Attention to Retail: Pret a Manger scarves, Lazy Oaf crocs and more of the newest, coolest fashion drops

lazy oaf's crocs collaboration

Call it an unfortunate consequence of our goldfish attention spans, call it the evils of late-stage capitalism or call it a pricey balm to whatever anxiety we think a FedEx delivery will fix, but there will always, always be something new to buy. Attention to Retail, should you choose to indulge, is a running list of the newest, coolest fashion drops to know; then, to add to cart. Sorry! Or you’re welcome. Whichever shoe fits.

I just Googled “Is Mercury in retrograde?” because I needed an absolutely arbitrary reason to introduce the fun, zany, very-weird-in-an-IYKYK-kind-of-way fashion drops that have since come out this May. Like blast-from-the-past jelly shoes from Melissa! Silk scarves you, unfortunately, can’t scarf down (they’re from Pret)! Crocs but made even more unpalatable via the utter nonsense Lazy Oaf peddles (love you)! If all those exclamation points and very strange fashion choices have made you feel some kind of way, don’t worry, SKIMS’ Boyfriend collection and Museum of Peace and Quiet’s Vans link-up have also recently launched to soothe your normcore soul.

And, to all my astrology girlies, yes, Mercury apparently is in retrograde until 3 June.

New Fashion Drops this May!

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Pret a Manger’s Silk Scarves

Pret a Manger, merely one word from Pret-a-Porter (“ready-to-wear,” guys), lives up to their almost-name with a brand new release. No, not a delicious coronation chicken menu addition, but a line of 100% silk scarves (£30; approx. HK$287) made in collaboration with British designers Daniel W Fletcher, Richard Quinn and Ashish, with each inspired by a new Pret salad. So: lots of fruit and veg arranged in very artful presentations.

If that’s not reason enough to go in on a silk scarf for summer, all proceeds from the scarves’ sales will go towards The Pret Foundation, which helps to alleviate homelessness, poverty and hunger in the UK.

Shop Pret a Manger’s silk scarves here

Lazy Oaf x Crocs

Surprise! The Crocs renaissance is not over yet. Bigger, badder and much, much gooier, Croc’s signature clogs have been ceremoniously catapulted into a vat of Lazy Oaf’s signature toxic waste weirdness and came out dripping, practically radioactive, in Nickelodeon slime, with a few swampy, inedible gummy bears thrown in for good measure. If the slime’s not for you, Lazy Oaf goes big and refuses to go home in New Dimensions, Crocs’ brand-new Mega Crush Clog silhouette, painted in a pastel gradient and accented with massive, zingy, toy-store Y2K Jibbitz charms. One last clog will be announced prior to the launch on 19 May, so keep posted here for updates. And knowing Lazy Oaf, it’s going to be weeeeeeird.

The Lazy Oaf x Crocs collab drops 19 May. Sign up here for updates

SKIMS’ Boyfriend Collection: Second Drop

SKIMS’ line of unisex loungewear, first launched back in 2020, is back for seconds with no-nonsense designs borrowed from the boys’ favourite cut-and-sew staples. You know, the kind you love stealing and claiming as your very own. This second drop is made up of five super-soft designs — a T-shirt (HK$428), a long-sleeved tee (HK$492), a cropped tank (HK$366), a muscle tank (HK$390) and a pair of boxers (HK$266) — cast in soft, muted colours that range from a yellowy-beige “Desert” to a chocolatey “Oxide”. Every piece comes in sizes XXS to 4X, but most of collection is designed to be intentionally oversized, so consider sizing down if you want a closer fit.

Shop SKIMS’ Boyfriend Collection here

Helmut Lang’s Pre-Fall 2022 Postcard Capsule

There’s so much romance entrenched in the act of receiving a 4×6-sized postcard in the mail from someone who loves you; someone who misses you; someone who, while on vacation, thought of you. Helmut Lang’s Postcard Capsule reminisces on this very mode of communication, and features graphic imagery by three photographers — Daniel Gebhart for Vienna; Davit Diordaze for Paris; Kyungjun Lee for New York — all taken as though they could be found printed on cardstock, spinning on a wired turnstile in a touristy gift shop. Sweatsuits, T-shirts and a myriad of cut-and-sew staples make up the collection; all printed through with postcard imagery and the names of their various cities alongside Helmut Lang’s brand logo.

Shop Helmut Lang’s Postcard Capsule here

Melissa’s ‘The Real Jelly’ Launch

Jelly shoes. Jelly shoes! Brazilian footwear brand Melissa made plastic shoes a thing back in 1979, when they remade footwear worn by French Riviera fishermen with plastic that then became the Aranha silhouette; that then became the kind of defining sartorial artefact that has come to be synonymous ’80s fashion. Melissa, all about the jelly, launches ‘The Real Jelly’ collection, lining up ten silhouettes that include the Aranha fisherman sandals alongside thonged flip-flops, PVC combat boots, double-strapped slides and more. All in Melissa’s own cruelty-free, 100% recyclable Melflex® PVC, of course.

Shop Melissa’s ‘The Real Jelly’ collection here

Museum of Peace & Quiet x Vault by Vans

Sometimes, you just need a little peace and quiet. Museum of Peace & Quiet’s designs are unadorned and unostentatious for this very reason: so what you choose to wear and what you choose to buy are the easiest parts of your day. Their collaboration with Vault by Vans follows this same mentality by changing the skate-sneaker brand’s OG Style 36s, OG Mule LXs and OG Authentic LXs very, very little. The minute changes include using MoPQ’s signature forest green colourway, with”PEACE” and “QUIET” branding hidden on the outsoles. All in all: unbranded, uncluttered; could’ve been a Vans release. But that’s just the way MoPQ likes it.

Shop Museum of Peace & Quiet x Vault by Vans’ sneakers here

Header and featured images courtesy of Lazy Oaf

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