Frank + Oak!

To make this top cold-weather appropriate, I added a white tank underneath, and it made all the difference. So often I skip over lightweight tops in favor of sweaters, but I really wanted to wear this color. I’m looking forward to ‘winterizing’ other tops in my closet with this tip!
Outfit Details:
Alpaca Cardigan, from Zady, FW’16 (very similar)
Collarless Air Shirt (6), c/o Everlane
Nina Long Wide Leg Jean (28), Frank + Oak (these came with a raw hem, but I chopped an additional 3 inches off)
Sneakers (41), Veja
Hollow Hoops, Bagatiba
Thursday is my ‘on-the-go’ day, where I spend a good chunk of time outdoors. My kids don’t have a lot of activities, but they all seem to culminate on Thursday, including a very chilly soccer practice. Hence, my Thursday outfits are usually a little more geared for the weather, and why I’m showing you the ‘outerwear’ version of it. The indoors version feels a little more utilitarian than I like in an outfit, but sometimes practicality wins.
Outfit Details:
Claude Cardigan (S/M), L’envers 
Striped Long Sleeve Tee (M), Everlane
Liza High Waist Straight Leg Jean (28), Reformation
Amalia Boots (10), c/o Nisolo
Scarf, Acne Studios 
City Anorak (S), Everlane
Today was the first time I wore these pants on a cold day, and combined with the socks and boots they were quite toasty! I think a fitted sweater would have been more ‘flattering’ in this look, but I just really wanted to wear this sweater. It’s so soft and lightweight, I want to wear it all the time.

There are a TON of sweaters on Everlane’s site right now, and it can be a little overwhelming. But I would put this sweater in my top three that they offer, it is that good. It has great shape, is soft, warm and made from natural fibers (alpaca!). I own it in three colors.
Outfit Details:
Alpaca Crew (M), c/o Everlane
Florence Pant (M, regular), Elizabeth Suzann
Ralf Combat Boot (10), Freda Salvador

Thanks so much for reading along! This blog post is not sponsored, but it does contain affiliate links.

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