April 2023.

This month had a lot of cute and dreamy moments – tea parties and picnics and bike rides and sunsets and romantic lighting and blooming flowers. All I could think was, “I need more of this. Remember this feeling. Recreate this over and over.” The thing is, it’s really that easy if you let it be. It doesn’t have to be about making the time or finding the money. It can be as simple as using the free time that you do have in a positive and abundant way, instead of doom scrolling (*guilty*) or watching a show you’ve seen before. Money isn’t needed to appreciate the world outside of your front door and to create an experience with it that is worthwhile.

I’ve been admiring the people I see lately. Admiring the outfits, the hairstyles, the makeup. Admiring the younger people (oh god) who I overhear talking about papers or tests or internships. Admiring the older people who look comfortable sitting alone in a coffee shop, who are on the phone with a loved one and call them “baby cakes” before hanging up. Admiring the children who play in the grass and look up at the sky when they laugh. We’re all endlessly creating ourselves. We’re all collecting little facets of everyone we’ve ever seen. We’re all seeing good qualities and thinking, “I’ll tuck that one in my back pocket, I need to embody that more as I grow.”

Playlist of the month:

Lots of good songs for sunset walking/contemplation

A few months ago I watched a little girl with blue eyes get excited about the sprinkles that came on the side of her waffle. That’s gotta be one of my favorite things in the world…seeing people overcome by the little things. It truly brings me a lot of joy to see an ocean of gratitude, happiness, and hope envelope someone as they show their teeth and tap their feet in a standing run and jump up and down…like they’re drowning in the feeling. I believe I am someone who is overcome by the little things, and I’m trying each and every day to be the kind of person that isn’t embarrassed by it. I was at a brewery and saw this perfect, tiny leaf on the table and got so giddy about how cute it is.

What I completed:
– An investing webinar, my yoga challenge, reading City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Pinterest saves of the month:
I was really into the cottagecore style this month and thought a lot about elevating my home space. Gingham and prints and pastels and earth tones have been inspiring me lately, especially in a home goods capacity. I didn’t pin much but my Instagram saves really reflect these.

Moments to remember:
– Our first dance song was playing in the background when I went to a happy hour with some friends. I tried to take a video but it’s just me gushing to my friends about how special the moment is because it’s not a common song.

Currently reading:
 An American in Provence by Jamie Beck
The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Currently working on:
– Patchwork cardigan
– Blue knit scarf
– Pink cardigan (just have the sleeves left but seems a bit intricate so I need to find a time to dedicate to finishing it in one go)
– Green bag (So close to being done with this but I ran out of yarn and the store is out)

Things I was influenced to buy that I love:
e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter Glow Booster – I haven’t worn foundation in years and I was looking for something foundation-like that would give some brightness to my face. I’ve been loving this product! It makes me feel sunkissed and like I’ve got a little more going on than normal.

Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist – My skin feels dry constantly so I love having a little spritz option to put on throughout the day as needed. A little dab-dab with a beauty blender and I’m looking and feeling refreshed!

Recipe of the month:
I made this cake for a tea party and thought it came out alright for my first try! The streusel top definitely needs work so I plan to make this again soon and try a different streusel recipe. Also might add a touch more of lemon :)

Some Instagram saves:

Note from my phone:
I’ve been thinking about how as we age our parents age, too. I remember my mom driving me to school. I used to kiss her goodbye before I got out of the car. I was thinking about how one day it was the first day that I didn’t kiss her goodbye and I wonder if she was sad about that. It makes me cry just to think about that moment…how I probably felt big and older and liberated as I got out of the car and walked to my friends and how, at that same moment, she might have felt small and disregarded and no longer important as she watched me walk away from her. Love you, mamma. Thank you for letting me grow, even when it hurt.